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    9/23/17 - Patch Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - You can now be both a smuggler AND a rebel again! Long live "Smuggler's Run"! <3 - I've added "grow op's". In removing marijuana, cocaine and heroin from the map as a BORING action key gather you now can "grow your own crops" and harvest the rewards! The system works as follows. - Buy a shovel from the grow shop, this will be the first step, you will need to cultivate the land and aerate the soil. This can be done buy clicking "use item" from your virtual inventory. You need to find a flat area to cultivate and roads are not allowed! - After you've cultivated your land, now you can place an "IR Blocking Grow Net", also purchasable from the grow shop. This will block out the lights at night and keep your operation safe from prying eyes. This can be done by clicking "use item" from your virtual inventory. - After you've place your grow net, you can now lay down your source of energy, a generator, also purchasable from the grow shop. This will enable you to power up to 4 lights at a time. This item can be placed by clicking "use item" in your virtual inventory. - After you've placed your generator, you can attach up to 4 "High Powered Grow Lights" around the generator. The more lights you use the bigger harvest and faster harvest you'll get, i "highly" recommend 2 or more lights. - Finally you can go to the seed supply store and buy either a cannabis, coca, or poppy seed to grow weed, cocaine, or heroin. You plant the seed in your finished operation and wait (8-15min) for weed, (10-20min) for cocaine, and (10-20min) for heroin. Don't get too far from your operation or bandits can rob it and take your crop and you'll have to plant again. Stay the course of the harvest and a single sack , or multiple sacks will appear with your harvested materials inside of them, i made it easy to locate for you and place an arrow above the harvest. You can then scroll wheel and take the items as needed! - WORTH MENTIONING - APD members can fingerprint your grow equipment and send them back to forensics to see who's the guilty party involved, so clean up your Operations!. Also they can seize your op equipment and be rewarded for it! - added EMS fire fighting jobs, as well as civilian volunteer fire fighter jobs! - System will be explained in great detail later. Basically you accept the job, get a truck from the truck shop (offroads, 4x4 offroad, zamak transport covered, box truck, etc.) and go the the blaze marked on your map. When you get there, position your vehicle near the fire and yourself in between said vehicle and the fire, you will now be able to make your water source(the vehicle) reach the fire. The scroll wheel action appeard to begin extinguishing, and while you are extinguishing the fire you can spray extra blasts of water on the fire multiple times, if you skip this step the fire may blaze on and continue. When you are done you get rewarded and can proceed to get another job. - added new fishing system. You can now cast from marked piers on the map, or go out into the deep waters after purchasing a pole from the bait and tackle shop in kavala. Using bait and a reinforced pole increase your chances of catching game fish or sharks! This can be an incredibly good way to make money while doing something a bit "different". The deep sea game fish system and pier fish system will be explained in greater detail. - The crafting system has made it's long awaited return. This time around you can craft many more things and items are neatly organized. In a future patch you will actually be able to craft vehicles as well, you'll notice the option doesn't work yet. You must be within ~10m range of a burning crafting barrel and crafting table. You can find these items all across altis marked in pink on the map as a crafting area! More information on recipes to come! - Added Arma Laws Of War character content., you'll notice a new utility supply store placed throughout altis, this shop has all the new gear you need to role play as a worker or someone who's ready to save the day! - robbing gas stations now pays better - having a GPS in your inventory while hunting (you also need a hunting knife) now allows you to "track nearby animals", after tracking move out of the area you recently tracked and you may try to track another animal! - now when locking up your house the lock function intelligently closes and locks ALL doors to your home, just a convenience thing. - on dying , if a gun is in hand and you're shooting, you have a chance of shooting an extra random number of bullets (max 3) as you die. --------------------- Fixes ----------------------- - No More FOG (for real this time, lol <3) - Weird capture issues? - Arms Dealer, other hideouts not being able to be capped till cartel was capped and other weird capturing phenomenon like that - fixed - Name tags are back and optimized further, an extra f.p.s. here and there adds up STILL MANY more patch notes coming now i actually have time to write them! - lol <3. - working on a few minor tweaks, should have another patch this afternoon
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    9/26/17 - Fixins' - Fixed the infinite wanted hud bug - Added lead processing just south of the lead gather zone - made it so you can "instantaneously" craft lowly things like steel and lead and metal shards, i will be tweaking this system bunch in the following patches, the goal is to make it easy to craft the majority of things and make a few rare/harder things to craft. - fixed cop search feature - fixed cop force feed feature - fixed cop force drop feature - tweaked my custom scroll wheel function to allow continuous usage to prevent cops,others from getting temporarily locked out from spamming scroll. - fixed cop gate opening - when you drop money now, you will not magically lose 30% into the blowing wind every time ( i always hated that, lol ) - fixed bolt cutting - fixed buying houses - fixed fighting fires - now applying the water hose effect speeds up the progress substantially each time you use it, so hose those fires down! - added vehicle weight to the new civ vans - fixed various medic actions - fixed the bogus cocaine license, now cop searching for licenses works if that license exists. - fixed the "already escorting someone" message bug. *EDIT* - mag_rePack is working again as well.
