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    In-Game Name: Hi_I'm_Paul Usual Name: Hi_I'm_Paul Player ID: 76561198122061485 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Nope Ban Message / Reason: http://i.imgur.com/pI6SSNV.jpg Your Story: I was accused of stealing information from this server and giving it to another one. Evidence: I have talked with Toast & ITGH about the info I have.. I've asked the people from that server to stop by and give their input on what happen... Additional Comments and Information: I was told to reapply by Toast, i'm not sure who will give their input, but if you can please allow them too.. Preciate it
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    In the past few days I have seen many people playing the role as Press and Taxi Driver. It's great to see these roles filled but I feel like it is being exploited. For the press I have seen a few guys doing a great job at it, not in full uniforms but roleplaying well. The taxi drivers not so much, in fact not at all playing the role, just using the car as a shield. We all know the shield that the press and Taxi drivers have on them, we should because we say we have read the rules every time we log into the server. When a player is decked out in full gear ready for battle and they are driving around in a taxi, to me that's not play the role properly. Same goes for press. The proper outfit is 2 choices of hats and shirts and the press vest. The titan as a camera is a great idea and I have seen it used many time. I myself play the role of the press often and it would be great if there was a Titan that had the Chan 7 news logos on it but was unable to be fired, using this make the role of the press camera man feel complete. But, it can also be exploited. The other day I saw two people in a taxi full gear south of Kavala picking Kush. Another example is seeing someone playing a role of news and they have a helmet on their head with an assault rifle on their back. Do these roles need their own white-listing? Not really, the rules just need to be adjusted to make sure it’s not exploited. I know this is Altis and Kavala is a hell hole especially around the 5 min till restart time, but come on Mr. taxi man why do you have that MX fully decked out? Here are some ideas. Make a new profile and in the prefix of the name used put [Press] or [Taxi] such as [Press] Tom Brokaw, [Taxi] Travis Bickle. Uniforms: Press: Press cloths there are two different type, Press hat there are two different type, Press Vest. No helmets. Taxi: There is an outfit that comes close to a uniform called "Competitor Suit" it's a Yellow and Black shirt. Neither one of these roles really shouldn't need anything but the uniform and a backpack for tool kits and such. The rules clearly says that they are not to be doing any crimes or have crimes committed on them. So why be armed? If you play on any game that has RDM/VDM rules ALWAYS RECORD your game play and if there is an issue take it to the forums.
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    Usual In-Game Names: [1-10] Dusty Current Age: 18 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: i joined the server around 1/20/16. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I played on atlis united and United Gamers both went down a long time ago. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: 2-6 hours everyday. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: I Have a Mic and Headphones. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: I can for sure communicate well in English. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): I would like to believe i am. I have been on the police force since 1/28/16 i shortly became a FTO after that and I encountered a lot of new officers that had some issues reading and learning the SOP's and I never once lost my cool with them and never once complained about going over something again or re-explaining something. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I always try to be sociable and get to know new people in both real life and on the server. i do can mediate and i can do it well in my 4 years of JROTC i was a lot positions and in each new position brought new drama and new situations to fix. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: i was a ADMIN and MOD on united gamers Can You Be Neutral?: yes, In my short life my dad has a always pounded the idea into my head that there's always 3 sides to every story. you have the two sides and then the most important, your own. what you deiced to take from both sides and how you wish to Perceive it. What Makes You the Right Choice?: Honestly this is probably the hardest question on this application, but i personally think i would be the right choice for CA because i just really love the server and i care for the rules and its players, yes i have made mistakes in game and I've learned from them Do You Have Any References?: Wumpus Tyrone The Legend Chronos I hope there's more but i hate asking lol
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    as some of you may know I am a professional memer. Today, sadly, I came across my latest meme.
