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    After much consideration, I have decided to turn in my letter of resignation to the APD. I am not going to go into as much detail as I did, with APD command, but I feel I should post something here before I get a lot of messages asking. I basically do not have the drive for the PD, that I use too, and it is time for a change. I have enjoyed my time on the PD, and I thank everyone that made my time in the PD a fun time. I will still be around in TeamSpeak, and available if anyone needs help, whether you are a cop, medic, or civilian. See you all on the server.
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    Good afternoon APD and C8, After over a year of playing as an officer, corporal, sergeant, and a captain, I have finally come to the time in my life of this server, to retire from the APD. I’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly. The greatest moments I’ve had in my gaming career are on this police force and on this server. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving the server by any means. In fact, I’m here for the long haul. Here’s a few memories from my experiences on this server as a member of the police force. I hope you can all appreciate the time that I’ve had on this server, especially as a cop, and how it’s shaped my experiences on the PC. Speaking of which, here are some of those experiences! Enjoy! My BEST Rick Roll on the APD (Feat. El Sharko's Singing Voice) https://youtu.be/b46DtvJHfj8?t=6m That time Alaskan told me “MIKE NO” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUHNK5A8I_c Public Training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-JHImWXQSw Bit of “Air Training” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BK0MEqyHJs Zovers Retired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRZv5M73yBE Wumpus and his s1k (ha, punny) rave skills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH74HAyxlZ8 Last years Halloween Event Zombie Outbreak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xq7EzpA0nPo Story Time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfa20Jk0BuU It has been an absolute pleasure being a part of this Police Force and serving as your Captain both for the cops, and the rebels. I have absolutely no doubt that you guys will continue to provide the best roleplaying service available on ArmA 3. I look forward to my new chapter on the server and will still ALWAYS be available to help anyone, cop or not in my private channel at the bottom of the server! I may not be able to directly solve all your issues but help you I will try. Peace!
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    As you may know, I am currently banned off of the server due to something I’ve said to Easy’s beloved Community Ambassador Tyrone. I would like to publically apologize to not only Tyrone but the entire staff and owners. My actions have brought shame onto me and I feel the need to come out and openly apologize. I have realized that Easy’s/C8 is the most reliable and fun server, most of my online friends I have met here and this community has true value to me.I have been here for a little under 2 years and have tons of fond memories of people and events that occurred. It sucks not to participate anymore but I understand what I did was crappy not only to me but everyone that had to deal with it. Tyrone and Staff, I know my actions have been weary and i’m a huge ass troll almost every day I’m on. But what I said was a slip off the tongue and I did on pure impulse and thought he wouldn’t take it to heart due to an extensive friendship I have with him. I feel guilty for my actions.This isn’t a plea to be unbanned, this is a plea to accept my apology. I am sorry if I offended anyone with anything with my time on Easy’s. I’m not only saying sorry because I'm Canadian but because I actually feel remorse. Sorry Elsharko
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    5/25/17 Patch Notes - You can now spawn on the aircraft carriers - (rebel or smuggler license AND a pilots license) take caution though as they are buggy (hopefully bis fixes), there are spots where you fall through and spawning vehicles on them is iffy as well BUT CAN WORK. if your vehicle explodes when you pull it out , IMMEDIATELY GARAGE IT and you should be fine. I will work on a fix for the buggyness no doubt. - changed the non insurable garage readout price from 999,999,999 to "NOT INSURABLE", believe it or not there were actually people that thought we intended them to pay a billion dollars to insure their car, lol <3. - some small optimizations and other changes - made it so you can go in the fishing shops that were locked (untested) Much more coming soon! Thanks for playing on the server as always!
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    @Beatsy @Tomatoes Thanks for joining me guys! I had a lot of fun. I tried to get music that went well with the video and I hope you guys like it!
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    Letter of Resignation [3-06] Harry Callahan 06/19/17 To Officers, Command Staff, EMS, and the EASY’s Community: I have been thinking about this for a while now, with a recent move my girlfriend and I made to California to better my Career in Software Engineering, and join a better university, I don’t have enough free time that I would like to devote to the APD. I always try and put up to 4 hours or more a day as Cop. I have been on this server for over 1 year and have served as Corporal for 8 months out of the little over a year that I have been officer on it, a lot of you know that I was an officer before I left, because of school, an Internship, and a fulltime job that I had at the time. When I left, I left as Corporal and FTO, I love the community it is a great community with a bunch of awesome people that I can relate to and call my friends. I’m not just talking about officers of the APD, I’m talking about EMS and civilians as well. I tried to be as polite as possible in every situation that I encountered and learned a lot from the RP situations that I had been in, from traffic stops to having EMS and a bunch of rebels help get a demon out of a civilian, if you were there you know what I’m talking about. I tried asking for detective that way I could play every so often without having to fill out LOA, but I was turned down due to not being part of command staff. I saw myself as a great leader and others saw me as an officer that should’ve been sergeant. If I ever upset you in any way I’m truly sorry not that I was trying to, I know that a lot of the community thinks that all cops are bad or a least most them, I always tried to be respectful as possible. Once I finish school I hope to be able to join cop again. I try my hardest not to burn bridges and I hope that the command staff if they’re still part of this great community in the future understands that life comes first and will welcome me back. Farewell APD, EMS, and a great community, Harry Callahan.
