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  1. RDM Report - [Rmc] Twisted - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  2. Racism Report - [IFF] NaCI - Denied

    I do not believe the individual in this video was attempting to be malicious with what he was saying. Even though we do not allow racism in our community, sometimes people talk in certain ways that are not meant to be malicious, or offensive. From the context of what happened here, I believe this to be one of those incidents. Report moved to Denied.
  3. RDM Report - Bobby - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  4. RDM Report - Col. Delta - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  5. Fail Roleplay Report - Serbia - Denied

    He initiated on you guys saying, "Do not move, I have support". You can also hear him telling his teammates that, "Everything froze". I would say that is why he was unable to shoot. Regardless, you guys were initiated and did not comply, so his support AT'd you. Report Denied.
  6. RDM Report - CR Zachary - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  7. RDM Report - Don Norde - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  8. VDM Report - baago - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  9. File another appeal in 30 days.
  10. VDM Report - TCN Jimbo James - Denied

    After reviewing the provided evidence, I have determined that the VDM was accidental. From the looks of what happened in the video, the driver may have thought you were going to try to run after being initiated, so he started to turn to possible chase you. At this point, you stopped and he was passing your car at the same time you go out. He also jumped out of the car and apologized for hitting you, and gave you more than enough time to get up to put your hands up. You, however, decided to fire at them, and they killed you. Report Denied.
  11. RDM Report - Hazard - Resolved

    Report Resolved.
  12. Greenzone Violation Report - Gabe Pearson - Denied

    Report Denied. Failure to give requested evidence within the given time period.
  13. RDM Report - [ROC] Zervolar - Denied

    The exact distance from the spot you were standing at when you were initiated and the GreenZone was 30 meters. Therefore you were outside the 25-meter radius of the GreenZone. Report Denied.
  14. Fail Roleplay Report - hgfhgfh - Resolved

    Report Resolved.