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    BAN APPEAL GUIDLINES Players who do the following may never be unbanned. Hacking Duping items Autoclicking Make DDOS threats Advertising other servers Selling money Impersonating staff Players may file a ban appeal for one of several reasons. They are: To show proof of, or proclaim innocence and show the ban was in error. To request leniency due to mistake of the cirucmstances of the situation To request leniency due to being unaware of a rule Things that will hurt your request: You lie in your appeal You broke RP in videos relevant to the ban You have a history of breaking rules You committed the violation intentionally despite knowing it was against the rules Your post is not legible You fail to list your player ID In game, only Moderators, Admins, and Head Admins can issue bans. Any staff member of the same rank or above the staff who issued the ban may freely review your appeal. However, in most cases, the banning staff member will take the first option at it. Players may request a head admin review their appeal, but do not do so simply because your original one was denied.
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    As of a couple of weeks ago because I forgot to make this post, APD command staff have decided to revoke the restriction on APD applicants being part of rebel gangs. This means if you are a member of an active rebel gang, you may now apply to the APD without having to give up your gang status. What does this mean for you? This restriction was put in place because at the time we had issues with officers not meeting the ratio requirement and playing with their gang mates. If you apply to the APD you are committing most of your time on the server to playing cop. If you are part of a gang and you apply to the APD, playing cop is your priority and you will be expected to main the shit out of cop, playing with your gang mates is secondary and if we start to feel your are prioritizing rebel over cop, you will be asked to turn in your badge. Don't be that one guy that ruins it for everyone and forces us to put the restriction back in place. That is all
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    Attempting to find fuck..... ...... ...... Error 404: Fuck not found
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    The large lawless zone at the bottom of the map currently serves exclusively as an area for warfare purposes and not much else other than BlueBerry kush, a resource you can gather in another, less hostile portion of the map. I think that a resource that weighs 6-7 and sells for north of 13K per item should exist in this area. It should be a very expensive item due to the dangers of entering a large zone where you can be shot at any time for any reason. The drive, yes drive, no helis allowed like with uranium, should be at least 15km. As for the resouce itself it could be something like Pure Altis Diamonds or something along the lines of that, being highly illegal. Not only would this add incentive to go into the lawless zone, it would get more people doing something other than drugs or uranium to make large amounts of cash. The point of doing this is high risk, high reward cash. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please share it with others if you support this idea.
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    All you have to do to simulate this experience, is walk out of kavala square north bound. You're sure to be initiated on with no regard to "breaking the law" xDDD
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    You also have made no attempt to make contact with me on the matter in the said 3 months so don't call me out on not discussing it with you in a 1 on 1. I'm not going to track you down just to tell you that you have no place in our APD after countless displays of immaturity and toxicity. You just proved my point. At this point I have no interest in discussing it with you in a 1 on 1.
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    In-Game Name: Forecasd Usual Name: Forecasd Player ID: 76561198060009666 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? no Ban Message / Reason: a things Your Story: First off I would like to start by apologizing personally to Res and Hoe20 for any rude or dickish things I may have done. I would like to be unbanned because i really miss playing on this server. This is the best altis life server there is hands down. The top members of this community have some of the best RP and rebel experience in the game. I've made a lot of friends and miss playing with everyone. All the community members make it fun to play here and i enjoy helping out the newer members. I'm disappointed in my action and I know others are too. I want to come back as a reformed member of the Easy's community. I love you <3 Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I really want to come back to the server. I apologize for how I acted. If anyone has any questions or concerns I will be open to talking in teamspeak. I would like a second chance at this awesome server!