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    5/29/17 - Small Patch - adjusted pricing of fish in preparation for the next patch which includes the new fishing system - Added 12 new shipwreck spawns, some of which may be in more shallow waters. Also increased the good loot(slightly) that drops in them. - adjusted AI some in missions. - adjusted vehicle weights, increased the carry of transport vehicles, and decreased the tempest device as it is pretty overpowered to be able to have as much carry and have it auto gather. - sped up processing a bunch if you have a license. - some other minor bug fixes that were reported by the community Thank you everyone for playing, and a special thanks today to those who serve or have served their respected countries! - have a great memorial day! for those who have requested a zipped mission file to download on a separate connection, here's a link <3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2w21cz7ujb49nay/s1k_lyfe_v13v.Altis.zip?dl=0
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    Your apology has been DENIED for the following reasons: you got rekt Thank you for your interest in C8 Gaming. You may re-apologize once you have been unbanned. For questions regarding your denial, please seek assistance from Betsy or any member of the Easy's Professional Troll Committee in the TeamSpeak or on the forums.
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    You flew into him. Situational awareness is key.
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    In-Game Name: [BW] Ascention / [BW] Nick N. Usual Name: [BW] Ascention Player ID: 76561198014780559 Type of Ban: Racism Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Nope Ban Message / Reason: (Ascention_Perm_Racism_Devil) Your Story: This is what happened, I was flying around in a helicopter with [BW] Bishop, [BW] Polar, and [BW] Tropicalshadow and we were all messing around having a conversation and i randomly said "n-word" in direct chat (typed). I understand that it was completely uncalled for and childish of me to say that word even in a joking manner, i truly apologize for what i had said and it won't ever be typed or said in any form out of me in-game from now on. I realize what the consequences are for this kind of stuff and it's serious, i made a bad decision and i'm sorry for that and it will not happen in the future. I understand that this is not tolerated on this server no matter what, even if it may be just typed in "Direct Chat" where nobody can see it, i now understand the severeness of this situation. I also want to apologize to (Devil) that had to witness me saying this in chat. Evidence: None Additional Comments and Information: I am a very active member on the server and in this community as a whole and this server is my main server, i have played on this server for quite a while and i intend to play it even more but i cant because of my stupid decisions. Knowing that i have never been banned for something like this before means that i haven't experienced what happens when you are racist and now that i do i will learn from it and own up to it, as well as insure to you that it will never happen again. I understand stuff like this is not tolerated on this server and i accept all consequences for my childish behavior but i ask you for forgiveness and give you all of my sincerity that it will not ever show up from me again. I realize what i had said and i am sorry for it. Thank you for taking your time and reading my appeal.
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    Dear friends, I am writing this to the community so you, your friend or anyone who reads this thinks. Think about your life, about those who surround you, who you matter too, who cares about you, and who loves you. Whether the cruelty of depression plagues your innocent garden of your mind, or the tough and rough in life is beating and battering you to the ground; take a minute to think. Think about the future, with all those you care for and those who reciprocate, a beautiful and flourishing future awaits you, for you important. Important to me, this community, your friends and family; we all depend on you and without we cannot continue to be the graceful and happy people who live through each other. Without you the world will witness one more fallen angel, as you were a blessing bestowed upon it. Although the bad times may be painful and the future may look bleak, I promise it is not. I promise that the very selfish act you dare to even think about is not worth it. You touch so many people in your life that you don't even know about, and with you gone, you are tearing away pieces of their heart. Remember those who you care about, as they care for you and will help you through the worst. They will pick you up by the bootstraps, dust you off and through you right back into the world. Through their care and love, you can heal and become a person for the better, living through out this world and continue to touch many lives. So as I beg and plead one last final time with you; you are loved, cared for, you mean everything to someone and me. Do not take your life, find someone to help you, as the most selfish thing to do is rip away yourself from the hands of the community. If you don't think anyone cares, call this number: 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Hotline) As I end this, just realize what you have done for the world and the future the earth holds for you. We love you and we don't want you to go, so please stay. See you soon Lizzie, we love and miss you. 5-31-2017
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    It is 100% a great idea. There are several logistical problems with tanoa though. Firstly, only half of the active arma community actually purchased apex. Secondly and the main problem, there is not enough housing on the map. Right now on altis there are several thousand houses for purchase. All of which are purchased and hard to come by on a populated server. For a house to be able to be listed as purchasable on tanoa, it must have a door that can close so people cant just go in there. The number of total closed door houses on tanoa is roughly 5% of what is available on altis. I urge you to check out the new map that is on the dev branch right now called malden. It is the same size as tanoa but it is free and will release for everyone in june. Secondly, it has a very sizeable amount of housing so it has good potential to qualify as a roleplay server in the future.