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    But everything was not ok that day.
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    10/5/17 Patch Notes --------------------------------------- - Added 3 new songs to "weed smoking" - Fixed FED / CDC again for the final time - Bomb Diffusing Fixed for cops - Re-Added / improved the repair door feature for the cops. - Fixed the arms dealer not resetting sometimes - Fixed cops neutralizing hideouts and them not resetting (found the bug finally) - Fixed House inventory button bug - Fixed House robbing - Fixed Cop Inventory Access to housing after raid. For those with slower downloads, here's the mission file , you put the file here - C:\Users\(your computer name)\AppData\Local\Arma 3\MPMissionsCache https://www.dropbox.com/s/at68k1y73nrb7em/s1k_lyfe_v14i.Altis.zip?dl=0
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    10/15/17 - Patch Notes - fixed vehicle garage and cleanup issues - even newer cleanup function - added banana, olive, pineapple and copper to the tempest devices auto mine ability. - fixed a possible bug in tempest device gathering - fixed shipwreck so you dont have to be in a strict exact area to loot it, its very easy to access the trunk now! - fixed a bug where planting a bomb on the fake shipwreck would open the real one (lol) - added EMP Schematic - which can be crafted along with materials into a very cool to use, but devastating EMP device. EMP schematics are single use at this time and can be found only in the shipwreck and mv-22 land wreck - police can defuse the EMP for a hefty reward with the "bomb defuse kit" - new alcohol drinking system, you now lose your drunk effect much faster so its not annoying to do but rather fun. - new alcohol FX and the ability to have trouble walking and stumble if you get too drunk, the more drunk you are the harder time you have walking, if you exceed the max BAC value you can still pass out and drop your gear. - all of the alcoholic drinks now save to inventory - possibly fixed inventory already being accessed glitches for good? For next patch - Halloween Events - Much more intuitive alcohol crafting system - improvements to several of the newer systems - much more to come!
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    10/4/17 Patch Notes ---------------------------------------------- - Fixed vehicle garage / insurance issue - Added an enhanced version of the RAID house function. Cops can now do a few different things. They can Kick in your door (RAID HOUSE), this will allow them to access your I and T inventories. Additionally if they find a bunch of illegal contraband in your (T)runk items , for example some cocaine and meth, they will be able to use the "Illegal Search" feature to intelligently sort through all of the items taking away the illegal ones and rewarding the officer for the find, the remaining legal trunk items will be saved/synced to the DB, and a message will go out t the server notifying everyone of the epic raid results! Additionally police now have a lock house feature that locks and closes ALL house doors after a raid (or if they were left open by people). - Fixed FED / CDC vault action being buggy for some people. - Fixed / Enhanced the cops cdc/fed menu's you can now unlock/lock the inner res door, as well as intelligently open+unlock/close+lock all dome doors for convenience. - Adjusted some house inventory features, as well as vehicle inventory. - Cops now can search vehicle inventories for items, and it will list them out, if there are illegal items found the officer will be rewarded for the contraband as the items are sorted/stripped from the inventory. - new server / vehicle cleanup function.
