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  1. In-Game Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198340649403 Items Lost: Bunch of random shizzzzzzz Approximate Value of Lost Items: Lets just say 100k. Evidence: RDM on this dude thech. I got a report up. Gave video to Coby Additional Comments and Information: B00nkGang :']
  2. RDM Report - thech - Resolved

    Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: thech Your In-Game Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Situation: PM for details Why Should the Player be Banned? He hasn't read the rules and is looking for that vacation. Evidence: PM for evidence Additional Comments and Information: BoonKgang
  3. Skrrtskrrt montage #4

    Lol never seen one of your montages before.
  4. Cya

    @Eazy-E go drink some hotdogwater and come back lil bih.
  5. Vehicle Comp Request - [NG] Pouya

    Video was sent to Tyrone the Legend
  6. Vehicle Comp Request - [NG] Pouya

    Its a glitch, when you tab out and tab in it automatically starts shooting. I have video evidence PM me. I talked to Badger and he said to come here for comp.
  7. Skrrtskrrt montage #4

  8. @Pouya for the edit A quickie, but still on a whole lotta gang shit.
  9. Blackfish = Insurable

    Tarus could be insured
  10. Blackfish = Insurable

    I think it should be maybe for 1 million to insure. But let me know your thoughts.
  11. Altis Task Force (Recruiting)

    Are the gang ranks in order?
  12. When Skrrtskrrt agrees with Lonestar for once in his life.
  13. Skrrtskrrt Montage #3

    Appreciate that bro, boonk gang.