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    In this week’s issue: International Relations World News Domestic Affairs Breaking News Advertising Gang Affiliation Photography Anyone wishing to join the Kavala Times please contact Ramathorn, Paladin or Sharkbait for more information. Want an Interview? Talk to Ramathorn, Paladin, Sharkbait or Davey Jones/Jay Soriano to set one up. When they’re available they’ll be around in teamspeak. International Relations Tensions with Tanoa drastically worsens! The governments of Atlis and Tanoa are in a stalemate!! Tanoa, still diving deeper and deeper into recession, has received word that the Altis Armed Forces (AAF) has received word that the research department has unveiled a new stealth fighter, the F/A-18 X Black Wasp II. This new fighter has been designed for air superiority to present a worthy competitor to the To-199 Neophron. The stalemate originates in the market lockout and sanctions the countries have placed on each other. Both being heavy producers of arms and nuclear products, they have been competitors for an eternity. The main client, The United States of America, has, in recent times, favored purchasing their arms and nuclear resources from Altis due to it’s clean and structured government, care for the people, and clean power initiative. These beautiful factors have led the U.S. to create a powerful alliance with Altis, bringing the nations closer together. The States have sold several warplanes, like the Black Wasp, to Altis in recent months due to the nuclear bolstering by Tanoa, creating a fear that the two island nations could soon be at each others’ necks. The U.S. have also stationed the USS Freedom in the Bay of Altis, to provide defense from nuclear weapons with the THAAD system (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense). Unlike Altis, Tanoa is a wet and damp jungle island that suffers from poor leadership, being a weak attempt at democracy that has been overshadowed by a dictator of a president. Since being elected, President Georgios Papanikolaou, has consolidated power into the executive branch, making revisions to the country’s constitution to ensure his eternal rule. This in result has created a terrible rift between the people and government and ultimately sparking The Great War, a civil war between the oppressed civilians versus the Papanikolaou regime. The war and lack of exports were the primary factors for the start of the recession, but the recession has dramatically worsened in the past weeks due to the nuclear bolstering. The recession has crushed the island, affecting the people in their everyday life through an upstarting famine, as the harsh jungle environment prevents many domesticated crops from growing in the unrelentingly humid summer and civil conflicts. In the past months, the Tanoa Army have been crushing the rebel uprising; therefore allowing the island to focus its attention elsewhere, Altis. Tanoa’s jealousy has long been outstanding and caused several minor political conflicts in the past. The new problem is that Tanoa has made their intentions very clear, they are going to end Altis. The government has be seen at recent foreign affairs meetings with Russia, leading to speculation that there could be forming a possible alliance behind closed doors. Tanoan airbases have been seen with several new Russian warplanes in the hangers, such as the To-201 Shikra & the A-149 Gryphon. In conclusion, People of Altis, head my advice and prepare for all out war. The government of Tanoa is corrupt and psychotic, run by a sociopath, hell bent on dominating Altis. If you want to help with the defense effort visit your nearest recruitment center and enlist, or click here. ~Ramathorn, Editor-in-Chief World News U.N. to Enforce Sanctions on Tanoa! Earlier this week, with the advancements in the fight on the island of Tanoa, the United Nations put forth sanctions on the barbaric island-nation, as the fighting intensifies in major areas, the island plunged further into chaos. As the NATO Forces act as the foreign gavel of justice on the Island, the desperation of many is at the utter worst, with people dying everyday from a lack of food, water or medicine. The fighting has caused many to flee into the damp forest, whose damp and dank atmosphere acts as a catalyst for disease and death. The U.N., in close connection with NATO and surrounding islands have started talks about the rehabilitation of the impoverish nation. Will peace ever come to Tanoa, or will it turn into another country burdened with destruction and mayhem? Diplomatic sanctions have severed what little ties the war-ridden island remained. The country will have to soon come to an ultimatum, take the international help, or continue to suffer like the infamous country of Somalia. Above is a picture of Rebel (Syndikat) Forces coordinating against NATO Forces in the region. ~Paladin, Managing Editor Domestic Affairs Police State Have any of you readers ever stopped to ask yourself, who’s the leader of Altis? For quite some time now, it seems that our government has been sitting quiet as crime spreads through the streets of our cities and robberies frequent even the most well-guarded areas on the island. Although gang activity concerning the robbery of the CDC and Federal Reserve have been slowing down recently, it still happens at least twice a week here on the island. With such a large threat to national security, why has the government not attempted to do anything about it? Enforce stricter laws, increase funding towards the APD to afford more guards to protect our tax dollars in the Reserve, anything to help us out here as citizens of Altis! Perhaps the government is nothing more than a hoax, an idea given to us as we attempt our campaigns to change and better Altis. Perhaps the island is run entirely by the Police, and only continues to worsen? Crime levels have recently elevated within Kavala, but is this due to gang getting more active, or is it simply a real rebel organization hoping to make a difference in our government? With increasing presence of SWAT units in our own cities, and officers armed to the teeth, looking for blood around every corner, what can we expect? I interviewed Officer Clay Stewart on his opinions about Altis being called a “Police State” by it’s people. "Stewart, people are calling our island nothing more than a Police State and needs to change, what do you have to say about that”? "Eh, no, I don’t think that it is. I feel that if people talked with local police instead of firing at them it wouldn’t be a problem.” "What do you have to say about the recent use of SWAT hunters, and why civilians are claiming that they’ve become common practice for the APD to pull them out in any situation”? "Due to the recent firefights, we’ve had to step up patrols and it’s gotten to the point where we have to “Roll Heavy”, as we say, just to keep cancer out of Kavala.” "Do you feel that rebel organizations are really trying to overthrow both the APD and government, or do you feel like their only objective is to wreak havoc on the citizens of Kavala?” "I feel like rebel organizations aren’t really leading a rebellion, they just want