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  1. Watchout Normies. we are coming to liberate the oppresed Kekistani Citizens from Normie Opression.
  2. Im the Minister of defense for the great nation of kekistan. i dont need a video
  3. I did a a barrel roll in my friends armed hellcat 150m over the ground and guess what. i crashed it
  4. It's joey Harry
  5. Why not. he praised KEK. +1
  6. This reminds me of town of Salem lmao.
  7. Could support have been initiated but no one said it over your comms?
  8. you have to make the video public`
  9. What isnt considered cop baiting nowadays...... Its supposed to be a funny video the community needs to chill out.
  10. The Van imo will bring some very interesting RP. im hoping you can open the side door and use it in a drive by style shooting
  11. From my experience with the XO-2 beta builds is that they are actually worse... they rely more on tazers than every before. They can not handle situations on their own and have to resort to calling in more units. Its very disappointing. They also seem to almost breakdown if they don't win they resort to overheating themselves and shutting down for the day
  12. When me and jester would do it. they didnt have a choice
  13. We used to do it with their lives
  14. It was LIT