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  1. When in the video did the VDM occur?
  2. Appeal Denied. You may re-appeal in 30 days. 9/17/2017.
  3. He walked up the stairs and you started shooting at him, at which point he fired back, and you both traded. Appeal Denied.
  4. Appeal Denied at the request of @Coby.
  5. Appeal Denied. You were trying to ram your helicopter in the square. You may re-appeal in 30 days. 9/17/2017
  6. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism in our community. We are willing to forgive you for this occurrence, and unban you. However, any further use of racial slurs/terms will result in your original ban being reinstated, and unappealable. Appeal Accepted.
  7. Report Resolved.
  8. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell when initiation occurred, and if players in the area left the situation and then came back. At this time, I am going to Deny this report, because I can not confirm exactly what happened. If you would like to talk more about this report, feel free to find me in TeamSpeak later this afternoon. Also, just a note to all parties involved. If you are initiated and you leave that situation, you must reinitiate. If you leave to go get an armed vehicle to come back and kill people it is Fail RP, and RDM because that original situation is done and over with.
  9. I can not see any names on the other players you are interacting with. On top of that, your audio is massively messed up. Report Denied.
  10. I am willing to remove your ban. However, any actions of trolling, or VDM'ing will result in your ban being reinstated. Appeal Accepted.
  11. After reviewing the provided evidence, I am unable to confirm that the reported player returned to that exact situation. Report Denied.
  12. Report Denied. Failure to give requested evidence within the given time period.