to cause trouble.” In light of war being very possible in our near future, we should know who’s actually going to be taking charge and leading our people into times of safety, prosperity, and victory! Whether it be the police, actual politicians that rice to take control of Altis, or Rebel organizations taking control themselves, we need someone, or something, to lead us forward! Stand strong, civilians and rebels of Altis alike. Sufferable times are surely ahead. ~Jay Soriano, Assignment Editor Breaking News Ahhh! Syphilis! A deadly disease has just swept the globe! A new strain of the venereal disease, Syphilis, has had a major spike in the Treponema pallidum bacteria. Authorities have just discovered that a few residents of Altis have contracted said disease, and even some of the Altian police officers have contracted it. The station has received a report of an APD corporal, who will remain unnamed, has been directly affected by this disease. There have been cases all around the world since last week, and our island is most certainly not the only target of this outbreak. Multiple media outlets have spoken to specialists, such as Dr. Joe Lester MD before his abrupt death. He predicted that there would be another instance of the disease resurfacing within our population and said “It would only be a matter of time” unfortunately the doctor has passed away from unknown causes. There are reports of other specialists around the country stating that this strain of the virus is very deadly, sources on the island have confirmed that the leaders of the island have reached out to the United States and other countries for their assistance in containing this disease that is sweeping our nation. They have agreed to send over 13 Center for Disease Control(CDC) agents. The government of Altis has re-opened the CDC mobile command stations. They have given us some tips on how to prevent other civilians from contracting the disease. Abstain or be monogamous. The only certain way to avoid syphilis is to forgo having sex. Use a latex condom. Condoms can reduce your risk of contracting syphilis, but only if the condom covers the syphilis sores. Avoid recreational drugs. ~Randy BoBandy, Journalist Advertising The Kavala Fish Market The Kavala Fish Market has now opened in a new location in Northwest Kavala, across the street from Bae’s Boat Shop! The Kavala Fish Market sells only the freshest catch, bringing in more local fish daily! In the mood for a tuna dinner? Look no further than The Kavala Fish Market! ~Wumpus, Journalist Gang Affiliation The Rulers of Altis Recently, all throughout Altis, Private Military Companies, Anarchists, and Fascists have been breaking out in war. Four gangs stand out the most within the midst of it all; Assault Unit, BlackWater, Ski Mask Gang, and So Fucking Clever. Assault Unit and BlackWater have gone missing from Altis for a while and are now coming back stronger than ever. While BlackWater and Assault Unit were battling it out, two new gang have emerged; Ski Mask Gang, and So Fucking Clever. These two new gangs have not become as big of a threat yet, but are certainly becoming some. These four gang all have different leadership styles. Assault Unit has supreme leaders that hold the power, as the put it, ”We hail the almighty Vengeance!” some civilians say that they seem like a dictatorship. Assault Unit are thinking about moving to another country due to the new prices of military artillery and cavalry, and due to the fact that they just don’t have an many members as the other gangs and are getting out numbered. BlackWater is a fully operational Private Military Company. They claim to work for the better of Altis as peacemakers, or even guardian angels, when the cops are incapable of providing the proper support that civilians need when they are in danger. BlackWater says “If you need protection, make a connection (call for Military Protection).” Ski Mask Gang is also rising due to their leader Mask Off and his other heads of the Hydra. Ski Mask gang is currently building up their saving accounts from robbing all boats and planes that do not function correctly and go down, and dominating the nuclear fields and selling it to an unknown buyer that the cops have not been able to track down. Ski Mask Gang currently has eleven members, strong and rising. They say that if you are not in BlackWater, you are going to be slaughtered. Another collection of knights came together calling themselves “So Fucking Clever”. So Fucking Clever is a gang devoted to having honor, dignity, and integrity under the leadership of a man named Broken. Their main enemy is Ski Mask Gang. They are fighting all sorts of delays such as physical restrictions, such as Autism, and financial delays but they are not going to let anything stop them from becoming a community. ~Steve Stevens, Student Journalist Photography Sunset on the Water ~Weskers, Head of Photography The Aftermath ~Carlos Bakerfield, Student Photojournalist Fishing Days ~Bill, Student Photojournalist
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    Usual In-Game Names: [BW] Dmitri K. Current Age: 20 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: 12 months What Other Servers Have You Played On?: Reckless Gaming Network (More than a Year ago) How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: Specifically relating to the current time frame, the summertime, I am practically available all days for many hours a day depending upon schedule. But minimally available 5 days a week, 2-6 hours a day, depending upon schedule. I will notify chain of supervision of any leave of absence. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I Used to Be a Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: I am very much able to communicate in English. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): Yes I am patient. As a currently active owner and gang leader of an important gang for roleplay sake, I make it my duty to enforce and even create roleplay situations and cause for enjoyment of the game. But as many know, preparation time and transportation for anything as such takes a period in which one must be patient for others to be ready for any event that may occur. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I would say I am a sociable person who willingly looks for opportunity to involve myself with other people in a community. Example related to Teamspeak/Game, whenever I am alone playing or even just wanting to have fun with some others, I'll hop into the public TS channels and involve myself with their interactions and even in game will have other players join me or me helping them out in roleplay scenarios. With mediation, I have a system in place for my gang specifically that allows for me to control the situation between two or more parties and allow each to give their opinion or side of a story. After all testimonies are taken into account, I do my best to come to a resolution between them and understand the root problem that created the predicament. Although, in my current state with the work load associated with my gang, it has become a little more difficult to incorporate my time with other entities. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: I do not have experience as staff on another server. But I have been in positions of higher rank in specific groups and have even owned my own group. By groups, I am referencing mil-sims that I have participated in. The current mil-sim I am in and participate with I have been with for the past 2 years. My position is a Point Man. I lead the patrol/squad through terrain and have first reaction to contact. It is my duty to provide an immediate response and communications to the squad and command so that we are successful with the engagement and mission as a whole. I reference this position to show that I have been in a position of responsibility and trust, and that I must carryout the duties that are granted to me. Can You Be Neutral?: I try to be as neutral as possible and apply a very logical application to the problem or situation at hand. If you reference my reports on players or even interventions on reports, I have always conducted myself to apply a logical perception to the dilemma. I avoid having bias toward any one party and I conduct myself in a manner that meets the expectations of being a neutral entity. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I believe I should be picked as a Community Ambassador because of my activity, my character, and my devotion to promoting good conduct and an enjoyable environment for the people in which I come across. My behavior and mentality I believe allow me to be an optimal choice for a Community Ambassador. Do You Have Any References?: No
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    The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
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    Dmitri boi we both know that ain't true. I talk to 80% of your gang members as it is I tend to be cool with most of everybody on the server or at least try to be and I don't care that I am blacklisted I was not trying to join in the first place sir you just dislike me for our past and that is a fact sir. My comment also is not because of our past but it is based generally on how you act.
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    In-Game Name: ELsharko Usual Name: Elsharko Player ID: 7656119809814840 Type of Ban: Racism Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: Elsharko_Perm_Racism[Alaskan] Your Story: i was hanging out around Kavala WiFi when i saw Tyrone standing their and me being a dumbass troll thought it would be funny if i went up to him and call him a Coon. well it wasn't funny it was a fuck up and i realize that now and i regret what i did. I know what i did was wrong and i am truly sorry. im also sorry too Alaskan,Toast and Res for lying to you guys in the TS after the ban was administered. Im sorry to Tyrone and too all of Easy's for what i did. Evidence: N/A Additional Comments and Information: This is my home for Arma. i have almost 1400 hours on the server and i still want to add more to that count. the people i have met on the server are amazing and this community is truly unique. thanks for looking at my appeal if you have any questions feel free to message me.
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    Wheres the "Get the fuck away from me" option
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    its the most op unarmed helicopter in the game and it sucks to see people flying around all the time instead of driving on ground. if more people were driving around then there will be more roleplay and interaction.
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    Kill Montage #6 I hope you guys enjoy! I haven't put out a Easy's kill montage in a bit so I had a lot of fun editing this. "Adventures of an APD Officer" is coming soon for those of you who like videos that are more centered around role play.
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    Vicious. This is not a big deal but you are making it one. You may request a higher staff member look at your appeal but the staff members status in the cop force is not a factor players may filter by. Devil's review of your last appeal stands. You have been here a long time. I know it's not like to you be toxic as others have put it and after reviewing the pokes you sent to the player on the teamspeak, i do not understand what possessed you to be so hostile. I looked for evidence that the player instigated you with things either just before, during the incident, or on previous days. I could find nothing and see no reasonable reason for such anger. Teamspeak bans can vary but in this case it was the minimum thought for you to come back and not continue to act in such a manner. You have offered no reason in any of your appeals or private messages as to why you would act like that or what could have been done to you to create any justification or warrant for a semblance of that behavior. I'm happy to talk to you at length when your TS ban is up in a day or two.
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    First off I would like to address the comment you made about being mistreated as a gold donator. While we do appreciate that you have donated, to help keep our community online, donating does not give you any kind of special privileges, or advantages over others. When it comes to handing out punishments whether you are a new player on our server, a seasoned vet, casual player, or donator, we treat everyone the same. The only thing donating gives you is a flashy tag in-game, on the forums, and a private channel in TeamSpeak (if you are a Gold Donator, or above), and our thanks for helping us with the bills. Just because you are a donator, does not mean you get to skip around punishments from situations. Acting like you have been "mistreated", as a donator, and that you should be treated a certain way, is very arrogant on your part. Now to the situation at hand. I understand if you feel like something went wrong in a situation, you would probably like to speak to the individual involved and find out why. However, the way you went about the situation was completely wrong. One, or two thought out messages, would have sufficed. Instead, you sent multiple messages and even pokes, angerly making demands, and making threats. You being a former corporal in the APD, should know that this is not the way to get things done, and should be held to a higher standard. Also, just because you were not told to stop, doesn't mean you were not in the wrong. If you go out into public, start cussing everyone out and acting blidgerant and no one says stop, that doesn't mean you can't get arrested for Public Disturbance. You should know right from wrong, and you should not have to be told when to stop doing something, that is in the wrong. Now as far as you appealing to have your TeamSpeak ban removed, I do not believe it should be, as you were in the wrong. However, I will lower the ban down to 4 days. So, with that being said, your appeal to completely remove your ban is Denied. Your ban will expire on 6/12/2017 @ 15:43.
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    I'm the only one on AU in this topic.... people are just expressing their opinions. You don't know the history of me and dimitri.
