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  1. @Coby get montage clipped twice nerddddd
  2. Weapons convoys - Takes the convoy up for the whole restart, best thing is a 408 and you get a few with ALMOST NO ammo... Normal airdrops you get like 4 Navids / SPMGs, Emrs, Lynxs, and they have a fair bit of ammo, rebel/NATO drops usually have a TWS or like 1-3 missile launchers and airdrops can occur more than once per restart, which I easily prefer over a weapons convoy... Nuclear Convoys - I don't understand them, carry nuclear material that isn't even processed, ,nobody legitimately does nuclear convoys for anything but gold bars, hit or miss convoy for gold bars, if anything at least head to its corresponding place to sell them, the nuclear material should be processed and head to nuclear buyer, then plutonium buyer if possible, makes no logical sense for it to have gold bars IMO. Gold Bar Convoys - 100-300 bars with a slight off-chance for a little more, makes hella money for the 60-120 minutes they usually take if you have some competition there. Convoys overall are pretty easy, makes a bit of money, nothing insane if there is too many people, but also not much things that are 'worth' spending money on sooo also convoys aren't fun if you do them everyday cough cough
  3. In-Game Name: [FOX] Beatsyy Request Type: Other Player ID: 7656119813772425 Items Lost: Navid - 200k Level 4 Vest - 45k Mags / Scopes - 20k Approximate Value of Lost Items: 265k Evidence: Hacker Additional Comments and Information:
  4. Auction - WTS Kavala GZ House

    Auction ends Wednesday
  5. @1:27 - Taru had to die that day.
  6. Force Operation X Recruitment (Open)

    Na imo, kinda ugly, has no solid contrast within his outfit, black and greyist vest upon dark navy blueish clothing, hat blocking his face, nvgs touching his hat, and that light black backpack is a no go.
  7. Force Operation X Recruitment (Open)

    That guy in the Marshal Clothes looks the best out of all them tbh, and idk why he was smelling his pits in that first picture, what a weirdo...
  8. -1 Killed my mans Mr. Paul, Davey Jones AND South Africa.
  9. In-Game Name: [FOX] Beatsyy Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 7656119813772425 Items Lost: Superman Suit - 200k Mask - 15k Approximate Value of Lost Items: 215,000 Evidence: https://gyazo.com/b28356f65288162b747d3ae79a1b6572 - Passenger seated w/ suit and mask. Additional Comments and Information:
  10. Auction - WTS Kavala GZ House

    Auction ends in a few days.
  11. Friendly Neighborhood Reporter

    I have a great idea for the papers, It involves this guy named Beatsy, rest of the story is up to you!