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    Usual In-Game Names: Axel Bravo/ [EMS N-02] Ace Bravo Current Age: 17 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: About a year or so ago I believe I was on and active for a month or two. I then took a hefty break and now I'm back and have been active for around 2 and a half months. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I played on the Asylum servers very briefly, but always preferred this one so I have stayed here mainly. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: Around 5+ hours a day. I'm currently being home-schooled, and I'm also a no life, so I have a good amount of time to dedicate on the computer each day. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Medic. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: I Have a Mic and Headphones. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: I believe so. I'm currently doing pretty well in my English class, so I think I can hold a conversation and get the point across pretty easily. If I can't be understood at any point I try to enunciate more clearly and slow down, since I've been told I talk pretty quickly at times. Otherwise I believe I can type fairly well, but that's just my point of view. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): I believe I'm patient. Several times as medic or as civilian I've been in Kavala Square when a new player joins the server and they are confused about how to do certain things, so I try to help them get a license and car and then decide on what to do to make money. Sometimes they aren't native English speakers and have trouble understanding what I'm saying or how to do things, so in those situations you have to be very patient and calm with them. Otherwise, in real life, I have to be patient with some family members that are hard of hearing, and as said before I talk fast sometimes so I usually have to repeat and talk more clearly to make sure they can understand. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I'd say I'm sociable. I try to strike up conversations with anyone that would want to, I also try and be very friendly and welcoming to anyone I come across. I hope and try to let anyone I come across to have a good experience and enjoy speaking to me. As for can I mediate, I mediate quite often between my brother and my mother since they occasionally have small disputes, I try to get between them and have everyone talk it out and understand each others sides. I've had to mediate disputes between friends before if they had issues with each other, and I'd like to think I was able to get it talked through and settled pretty well. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: About 4 years ago I rose up the ranks of staff in a Minecraft server that did fairly well. My main job was to go around and investigate people that were suspected of hacking to get an advantage over others. I also did my best to keep the peace between players, like over land or items that may have been stolen from their houses. I also occasionally scheduled events for the players to enjoy and increase the enjoyment on the server, which was always extremely fun. Can You Be Neutral?: As a medic on the server your middle name is neutral. You are absolutely not allowed to choose sides, or try to help someone more than anyone else. I don't believe I would have rose in the ranks of EMS if I haven't been completely neutral. When you're a medic or staff you have to look at all sides of the story and still not be partial to any one person, you just have to do what is best for everyone there and the server. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I believe I'm the right choice because I have realized I have the very intense need to help people. That's why I joined the EMS, and that's why I'm applying to become a Community Ambassador. When I'm on as a civilian one of my favorite things to do is sit around and try my best to help people that need it in the Help Chat. Unfortunately as a medic we do not share the same Help Chat as civilians, so I'm only able to help the people that are near me. One thing I'd love to do is even if I'm on-duty as a medic I could be in the Help Channel on teamspeak so I can continue helping people to the best of my ability. Do You Have Any References?: I do not have any references. I didn't really want to ask anyone so that it all depends on how I did in this application, and how I have acted previously in-game. Thanks for looking at my application, and have a fantastic day.
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    In-Game Name: Dawn - Cam - Kilo Usual Name: Dawn Player ID: 76561198176384426 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No, I was banned for being affiliated with my gang the DayBreakBoys from my understanding. But could be a few other things as I will explain as much as possible, later in the appeal. Ban Message / Reason: Res_DBB_perm Your Story: As my gang and I continuously grew more and more on the server whether it was by skill or by stocking up our garages and bank some more the server had been getting more and more angry as we became stronger in my opinion. We were doing Feds constantly, and I mean as if "non-stop" with a very high percentage of win rate over losing them. We attacked everyone on the server all day and even all night and none of us really saw it as an issue until most of the gang had logged on to be mainly banned for the same reason and my ban message was. But I was never banned within the group, I was informed by toast that I was not included in that group of DBB who had gotten a ban. But quickly after all of my friends and team had gotten banned, I thought of the server in more and more negative ways. I didn't want to play ever, I was pissed off at staff, there was nobody left for me on there. So I gave up really and didn't play for a month maybe 2 and then some players had contacted me asking about purchasing money and I was skeptical at first about it but then the negative feeling came to over-ride me and I remember thinking to myself "I'm never going to play here again, my friends are gone. Blah blah" and decided whatever. I needed the money for summer anyways to put towards my tournaments and some other things and figured it wasn't a big deal. I have smokey I believe it was 90 mil in game for PayPal sent to my account. As at that point I did not care at all. I was then banned that day but for the reason of "DBB" but toast had told me I wasn't included in that group so I had been confused because devil told me minutes later that I should've been banned a while ago but the staff "forgot" about me. I didn't really think that one through until months later at my current point where I see a few of my friends being unbanned 1 by 1 and hope to play on the server once in a while again. Looking back at it all, in a way we were bullying players but only for the reason to become better and never noticed how much stress we were causing in departments such as staff or the APD for that matter. During all of this I may have said things I didn't mean or didn't want to come out the way they did but I was upset that the server all of my friends have played for 2 years, some even longer and donated to the server to keep it running were all perm banned without talking to any of us and assuming relations. The night of the money being sold, I messaged toast myself and admitted that I did sell it. I also apologized for anything he went through but to please know I had nothing to do with anything that was done to him in any shape form or way. I wouldn't try to inflict pain on someone over a video game. I'm hoping we can bring some of this community back and talk it out in such a way that is not so toxic and arguments won't heat so much like they did between lots. I'm sorry for anything I've caused or flared up at all on the server. Evidence: No evidence here, just a massive explanation above. Anything that needs to be further known or asked you can contact me via steam. Toast or a few others can contact me. Additional Comments and Information: Thanks for your time and effort to read my appeal. I just want to come and have fun on the server again where I learned arma 3 from start to finish.