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    In-Game Name: Wolfe Usual Name: Wolfe Player ID: 76561198113420957 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Never. Ban Message / Reason: Perm_Death_Threats_Toast/Res Your Story: I was angry at the gang DBB and said I wanted to kill them in details which was very wrong and then messages 2 people on steam 1 of which I had no bad intentions towards and the other I do not remember due to blacking out or it being awhile ago but it was probably bad given my current state. I decided to take a break from easys altis life after that logged in a month or two later found out I was perma banned instant regret posted a ban appeal the appeal was denied and I was told to wait 30 days before making another one so here I am apologizing again for what I have done and hoping I can come back because alot has changed and I have wanted to play again every sense I was banned also most of everyone who I said I wanted to kill are now perma banned Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I am sorry for what I did I really want to play again I have been banned for months now and I have played on this server for a year and probably longer please can I have another chance I have no intention to do anything bad
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    Usual In-Game Names: Wolf, LoneWolf6824 Current Age: 18 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: 2 Years What Other Servers Have You Played On?: None others than this one. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: Every chance I get on the TS. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I Used to Be a Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: I managed to pass my English class so I think I can manage. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): There is nothing I love to do more than to take my time to find a solution to a problem it is what I am known for. When it comes to the server in my past experience as a CA I have dealt with problems from rivalry gangs, civs and cops, and anything in between and every solution I have found to deal with these issues comes from me hearing both sides and going in depth with the evidence that is presented to me. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: The best thing I like about this community is the people I have met if it weren't for the awesome server staff, the gangs that keep everything interesting, and the most important people to me that I am happy to call my friends who keep me playing on the server that is why even after my removal from CA I still update myself on the server rules so that I may still help people even if I am not an official CA at the moment it just shows how dedicated I am to the server. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: I have experience on this one. Can You Be Neutral?: It is the only way I deal with anything I find the truth to a problem and I don't pick sides even if we are good friends on the server nothing personal its just business. What Makes You the Right Choice?: Due to my previous experience as a CA I know that when it came to server issues and in game issues mostly I always handled them to the best of my abilities and whether or not my removal was because of inactivity I know that when I was doing my job as a CA I put in long hours but I do regret not keeping it as consistent as you guys would've liked but I guarantee I will work on it better this next go around. Do You Have Any References?: None at this time but anybody who sees this feel free to comment your support please and thanks.
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    they should make a easys tanoa life server because altis is starting to get boring and the evnviorement seems dead my guy you know what im saying and tanoa life server would be lit you cant even tell me not
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    There is no sup homes option
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    It's okay. I forgive you, but only because you are Canadian.
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    Usual In-Game Names: Colten Current Age: 31 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: 8+ months (Most recently returned 8 weeks ago) What Other Servers Have You Played On?: Olympus - and most KotH HostileTakeover How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: 20-30hrs/week if not more. I have the opportunity to review forums and perform CA duties while at work throughout the day. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: I Have a Mic and Headphones. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Yes. English is my native language. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): In the realm of Altis (and EAL) - patience is key when you're an APD officer. There are many times in the average patrol shift that your patience is tested by civilians that you interact with. A common occurance would be new players (or players thinking they can get away with it) not following server rules and either VDM or RDMing Officers. Although these situations are frustrating, handling them in a professional and calm way is the best way to maintain the servers integrity. I have frequently been killed by unwarranted RDM, and asked the player to chat with me in TS to make sure they understand what part of the rules were broken and how to avoid it happening in the future. Outside of Altis, I manage several restaurants/bars/pubs as a regional manager. My time is often spent managing the people side of things, which requires an extreme amount of patience, understanding, and the ability to see various perspectives of a situation. A great situation happened recently with a very heated argument with one of my chefs and the GM of the venue. I happened to be in the meeting when it went from discussion to over the top argument. I interjected into the situation to calm both parties down from a very tense stand off, insisted we get some air and return to the conversation in a level headed and productive attitude. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: Very sociable! I prefer my social life to be online to be honest, since my daily work insists I am social and interacting with guests/staff regularily. I'm often mediating concerns from staff, management, and guests on a regular basis. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: Not on an Arma 3 server. However I am involved with the largest World of Warcraft private server (Elysium) - and helped develop all the systems and staff from inception. We have over 600,000 user accounts registered with an average 20k concurrent population across 4 servers. My role has varied, but I developed, managed, as was the lead for both the Game Master (admins/mods in game) team, as well as the Community Manager (forums/social media/player interaction) team. Can You Be Neutral?: I do not play rebel/civ too often, so my affiliations would only be with the officers I play with. I feel I often come at situations in an unbiased way, and I do believe I can remain neutral in the situations that a CA involves themselves with. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I have several skills and strengths that I believe the CA team is looking for: - I have been in people management for over 10 years - I was the lead for a massive WoW project and developed the structure and systems from the ground up of our CM team (which is the same as CA) - I'm patient and very systems oriented. Rules are rules - and as long as there are clear guidelines for player behaviour, I can ensure an impartial verdict on any situation - I'm invested into EAL and I'd like to do what I can to see it succeed. - Currently I am a low ranking officer and FTO. These responsibilities allow me the time and impartiality to be an effective CA. Do You Have Any References?: Although I do know and work with the command staff and admins/moderators of EAL, I wouldn't want to push on them for a reference at this time since they do not know me in the capacity that is required for a CA. I could use several references as an officer - but that's not what this application is about! Thanks for reading!
