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  1. My computer can't even run pubg
  2. I'm not lmfao. Just like duck hunter said, please don't put words in my mouth.
  3. That's one heckin of a me me
  4. That's prolly the only reason why I still play video games, my friends. Just make some and your experience will be 10x better
  5. TBH idk if you're getting bored of the community/ Altis as a whole try a new server. I think you would see a new experience and see what you want to do. And depending on why you got denied from the apd I recommend staying out of Kavala so you don't have a bad rep with cops for 2 weeks.
  6. 5. Do drug runs and make money
  7. Like I said it's a joke. Not trying to impress anyone. If I was tryin to impress ppl then I would make a montage of me shooting down other jets. I'm at in this community to have a laugh and see others laugh too. If it's a meme I'll take it, but when it's what you're doing I have no tolerance for it. Thank you
  8. It's honestly a joke idky you are getting but hurt about it
  9. We just wanted to fish too it ddnt have to end that way but they told us to leave or be engaged
  10. Last time we ruined their fishing run with armed stuff they called the popo on us and got one of our boats seized.
  11. Beatsy rdms me when I say I'm not recording:(
  12. Since I am part of the MonkeysOfAltis