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    I don't play rebel as much as cop atm so I don't have as much rp clips in this one and I also had to use some old footage. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Denied Updated to a perm for constant rule violations, Server Staff Disrespect, and spamming his ban notification on the server during his ban Also updated to perm for lying in appeal, and falsely claiming the server staff was bias despite the explanation that was given by 4 staff members on why he was banned Have fun on another server!
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    Episode 1 of APD Encounters: Big thanks to @Wolfe and all others for having great roleplay through the whole situation!
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    This is a Troll post. Why else was this even posted but to Troll. That type of message shouldn't even be allowed. If you are initiating ground type or in your case paste a ground to ground message. if air or vehicle the same. Just to read that and understand the demands right off the bat is done on purpose, it's just another way to force a person to read it over again to make sense of it. Also where’s the 15 sec? 11.84 sec later you open fire. To me this is a self-proclaimed RDM post. Congrats! "Welcome to Caesar's initiation breakdown!" Let see what's wrong here. First part: put your hands up if you arent in a Vech, "I don't know what a Vech is but Urban Dictionary says this. A vech is a title for a person that can be used in any situation. For example, it can be used to describe someone who is complaining, bitchy, annoying, boring, etc. So what you are saying is only put your hands up if you are not inside someone that is complaining, bitchy, annoying, boring, etc. Also I think what you are looking for is VEH. Second part: Fly away if you are a heli, or stop the car if you are a car or be engaged by support" "Well none of us can play a heli or a car so really that makes no sense. I hope this helps. I'm sure you were able to read this in 5 Regards, Caesar
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    In-Game Name: [EMS N-02] Ace Bravo/ Axel Bravo Cop Name: Ace Bravo Your Age: 17 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a Cop on Another Server? No. Are You Able To Deal With Stressful Situations? As a Medic on this server I've had to deal with many stressful situations, such as many times there have been vehicle explosions in the square that have caused upwards of 5+ deaths and you have to coordinate and get everyone up and get there gear back, while trying to tell other civilians to remain calm and to stay away from the wreckage. On civilian when I played Press I would occasionally be put in stressful situations, like in the middle of a gunfight. You have to stay calm and collected and try to make it through. Why Do You Want To Join The APD? Number one reason is to help people, same reason I joined the EMS. The secondary reason would be for a new roleplay experience as well. As Press and Medic I've sat by and watched the APD do their work and it's been fun. Now though, I'd like to experience for myself and try to be the best cop I can be. I don't have prior experience but I believe I can learn fast. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I suppose there isn't really a significant reason I would be chosen over other applicants, they may be more suited to the role. All I know is due to my experience with dealing with people as EMS I may have an advantage in roleplay situations. Additional Comments and Information: My only disadvantage is occasionally my PC goes bad with the game and I drop to 10 or so fps. I can try my hardest in firefights but otherwise, like that I'm semi-useless. I can duck and cover with the best of them, though!
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    It only gets better and better, the farther in you get.
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    Been having some fun playing KOTH recently, hope you guys enjoy!