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    *I dont have the skill to make a kill comp. so i made this (please note: none of these explosions were intentional)
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    In-Game Name: =AU= VAL Request Type: House Player ID: 76561198055757817 Items Lost: Hi guys, so this one is going to be a weird one and I'm sorry about that, so honestly w/e can get done is great and if not then it will still be just as fine. I have not been on Arma or gaming in about 9 months because of nursing school, as of yesterday I decided to get back on and play with some of the boys from the gang and realized that both of my houses are glitched with the -1/0 error. Last time I played they were both obviously ok at the time and something occurred during my time away that led to the error. I know they were both full but have absolutely no videos or pictures from them and even if I did its been so long I don't know if they would 'hold in court' if you know what I mean. I figured the least I could do is bring it to your attention and if there is a magical way for you to look at my file and see when something was there last then I would greatly appreciate it - but like I said if there is no way then I will be totally fine with that as well. Please let me know if there is any other information I can give you if needed. Thanks again and see you around - glad to be back. Approximate Value of Lost Items: N/A Evidence: N/A Additional Comments and Information:
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    Come on now don't argue guys, we all know i did all the work on this.
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    In-Game Name: [3-20] Moey Usual Name: Moey Player ID: 76561198198064234 Type of Ban: RDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: Haven't logged on but I'm guessing Moey_MassRDM_3Day_Barn Your Story: Kavala aids per usual so I roll up being told I'm free to engage by higher ups and from what I've been told and believe command. I engage and poof a week later I'm banned. Evidence: N/A Additional Comments and Information: I'm really pissed of because I'm on a long weekend and I've been looking forward to it all week to play on it, and getting banned for the whole weekend and for something I did last week pissed me off and I'm confused to why I was banned, even though being told to engage. @Barnavus @Toast
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    Not sure if you've watched your own video so I'll break it down for you You stole a vehicle from a greenzone. That's a rule violation and warrants a ban. You even admitted this in your appeal, so I'm not even sure why you're appealing it You drove the vehicle north and he followed you You texted him to leave the area, and he immediately complied and headed west directly away from you, complying with your demands You turned around and followed him south west, sending more messages to leave. This is the fail RP side of your ban. You gave him an order, he complied and you killed him anyway You told him to get in his car and drive away, even after finding out his vehicle is disabled, ordering him to get in and leave. The orders you gave him were not possible to complete or were completed yet you killed him regardless with a vehicle you stole from a greenzone. I strongly recommend you re-read the server rules. Staff are available on the TS to help you understand any rules you may be confused about. If you are giving someone an order, it must be one they can reasonably complete in order for you to kill them. If you wish to rob someone, make it clear you are doing so, don't tell them to leave, then proceed to follow them constantly repeating your messages. Appeal Denied
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    You may have heard of The Kavala Times, a bi-weekly paper released here on the forums that our journalists and photojournalists use to express their creativity and wonderful stories and information on exciting events to the community! Currently, we ARE in need of more staff. So, if anyone is interested, please contact Ramathorn, Paladin, Sharkbait, or myself. The Kavala Times is split into two different divisions. These being the Journalist and Photojournalist positions. Journalists are expected to write articles to then be edited by editors, and published on the forum post bi-weekly. Journalists are assigned a topic unless they request one from an Assignment Editor or above. If a journalist would like to have a custom topic pertaining to something that does not fall under our current categories, they may request a "custom project" for the paper. Journalists do NOT need to write about things that actually happened on the server, they just need to write. They are expected to write around a paragraph or two, which could be about anything their heart desires as long as it falls under their assigned category. The listed categories are: -Economics -International Relations -Gang Affiliation -World News -Domestic Affairs -Freewriting -Breaking News -Crime -Advertising If you are not interested in joining The Kavala Times, but have a suggestion for an official topic or have a story you'd like to share with us, please contact any member of The Kavala Times (identifiable through the "The Kavala Times" teamspeak icon which resembles a newspaper) The photojournalist division is lead by our Head of Photography; Weskers! I'm sure that many of you in the community have heard of her. Photojournalists take pictures of in-game events and use programs such as Photoshop to edit and remove things such as the health/hunger/food bars to create a clear and captivating image to then post in the paper. All photos go directly to Weskers, and she will decide if they are ready for publication. At the time of making this forum post, Weskers has gone on vacation. Before she returns, if anyone is interested in a photojournalist position, you can message me and I'll inform her of your interest. If this is the case, I promise to get back with you as soon as possible. Photojournalists are usually asked what they want to photograph, and photograph pictures falling under categories much like journalists, however, this may not always be the case. Please note beforehand that anyone deciding to join either division should ask themselves the question "Would I be willing to put time into this and consistently work under deadlines?" If the answer is yes, then that's all we really need from you other than the ability to write a paragraph/use photo editing software. I thank you for taking the time in reading this, and hope that you would like to join us in expressing and showing creativity to/for the EAL community.
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    The beat of the song sounds like those ear rape videos.
