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  1. Report Resolved.
  2. Appeal Denied. Please wait 30 days before filing another appeal.
  3. Report Resolved.
  4. Report Resolved. If you would like compensation for your helicopter, you can post a comp request at the following link.
  5. There is no definitive evidence that they were trying to exploit and get their gear back. Report Denied.
  6. We require 5 minutes of footage leading up to the incident. Please provide the requested evidence within 48 hours, or this report will be denied. Report Delayed.
  7. After reviewing the footage, I have found the only person to be at fault is Balil. You have completely complied, and he had no reason to kill you. As far as Officer Shell Phone goes, I do not believe he meta-gamed your location to rebels. Officer Shell Phone was also involved in the firefight that can be seen in the video and is killed during the firefight, along with another APD Cadet. If you have any further questions, comments, or concern, please contact APD Command about Officer Shell Phone, or contact me or any other staff member for questions about rules, and violations. Report Resolved.
  8. The player that was actually driving the Tempest was [BW] Tai Valentine. I have corrected the names on this report to show that he was actually the one responsible for what happened to your car. Report Resolved.