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    Too often recently I am seeing people driving around in a taxi cab, fully loaded with armor and gun claiming to be the driver of a cab fare that is another person with equal gear and same gang tags. Can we please do something about this? To me it is a high disadvantage to players that ignore a passing cab driver because you are not to commit crimes to them and they are not allowed to do crimes. But they use this to slip by others and then park and commit crimes. At this point I feel this role on the server is broke due to the fact that it cannot be policed. Now some might say if the cab driver has a gun he is not on duty. I say if he has a gun he should not have a taxi at all. That in its self should be a violation. Maybe to prevent this whenever someone rides in a taxi as a passenger they should be automatically be charged as if they are really taking a fair. Or if a driver has a gun it should fall into a server rule violation and a bannable offense. Don't get a cab to hide behind a shield of protection and take advantage of it. If you are a cab driver, play that role like you are going for an oscar. Sure it doesn't pay worth a damn unless you really get a fare. But it's a role that can be used for someone that really likes to RP. You know since it's a RP server. I think some forget that. -Caesar
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    Why would you talk on an RP server, when you could just type a message instead?
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    ill give this a minus -5/10 -10 for being terrible overall -2 for being a bragging baiting video with no real skill shown -3 for lack of any roleplay
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    Traffic vests = Me directing traffic in square. I can't wait.
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    Dear People, I had lot's of fun playing on your server and I am really thankful for the good times, especially in the EMS with great people like @Badger, Whiskers and many others. Big thanks also goes out to Officer @Lancewhich made me laugh so hard with lot's of amazing roleplay after I did something bad as rebel. I've got 2 reasons for my goodbey, the time diffrence is hard (I play on an empty server in the evening from Amsterdam Holland) and secondly the lag/timeout is really bad sometimes and it becomes unplayable. I started playing on an EU server again and there is much more todo during my peak hours en there is no lag. So with pain in my heart I will say goodbye for now ! thank you all for a wonderful time !!
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    I made this vid
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    The current gang system is working great, but has a major non-coding issue, leadership. I'm sure we've all run into this issue before - you're on at a certain time of day, and you want to bring a new member into your gang, but the leader isn't on. You text your leader and/or message him, and he says he won't be able to get on, or he'll be getting on in a few hours. This puts a huge delay on bringing in the new member and is an overall annoyance. The solution to this is simple, add a feature that lets leaders appoint co-leaders/co-owners. These people would be able to do everything the leader can, except disband the gang. This feature would be a major quality of life improvement. If you have any concerns and/or improvements to this idea, voice them in the replies to this post. Thank you for reading this post and share it with others if you want to see this idea implemented.
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    Appeal Denied It is shown you don't really care about this appeal considering you decided to copy and paste a friends appeal. If you honestly want to join this community again you can make an actual appeal 1 month from today.
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    When topics are locked and or hidden it is because they violate the Forum Guidelines that I wrote and or walk the line of what is acceptable. Normally topics are locked when the entire thing becomes nothing but a place for people to throw shots and shades at each other. If the topic had a valid discussion going on within it (Or the post itself has a valid question or concern) then the toxic posts are hidden and the main topic remains unlocked and view-able. The entire point of it is toxic discussions between players is not something that we want, if people have gripes with each other express them in private to one another and not in public.