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    Dear C8 Community, I apologize for the long wait, but I bring good news: The Kavala Times is back! The Times as a whole has been restructured and reformatted and so should help provide everyone with a fun, entertaining and enjoyable read on the forums. First of all, lets introduce our new Executive Team: Starting with myself, the Head. I am in charge of all operations and I am responsible for the overall performance of the Kavala Times. Davey Jones is the Deputy Head and he assists myself in managing and maintaining the organisation as a whole. Diovin Twigg is the Leader of the Editorial Division, he is responsible for the division that edits all of the submissions and formats them into separate articles, that can then be collated into one issue. Randy BoBandy is the Leader of the Journalism Division, and is responsible for all of the journalists completing some form of written, visual or other media that can be implemented into the issue. We also have a new feature to the Times, which we would like to announce. Previously, in order to submit articles for publishing, you were required to be apart of the Kavala Times. Now, any member of the community may submit any article, photo, video or artwork which can be reviewed and potentially included in one of our issues! The organisation as a whole is currently recruiting in all areas, including written journalism, photo media (screenshots, photos, videos, artwork), and any other area that interests you! As a basic requirement, all applicants must have been active within the C8 Gaming community for at least 2 weeks, and this includes the forums. If you are interested in recruitment, please contact anybody above! All information about the Kavala Times can be found here. If you have any questions, concerns, queries or interests in the Kavala Times, feel free to contact myself or any other executive via Teamspeak or Forum PM. I hope that this can add something new to the community and can be something that has a friendly, fun, cool and entertaining value. - Sharkbait
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    This video starts out slow, but only gets better as it goes by. It's worth watching to the end believe me.
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    There are green zones in Altis Life, but there are no safe spaces. You must wallow through the muck first to get where you want to go...or just drive around in a pink Jeep playing music all the time.
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    I'm not trying to ridicule you by any means, but you gotta remember man just thrusting yourself into an internet community of any kind you're going to be faced with the front line trolls and adolescent social midgets who don't exactly make the best company. As someone whose been on this server for years and is no stranger to the modded arma community I can definitively say this is the least toxic arma server I've played on to date.
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    If you wear the uniform the "Fatigues Urban (CSAT)" and go to your house and select "Retex UI" then you can select your donator level/color. You get the color for the level you are and every level under that. (Goes left to right for level)
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    @Coby u wanted those high quality memes, I HAVE SUPPLIED ONE!
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    [SORRY THE VIDEO STARTS AT 1:07, (SONY VEGAS GLITCHED)] This video is definitely one of my top notch, HANDS DOWN, best RP scenarios on Easy's Altis Life. THANK YOU s1k` for making Grow Ops! This can create so much RP. I made this video to encourage others to do it! Risk/Reward. AND FUN RP! SKIP TO 4:04 for the action!
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    Supporter Uniforms! The uniform itself is available to EVERYBODY for the SAME PRICE with a custom BLACK re-texture, however, supporters now will have the option to specially color it!!!. There is a menu only able to be brought up at your house(will b adding clothing shop option?) that allows you to re texture the urban fatigues ONLY. This is merely a cosmetic difference and there are no advantages gained by donating still in our server. The higher the supporter level the more of the textures you then have unlocked, for example, if you are gold supporter, you can switch between amethyst or gold colored skins. If you are saphire, you can be any of the colors except emerald, etc. We will be greatly enhancing this system over the next couple patches! We will be offering several more civilian re textures over the next patches in hopes to get adequate donations to help keep the server alive. Step one is buy the uniform. Here is the uniform needed. Step two is go to your house and open this menu. Step three is pick your color! <3 Here is a pic of the uniforms, colored per supporter level, all in a row! Lot's more to come guys <3!
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    9/29/17 - Patch Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - House Wipe Hype - 1702 houses free'd up to buy, anyone who hasn't used their house since the beginning of summer has had it removed (they obviously dont need it, lol) - tweaked hunting, tracking of animals (gps needed) - greatly enhanced the "pickup items" feature, did a proper world to screen transformation instead of just using BIS's cursorObject - Tweaked some economy prices - Fixed tempest device mining lead but actually getting copper instead - Fixed wanted bounty disappearing on respawn - Tweaked the animation system and some new animations can be found when doing things like repairing a vehicle - Fixed boltcutters failing locking you out of actions - CDC is all good to do - using windows action key on things like hunted animals and ATM's now is MUCH more responsive. - Doing the MV-22 wrecks works fine, but to access the "Trunk" you need to be by the nose of the plane not by the center.
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    So there's one thing that's been on the minds of RLA for quite some time and I'd really like to know how the rest of the community feels about it. Anyone that has spoke to me for more then 5 minutes usually catch my speech on how terribley unbalanced the hideout payment system is. I was wondering if we're the only people who have an issue with it? I don't think it's very balanced for someone to make a multi million dollar income by running around with an insured humming bird and a vector. I mean you could die on 75% of your capping venture and still come up with enough payments to make a profit at the end of the day. In terms of suggestion, we thought that a "cap and hold system" that requires any gangs that expect to get paid for controlling a hide out should you know, actually stay and control it. I know that's a bit of a predictable suggestion coming from the likes of RLA but hey, I just don't think it's fair people can spend roughly 45 seconds to a minute in a red zone to make a significant profit that can't be interrupted
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    So, before anyone gets me wrong please try to remember this is all my personal opinion and just input from one person. That being said, i cant help but notice that this update signals a significant move towards not more, but less red-zone activity. Is this where to community wants to go? I know red-zones are more then an RLA thing then anything else, so maybe we're just that disconnected with the rest of the community, but i cant see things like secluding the most profitable drugs to indoor grow ops only. I know i'm not the only person who owns a green zone house, so did we just get elected drug kingpins who cant get their operations hit? There's a few other issues i have, but i'm not trying to make a thread bitching and moaning, Id like people to let me know what they think here. Now i really don't want this taken out of context because i'm not insinuating that we have some extra pull or say around here, but as one of the if not THE oldest gang on easy's i thought our input might be at least warranted. With that said i wish the server success and growth in any direction the community wishes to take it, but i genuinely hope this isn't the end of RLA on easy's.
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    Usual In-Game Names: Randy BoBandy Current Age: 17 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: 14 Months. I joined the server 7/5/16 What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I haven't played on any other server as long as I have played on this one. I have played on others for a very short stint of time. I have played on Olympus for about an hour, same amount of time on Asylum(if at all it was a VERY long time ago). Also played a Malden life server for a couple days. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: If I were to get CA I would be able to donate all of my time that I am on. I am in the TS everyday and usually for about 8 hours at a time. That every day a week, roughly about 56 hours a week(give or take) Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: I am able to fully communicate in English Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): Yes I am patient. I am able to hear both sides of a story and make a rational decision based off of what I have heard, no matter how long it takes. I am a current member of the APD and also the FTO department within the department. Being an FTO we are required to be very patient with our new cadets, especially when the cadet does not understand a certain subject we have to go over it and be as helpful and informative as possible. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I would consider myself sociable I am always in the TS and always talking to someone, no matter if it is in the Patrol channel or a different channel. I am able to mediate, no matter what situation that requires it. I have been in certain situations where there are multiple people/parties screaming at me and I kept my head and dealt with it accordingly. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: I have not Can You Be Neutral?: Yes I can be neutral. As being a current FTO we occasionally get reports of our cadets making mistakes and I have to view it from the cadet's point of view and also the opposing parties point of view. What Makes You the Right Choice?: What makes me right for CA. I have been on this server for a very long time, so I have a lot of experience with playing,talking, and interacting with this community. Even though I have made many mistakes on my time on this server, it has helped me become who I am today. Without making those mistakes and having the people there to correct me on them, I would have kept doing them and probably would have been permanently removed from this community. Being said that, with all my time on the server I have a lot of experience and I know the rules and how to conduct myself properly when I am around people. Do You Have Any References?: N/A
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    I named it special because its sort of uploaded on a special day, and i put lots of more editing and time into this one than others. This is just a compilation of clips from my the time i joined FOX till the present day. Please enjoy. I welcome constructive criticism with open arms but if you come on here and just talk shit, i wont be too happy. Also, special thanks to the community for providing me with a very fun experience for the past 9 months!
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    New vehicle cleanup function explained in detail. every 15 minutes vehicles are scanned in the server. only "extremely damaged vehicles" that are left out can be removed from your garage if they are un-insured damaged insured vehicles that are left out will be charged their insurance and restored to your garage with a retrieval cooldown that lasts until server restart. Here is how vehicles are considered "damaged" - the vehicle is no longer "alive" (completely dead'd), - the vehicle damage is above [0.97/1.0], or - the vehicles wheels or engine are completely destroyed. Vehicles within 250m of the hunting zone remain protected Vehicles with an item in the "trunk" (t-inventory) will be protected from cleanup as long as they are alive Vehicles that have players within 500m will be protected from removal for convenience. So if you want to leave a vehicle somewhere, put an item in its trunk and it will be protected from being garaged.
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    I think it should be way harder to do any convoy tbh.
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    Seeing as you can't take your appeal seriously, it's denied.