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    Me and my friend are very active press members and we've noticed that they dont receive have much items to buy or use. For example, I am proposing that more press vehicles such as suv's or hatchbatchs (it would be aw some to have a jeep) with channel 7 news on them. I understand that press can use regular vehicles but this doesn't feel right. It is hard for me and my pal to make it to crime scenes on time with the slow truck. It would also be awesome if Press could be paid in some way because me and my fellow Press members do our best to get the News out to the people. Being a press has began to make me go broke. I find my self dieing almost 5 times every day due to vechicle explosions or by some other stupid reason. And each time i must buy the same press loadout for 20k and the press vest being most of that amount at 20k. Thats atleast 100k each day going to being a press but none coming back to me. I have spent nearly 300k in the past 2 days being press and have only made money off the $420 civ income.
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    You cannot simply copy my meme sir.
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    We do tolerate racism in this community, in any way, shape, or form. Your ban will be removed, however, any further occurrences of racism will result in the original ban being reinstated, and un-appealable. Appeal Accepted.
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    I don't know Dmitri... I read all these comments, I know you from the APD, BW and TFA. I personally think you have fantastic leadership qualities. No doubt, but from what I've witnessed in game, is nothing but gun fights and private messaging everyone on teamspeak about how they don't know what they are doing...right now as it stands I see tons of support from your gang, but very little support from outside your gang, a free bias opinion is worth more than relationship bias. Like Wolfe said, you can be disrespectful at times. Calling Cadets by their rank and not their name, as though you wish to push them around and make yourself look big. I have been in BW and I can say, you run a tight ship, but your own conduct of robbing people and murdering people is not inviting to others, I can confidently say that if a CA was on rebel and I was on rebel, I would not feel threatened by that CA that he would kill or take me hostage. But with you, whether cop or civ, people steer clear of you. Simply put, robbing people and murdering people is not inviting and a CA must be inviting and polite. Not so crass and mischievous. I wish I could endorse this application. But I just can't right now, I hope that all these opinions give you a little insight on how the rest of the server sees you. I'm trying not to be so crass about such a person because you're a dedicated member to the community.
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    I've been working a lot lately on Photoshop and got back into it and made some pretty cool stuff for people for fun. | I want to make gang logo's, banners, stream overlays, and much more. Just reply on this forum and ill try to respond back to you as soon as possible. Note, GFX takes time and this is a hobby, it wont just be a couple hours, it will probably take me a couple hours- day depending on the request. Projects Iv done so far- Cool AU Logo Twitch Overlay (Not Done) Twitch Overlay (Not Done 20%) Banner/Logo (Not Done 25%) Some of those aren't done but they are similar to what I make. If you give me some ideas, Ill love to make more! I don't make people pay(not yet till my art get's good/known)
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    -1 holds grudges very disrespectful and rude to people he dislikes
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    Sounds to me like a browser hijacker, could be a weird virus i guess too... There are 3-5 programs i'd recommend to anyone who has a computer... Malwarebytes - https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/ SpyBot Search and Destroy - https://www.safer-networking.org/spybot2-own-mirror-1/ Hitman Pro https://www.hitmanpro.com/en-us/hmp.aspx ADW Cleaner - https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ Malwarebytes Anti Exploit - https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/malwarebytes-anti-exploit/ And if you're ever really screwed with a virus (and not on windows 10) combo fix is a CHAMPION https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/combofix/ I would run hitman pro and spybot for sure, anti exploit will prevent/catch whats happening probably and adw cleaner would hopefully remove it altogether. CREATE A RESTORE POINT IN WINDOWS ALWAYS BEFORE REMOVING VIRUSES OR DOING ANY FILE SYSTEM DELETIONS/CORRECTIONS! Creating a restore point - http://bfy.tw/C5i0 No harm in installing these, running them to clean stuff up and removing them thereafter (for malwarebytes and spybot, the others dont install but rather just run) Hopefully this works for you bud! <3. Thanks for playing on the server and being a part of the community!
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    Hi there, I think tonight's fed has shed some MORE light on a common issue we are having with helping to defend the federal reserve, while keeping the integrity of Role Play, as well as the fairness to players, intact. The current rule Upon a Federal Reserve robbery, APD responding units are required to initiate support verbally in order to assist at over 100+ meters. Why it does not work properly Often, I have experienced that officers responding to fed will be killed prior to us being able to initiate support. Tonight underlined that issue when 4-5 officers were killed from towers, inside their vehicles, upon approaching the walls. This forced the support units in the area to be unable to engage due to our initiation rules, however allowing the robbers to freely kill Officers upon arrival. How to fix it I would suggest ammending or creating a new initiation rule for the Federal Reserve ONLY where SUPPORT INITIATION is automatically applied upon firing at a responding APD member or their vehicle. This would only apply within the confines of the Federal Reserve, and not to every day occurrences throughout Altis. How it will improve roleplay This is more realistic and it allows better PVP for both the APD and the robbers. How it will make things easier It will allow the APD to engage hostiles within the Fed walls, without having to worry about 100+ meter initiation rule. In your opinion, will it create more to learn? Playerbase will need to be aware of the new rules, however, it is a simple one. What are the potential negative consequences None that I can forsee as long as the rule is worded and structured properly to pertain to Federal Reserve Robberies, that the rule is inside the walls only, and that initiation begins once an officer verbally initiates OR is fired upon by the robbers of the Federal Reserve. Thanks! [3-28] Colten