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    Usual In-Game Names: [3-02] Diovin Twigg, Swedish Fish Current Age: 17 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: A little over 2 months I believe. I started playing on this server in early June and quickly joined the APD after about 2 weeks. Ever since then I’ve been playing for around 5-10 hours a day up until recently since school has started. I’m now only on for about 3-5 hours most days. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I don’t think I’ve played on other life servers regularly like I have on this one. I know for a fact that when I first got arma I tried another server but I didn’t stick around for long. After that I took a break from life servers and mostly just played single player, and eventually I got bored with the game. After about a year, I tried arma life servers again over summer break. I don’t remember the server but I played for about 2 weeks for around 8 hours a day, but once again I had to stop eventually because I started working in a research lab that took most my time away from me. Then once again about a year later I started playing on this server. I’ve stuck around ever since because I enjoyed the server and its community, and it’s given me a really fun new hobby. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: I’m hoping I’ll be able to dedicate at least 3-5 hours a day on weekdays, and around 8 hours on weekends. I’m a senior in high school and I’m already starting to apply for colleges, so my time is probably going to be limited. However, I’ve always been able to balance my school and personal life, and I think I’ll be great at finding time to do what I enjoy. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: I Have a Mic and Headphones. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Yes, I was born in the US and I grew up speaking English. I can clearly communicate in English both through my writing and my speech. Throughout my HS career I’ve taken entirely honors and AP English courses. I am also currently taking my 4th year of Latin which has improved my understanding of English greatly. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): Absolutely, patience is a quality that I’ve always considered to be one of the most important skills. Here’s a few examples: I’m currently a senior field training officer on the server’s police force. As an FTO I am responsible for helping to train cadets and help them learn our rules and become good cops. Whenever teaching new people, not everyone moves at the same pace, and it’s very important to teach to their level and speed. Sometimes people might make a great cop, but they learn a little slower, or are not as confident and take extra reassurance. Instead of giving up on them it’s important to do your absolute best to take your time and figure out how to help them best. I’ve also recently become a flight instructor, and I love helping to teach people how to fly so they can get their certifications. There was one time, before I was even an instructor, where I sat down with an officer for around an hour and a half just doing the same thing over and over, giving him tips and constructive criticism to help him improve. A real life example is that I volunteer at a local science museum every week for two and a half hours. I help to teach people of all different ages about the exhibits. Sometimes people pick up things really fast and are eager to learn about everything, but there are also people that are slower and less interested. Despite this, part of my job is to keep people interested in the exhibits and to get them interested in science. This can take a lot of patience, but is also very rewarding when you get to make people happy and excited about something I love. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: Absolutely once again. Admittedly I can be a little on the quiet side when it comes to meeting new people, especially when it's an unfamiliar setting, but since I’ve been here for a little while now I feel really comfortable interacting with the people in this community. I am very talkative when it comes to things I enjoy, and I genuinely like interacting with people who share similar interests. When it comes to mediation I feel like I can also do this very well. When I was a sophomore in school I participated in a program at my school to help welcome incoming freshmen. Part of the responsibilities was to help them feel welcome, but also to help them fix any problems they had with the school or other people. One of the most common things that I would have to help my freshmen with was problems between other students or teachers. There was one really great experience I had where a student felt that he was not able to properly communicate with his English teacher, and he always felt unfairly treated. After talking to the student about it for a little bit, he agreed to meet me and the teacher after school to talk about it. I addressed the teacher and told her what the student had told me and of course it all just turned out to be a misunderstanding between the two of them. We chatted for about half an hour. At the beginning the tone was a very nervous and strict, but towards the end the student had gotten to learn about the teacher and they were much more amiable towards each other. I’m also a Corporal on the APD which requires situational awareness to be a supervisor. When I’m on I have to assign people where to go, what situations to respond to, help keep comms clear, etc. I’d say this is good mediation experience because often things can pop up or people may want to input their own opinion, and you have to balance all of it and use all the information to decide what the best course of action is. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: Back in my Arma 2 days I was involved with two different servers. I played on an invade and annex type server for the majority of my time. It’s been a few years so to be honest I forget the name of the server, but basically out of the blue I was asked by the staff if I wanted to be a moderator since they liked me and I played a lot. I accepted, so I basically just got to moderate the server while I was on and make sure chat was civil, people weren’t trolling, cheating, etc. I also played on a Zargabad Life server called Global Chaos for a few months. This server was one of the few non toxic servers I had found on Arma 2, so I quickly joined the community. The size was much smaller, probably about 25% of Easy’s, but it was still a ton of fun. As the server started to shrink due to the release of Arma 3, moderators started to leave the community, and so in about the last month of the server’s life, I was asked if I wanted to be a moderator. Once again I accepted, but to be honest the server was already dying and it didn’t stay around for long after that. Can You Be Neutral?: I definitely believe I can be neutral. I know that when trying to help people, especially those in conflict, it’s important to remain neutral and look at both sides equally. One thing that has always helped me be neutral in any situation, is to stick to a script of types. For me it helps when I have a method I use to approach any situation and avoid subjectivity. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I believe I’m the right choice for a couple of reasons. I’m very active on the server spending most my free time either on the ts or server. I also have quickly fallen in love with the community, especially the APD. With big public servers, it is very easy to be full of toxic players, but I feel like this server has done a great job keeping that to a minimum. I want to help keep this server amazing and fun for everyone by doing my best to help. Do You Have Any References?: Sharkbait, Hancock, Dusty
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    for good ems dude ecks dee ( i made this in 2 seconds because i am bored.