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    Hi there ladies and gents. Kevin Bacon here to give an official hello and how do. I've been on this server longer than I can remember, probably a couple years really, but I wasn't a regular player and used various profiles, so who really knows. I confuse this server with another I played on, so I can't remember which is which anymore...All I know is that this server won out and is the only one I play on now. (It kicks ass) Anyways, I've been playing Altis (and Takistan) Life since I got Arma 3 and have around 3,000 hours in Altis Life alone. I've admined a server, led rebel forces, worked for police, and even had a short stint as President of Altis. Now I lead a simpler life as a music loving civilian who lives in his Jeep and occasionally crashes on friends couches. It gets hot in Altis, so let me know if I can use your shower sometime. Oh, and I also enjoy doing a lot of cocaine and hanging out with hookers, so hmu snow birds and Altis ladies of the night.
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    Hey, C8Gaming, Some of you will Notice that I am no longer a member of the APD or of Server Staff. Some of you will care, some won’t. A few are asking “Who is this dude?”. Well, I want to clear the air before rumors start flying, which they will anyway. First of all, I resigned both positions willingly. WILLINGLY. You guys and your rumor mill. Frustrations were high but in the end, on both sides, I think the right moves were made. Secondly, I hold no Ill will towards APD Command or Server Staff. Far from it, in fact, I still consider them to be my friends, which I hope is reciprocated. Finally, you guys. YOU GUYS. JESUS calm yourselves. One thing I always tried to instill in new cadets and always tried to remind veteran officers about is this simple thing we ALL forget about often: This is a game. Remember, all those people you are killing and screaming at are just people playing a game. For me, this was a great way to relax for a long while, but I got caught up in taking it too seriously. I have met a ton of you and I would like to say I get along with most, but I know not all. Just do me a favor, just be fair and have fun. Enjoy yourselves, everyone, I’ll miss this. Steve Steele
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    Action, Roleplay, funny moments, and a @Steve Steele tribute! I was trying to make one for Toast but I didnt have many video clips. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Ahh, the first ever official flight of the Altis Space program... I remember it like yesterday. One of the first test fires of the Altis Space Program... The rocket broke free unfortunately and launched into the air. Any objections? @Coby @John Anyone care for some KAY-RAH-TAY One of my favourites from the man himself; @RichardBanger
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    @Pouya for the edit Boonkgang.
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    Here's a link to the mission-file for those who may experience trouble downloading it from the server. https://www.dropbox.com/s/z977j19ux7ncxol/s1k_lyfe_v14j.Altis.zip?dl=0
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    Paragon Anti-Terrorism Division The Paragon Anti-Terrorism is currently recruiting and searching for new Operatives! Requirements are as follows. Must show sympathy to innocent individuals and pledge to never strike someone who cannot defend themselves. 2. PA-TD forces are not to occupy populated cities or villages for any reason unless said other wise by command. 3. Follow the Division’s specified code of conduct. 4. Be prepared to blend and interact with the civilian populace in order to identify targets. 5. Never lash out at local law enforcement unless said law enforcement acts in defense of enemy forces or act hostile to personnel. Application Format (Non Combative - And Combative Roles Available) for the initiate stages of selection and induction into this covert division. Please provide the requested information below and send it in. The Operational Field Commander will reply shortly after: Initial Application: Name: (Realistic but doesn't have to be real: I.E. John Doe) Weapon Expertise: (Which weaponry are you specialized in) Skillset: (I.E. Excellent Pilot/Driver, sniper, etc) Milsim/Realism experience if any: (Yes/No) (If yes, what unit) Milsim/Realism Accommodations: (ignore if answered no on question 4) Background: (A short past history of your character so we can learn about how you think) Questionnaire: Do you have issues with following leadership? [Yes][No] Are you able to flexibly adjust to ever changing situations? [Yes][No] PA-TD does not participate in rebel activities such as kidnapping, or terrorizing large populaces of civilians. If you participated in these activities in the past, are you willing to give up these actions? [Yes]{No] Do you play as cop or ems on the server? [yes][no] Who invited you if anyone: (Place recruiter’s name here)PA-TD is a NATO Division of highly trained counter-terrorism Operators. Each Operator has shown skills in ground, aquatic, and aeronautic-based combat as well as advanced infiltration skills. All personnel are initially trained in advanced SERE courses to ensure survival in areas in which they are alone and with no support. Private TS address will be provided via PM.
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    BEAUTIFUL COLLATERAL SNIPE ON MOVING OFFROAD http://plays.tv/video/59d9c7ab979330d220/procollat *Not your average one tap, #NoBipod*
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    Too late. It's been but a day and I'm already spending my days in the basement, lights off, and a Family Size bag of Cheetos at my side.
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    I like how its staffed entirely by the police #FakeNews
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    @Pouya for the edit B00nk Gang, Whole lotta gang shit.
