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  1. Overwatch Minnie Picture.
  2. Where's ahoy-hoy
  3. Neither. There is a limit to how many vehicles you can fetch from the server. You can only see your last 20. You can have more than that. It's so you don't pull huge number of cars and slow down the server.
  4. Just looked into your screenshots. I counted 20. You can only view the last 20 vehicles in your garage. You have 35 Civ vehicles in the Database. I recommend you sell some of your 15 MB 4WD and your 6 offroads and then you could see all the good stuff.
  5. I will look at this tonight.
  6. Items restored.
  7. The level constantly fluctuates when trolls are rejoining with new TS identies. If you are on a pc, just click the button to start improving on that message. I recommend you have at least 28. If you use a mobile account improve your identity on your pc using tools -> Identities. Then log into your TS myaccount on your pc. You then log in with the same account on the mobile app and your improved identity and bookmarks are transferred across.
  8. Unfortunately the logs weren't able to confirm the money so I'll have to deny this request.
  9. Your house has been restored the the only time I see an inventory in it in the backups (Somewhere on the 25th).
  10. The vehicle has been removed from your garage (Vehicle ID: 204417). I was unable to comp you as you were in game so a comp mod is free to do so when you are not.
  11. I would recommend holding off until you hit the 600$ range. For that range, buy used.
  12. I see a gang with that name created. Can you log in and see if it puts you in it now?
  13. I changed the two in your garage to the other type.
  14. Oh come on, we can do better (mute the right side when it starts).