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    So the next DLC is being released on September 12th. Looks like there are a few really cool additions. You can pick it up on steam here - http://store.steampowered.com/app/571710/ I was VERY surprised at the content offered here, i was expecting something completely different to be honest. I really like the ambulance and possibilities for the medics, also some of the new props will be cool. I personally would LOVE if BIS would release Shotguns, MotorCycles, and more Civilian Vehicles, all the way from a beater hippie van to a Lamborghini type sports car, any vehicle additions would be cool imo. Life servers make up 75% of the entire arma player base, you'd think they would cater a bit more to us. =/. Anyways, what do you guys think? - And what in a perfect world should this DLC have in it in your opinion??? Below i posted from steam what is offered in the DLC. Explore a different perspective on the battlefield with the addition of a humanitarian faction, van, drone, mini-campaign, and much more, in the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC. Charity A portion of the proceeds from direct sales of the Arma 3 Laws of War DLC in 2017 will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The total amount raised will be announced on www.bistudio.com in 2018. Key Features International Development & Aid Project (IDAP) - This new faction, IDAP, is a non-governmental organization which is specialized in rapidly responding to humanitarian disasters. The faction is composed of new IDAP-branded clothing and gear, including outfits for specialized roles such as Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists, as well as many other tools, supplies, and other items. "Remnants of War" Mini-Campaign - Take on the role of IDAP explosive specialist Nathan MacDade, who is tasked with identifying and deactivating mines after the war in the Republic of Altis & Stratis has ended. While you are being interviewed by an investigative journalist, you will uncover what happened in the town of Oreokastro, experiencing the events from the perspective of various sides, in recollections that span multiple periods of time. Van - IDAP makes use of a new van, which comes in multiple variants, with over twenty custom liveries in total. Each variant caters to a specific purpose, such as cargo logistics or the transport of people. There is also an ambulance variant available. Utility & Demining Drone - IDAP has a new drone at its disposal to be able to quickly move cargo or supplies to a specific location. A special variant of the drone is used as part of IDAP's demining operations. APERS Mine Dispenser - The APERS Mine Dispenser is an effective but controversial area denial weapon system. It is typically only used in desperate situations, and can have devastating effects even long after a conflict has ended. Vests, Bags, Headgear & Facewear - Various pieces of new gear are available to help you carry out your duties. This includes safety vests, messenger bags, hard hats and press helmets, ear protectors, safety goggles, and much more. Additional Content - The Laws of War DLC adds a variety of miscellaneous additional content, such as time trial challenges for the new van and drone, a paramedic outfit, and a training mine. Platform Update The Arma 3 Laws of War DLC is supported by a major Arma 3 platform update, featuring new content and feature extensions. The platform update is free for all owners of Arma 3. Supporting Feature Extensions Cluster Strikes & UXO - Refined cluster strikes provide a highly destructive form of warfare, while the newly introduced simulation of Unexploded Ordnance means that some cluster bomblets might not explode upon impact. Mines - Several improvements to the identifying and clearing of mines (and other explosives) make for a more manual process, with a greater emphasis on the Mine Detector tool. Leaflets - You can now drop informational pamphlets from the sky using the new Utility Drone, which can then be picked up and read by people on the ground. You can also apply your own leaflet designs to your own custom scenarios. LOAC - New additions to the Field Manual cover the Laws of Armed Conflict, while small tweaks to the Arma 3 sandbox also improve the in-game representation of LOAC. Supporting Content Showcases IDAP & Laws of War - Two new individual scenarios offer an introduction to the DLC's new faction and topic. In Showcase IDAP, you visit one of the organization's open days on Altis. while in Showcase Laws of War you take part in an IDAP training course. Additional IDAP Content - In support of their operations, IDAP has access to emergency and medical supplies, such as cardboard boxes, food sacks, water bottle packages, blankets, stretchers, IV bags, body bags, and more. Cluster Bombs - Deploy three new faction-specific cluster munitions from aircraft, but also deal with unexploded ordnance that may be left behind afterwards. Decorative Objects - On top of IDAP-specific props, several new decorative objects are available, including shelter tents, separate floor canvases, new furniture, an air-conditioning unit, and plastic net fences. Official Soundtrack - Listen to new music tracks composed specifically for this DLC. Steam Achievements - Unlock a set of extra Steam Achievements related to the new content.