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    We'll be moving to a capture and hold based system in the next week or two i'd say, been wanting to do this for a while now, I agree it would make some serious fun fighting other gangs. =)
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    One shall not forget the endless amount of time debated about the armed vehicle SOPs where all of Command Staff was on one page and you vetoed it the opposite way. Also, the Marshall Cap shall forever be known as the Toast hat
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    Hello fellow community members! I would like to keep everyone in the loop regarding a new policy that the APD is implementing. Now you can all go around saying "Hey guys! Look! I have an SOP from the APD!!!" (since you clearly don't have them all already, amirite?) Anywho... As I'm sure you may already be aware - a patch was released on October 4th (see below) that allows the APD to raid, search, and seize any or all illegal items in both the physical Arma Inventory (illegal gear and illegal guns) as well as the Virtual Inventory (drugs, stolen gold bars, etc.). As it stands, the policy is currently setup where any house can be broken into by the APD if the house is related to any crime committed. Some examples of this include depositing or withdrawing illegal items into or from your house, holding hostages in your house, fleeing to your house while being chased by the APD, etc. Command Staff and I do understand that most players have a lot of time and energy dedicated to the contents of their house. Believe me, when I'm on rebel I'm going to be extremely careful when interacting with my house. I intentionally made this post to inform you all in efforts to reduce the number of incidents where it could have been avoided. If there are any houses that you feel were improperly searched, please feel free to contact me or any other Command Staff member for assistance. Thank you everyone, and I hope to see you all on the server! DuckHunter APD Assistant Chief
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    You'll never get my guns! #Merica #DoYouGetTheGif? #CauseMyGunsAreHidden #WhySoManyHashtags?
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    FORCE OPERATION X Mission: Force Operation X's main mission is to be a have fun, role play, and make money. The last iteration of FOX was very serious and was mainly centered around doing FED's and going to war with gangs. While FOX now will still be involved with those activities, we also want to be involved in role play events, grow ops, and other rebel activities. Rules: Follow server rules at all times. Respect server staff at all times. Roleplay whenever you can. Not saying you can't shoot your way out of situations. Just don't try to get out of role play or make the roleplay worse for others. Try to be cooperative with cops unless they give you no choice but to run/shoot. No Kavala aids. Roadblocks, robbing, and hostage taking is ok. Just don’t do it for hours at a time. Know when to stop. Play with gang members. If there are 3 or more online play together unless it is agreed upon to do your own things. You are allowed to play with other gangs on occasion. Split money evenly Unless you all agree to split the money in a different way, everyone gets a share. Unless you didn't do any work. Respect people outside the game. Wear tags at all times and don't use troll names. You can change your name. Must be rebel and smuggler. Must be financially stable and willing to make money for your own expenses. Recruitment Requirements: Must have at least 5 mill in bank and willing to make money. Must be 16 years old (unless referenced by two people) Must be willing to roleplay. Must be willing to do FEDs and convoys if the majority of the gang wants to do it. Must have at least 700 hours in the game. (be good at game flying,combat) Must be regularly active. (not every day but at least a couple times a week) It helps if I or multiple people in the gang know you. Contact me in TS for interview. Click here for the full roster! We are open to creating alliances with other gangs. Here are some old media of FOX back in the last iteration:
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    Welcome to the server / community man! Glad you're having fun, if you ever have any questions or anything, people are pretty cool in teamspeak, or you can always hop in teamspeak and ask our staff anything you may wonder (connect = ts3.a3lrp.com). Look forward to seeing you around!
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    Enjoy the Video! One of the best roleplay I have been in! https://plays.tv/video/59d0945fb2dd920d41/some-nice-roleplay
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    Hello everyone, just wanted to bring my idea to you guys and see what you think. Well I don't know about you guys but I think that it would be very dope to have a Military or any other way of response team for CDC, FED, big gang situations, Cop Hostage situations etc... Well why? Because imagine a maybe 6 man Team designed only to do what they do best neutralized the enemy, no RP needed just go in go out like smoke, obviously RP in Hostage situations, but a team that dedicates most of the time to train for FED, CDC know where to enter, what gear they have to bring and just go in and out, cops can give them back up maybe by closing down streets, going to the point of the robbery and engage support while they get prepared and take care of the enemy if they get to take one alive, I don't know what you guys think, I have more ideas for this team just PM if you wanna know more details (ADMINS)
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    +1 really chill, and a nice guy
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    i say we go back to the patch before they took out lock ons