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  1. literally an airdrop is better and guarded by nothing yet we take out tanks upon tanks and hunter hmgs/gmgs only to get a few mx's shit scopes no ammo barely maybe 2-3LRRs (I have never gotten any LRR ammo from these) and a few ak's. Pretty unbalanced in my opinion and wish military convoys were actually worth it but that's just my two cents on it anyhow.
  2. I remember that haha that was awesome
  3. Sexy like a slab of bacon

    10/10 this guy makes my server experience better
  4. The problem with our community.

    Nothing will change this sadly unless people stop being utterly selfish and start realizing "Hey I am probably ruining this persons day and server experience by robbing them constantly". Reasons why I try not to rob people. Cause I actually would rather help someone rather than take everything they own and ruin their experience on the server. I can name several people who had just started the server that I have helped show around how everything works including Mr.Paul
  5. Blackfoot or kajman

    Pros and cons. Kajman Pros: 250 APDS 30mm rounds and 250 HE 30mm rounds, High armor rating making it be able to get hit by 1 AA missile and be flyable (sometimes), Easy to auto rotate, good radar. Kajman Cons: Slow chopper, Gunner cannot take control, very loud chopper, very big too, more expensive than the Blackfoot, Gunner cannot aim that far down. Blackfoot Pros: Fastest chopper in the game, Silent rotor build so if you are atleast 500-1km away I believe nobody will even be able to hear your chopper, Cheaper than the kajman, Great radar, 20mm is good for vehicle on vehicle (So is the kajmans though), Gunner can take controls, Gunner can aim pretty far down. Blackfoot Cons: Heaviest chopper in the game so extremely hard to auto rotate, Low armor rating gets taken down by 1 AA, 20mm HE rounds (1,000) don't really do anything for infantry unless you hit right on or next to them.
  6. AA and Radars

    Like the other night when I flew my wipeout into the big ass red zone and flipped my shit cause 2 random missiles came at me haha
  7. AA and Radars

    Not trying to side but this is actually true has happened to me plenty of times on wasteland and here when I have flared plenty of times but the missile still hits head on flares are not a 100% free get away
  8. Armed Air Vehicles

    I think that the fighter jets should have several rocket pods or a SHIT ton of cannon rounds considering how useless they are and how over priced they are anyone else agree? Just my thoughts though
  9. AA and Radars

    I agree sense they are so expensive too it should be re enabled
  10. AA and Radars

    So this is something that has been on my mind for a long time now and some buddies of mine brought it up again so I decided to post this! Does anyone notice when an AA is shot at you in a jet/helicopter you see it on radar but the sound is disabled? I have always wondered why the sound is disabled for the beeping that you have a missile incoming? Just curious if there is a reasoning to this or what? I know many people have not been able to flare in time because they have no warning besides watching the radar like an eagle. Was just curious if there is a way for this to be enabled?
  11. Vehicle Comp Request - Wolfe

    In-Game Name: Wolfe Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198113420957 Items Lost: Wipeout/30mil Approximate Value of Lost Items: 30 mil Evidence: Not lost just no weapons only laser designator Additional Comments and Information: Trying to return like blazes comp I would like to get the money back so I can buy a different jet if possible