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    Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: [3-26] Jordan Jay Your In-Game Name: =AU= Brute Situation: Me and Chickon were on top of wifi in kavala and there were no cops nearby and all of a sudden Jordan Jay and Frankie pull up in a Hunter. There was some armed civilian that was not part of our gang that ran towards them and i think they initiated on him. A few moments after that a unknown cop starts to shoot us on top of wifi from kastro. They never initiated anything on us. So because they rdming sniper started shooting us we jumped down into the safety of the ladder room. I walk down the stairs and Jordan Jay lights me up with a mk200. Later in a ts typing conversation he states that a cop initiated on us via direct chat from the bottom of wifi. We didnt hear anything or even see a typed message by the cops initiating on us. I also dont understand how he expects us to hear an initiation from the bottom of wifi. Why Should the Player be Banned? RDM and possibly metagame because my gang member drove by and typed something in direct chat and i wasnt even in the same car as him. He prob just saw the =AU= tags and decided to shoot. Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/5990feb55efdf2b3c0/legit-rdm <21:28:40> "Brute": see u on the forums <21:28:51> "Brute": legit RDM <21:29:58> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": We initiated on someone on the side of wifi, weather you heard it or not might be the question <21:30:27> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": Also one of your friends initiated on me via direct chat 2 seconds before i killed you <21:30:32> Chat partner has closed the conversation <21:30:44> "Brute": then that would be called metagame <21:30:59> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": How? <21:31:27> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": Someone said put your hands up via direct chat, you had a gun so I killed you <21:31:32> "Brute": you knew harry was part of AU and when you saw me with AU tags you instantly shot me <21:31:54> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": Tbh you're being a cry baby stop you guys rdm so much <21:32:07> "Brute": we dont RDM <21:32:11> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": Your coming to conclusions <21:32:22> "Brute": we have all been on the server or years and we know the rules <21:32:29> "Brute": for* <21:32:53> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": Brute, if your gonna cause aids in Kavala, dont complain when you die <21:33:09> "Brute": see you on the forums <21:33:23> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": cool, and all of you have been banned too <21:33:28> "[3-26] Jordan Jay": cool <21:33:32> Chat partner has closed the conversation Additional Comments and Information: Thank you for reviewing this report
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    I have no doubts that if you held an officer hostage for 30 minutes and he asked you to just put a bullet in his head to end the situation you would be reporting him for not valuing his life and fail rp. The hypocrisy never ends it seems
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    Exactly, not only that but I was tabbed out talking with someone and the only way you knew I was there was from the information you received in help room. Metagame much? Indeed lol
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    I will log in and kill all the rebels. Ive done it before you see:
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    Maybe you could join the server for once? That's a good way to meet people.
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    Well, i would prefer co-owners to also not be able to kick members, or you could at least choose yourself what kind of things they could do if your leader.
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    15km drive, the resource to be 8 storage or something and be worth 20k each. Would be very high-risk and there would be frequent robberies. Sounds like a good idea
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    @Barbosa How he sees it: "Barbosa please fix this, this is unfair" How we all see it: "BaRbOsA PlEaSe FiX ThIs ThIs iS uNfArE"
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    Kavala is already a 24/7 purge