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  1. In-Game Name: AlfonzoZeGerman Cop Name: Alfonzo Your Age: 16 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a Cop on Another Server? I have played cop on the GITS server and managed to get whitelisted, and I have also played a PMC contractor on a server which I cant remember as the server did get taken down a while ago. Are You Able To Deal With Stressful Situations? I'm usually calm when it comes to stressful situations for example when I played as a PMC contractor I was hired for multiple heists against massive odds of police and often got out alive due to taking my time and thinking about each strategy and possible flaws while under constant fire, Also when I played as the police in the gits server which was a PVP server when arresting people you would often get verbal abuse and killed a lot from other players whilst under these conditions I managed to provide a fair punishment without trying to get revenge for the constant torment while trying to arrest them Why Do You Want To Join The APD? I think it would enhance my gameplay as well as get me back into working as a team with other players who want to achieve the same objective, I also want to join as I think it would be a fun experience that I am willing to put time and effort into. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I have 1298 hours in game so I'm well experienced and would personally say that I am somewhat good at the game. I have also been in multiple milsims where I have followed orders as well as offer alternative ideas which could work better. I usually quite calm in all situations thinking of every possible outcome and a way to end a dispute without the use of violence I would also say that I am quite mature for my age as I respect everyone and their opinions, As i mentioned earlier i was in a PMC which got me used to pointing out possible threats and the most safe way to evacuate a area Additional Comments and Information: