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  1. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House

  2. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House

  3. Suggestion!

    *Credit Card* A debit card is no risk all reward. If there were a type of card you should be charged a fee to use it. Besides how many 'shady characters' would accept credit or debit cards? Cash baby! No paper trail You: Here's the meth I made. Where's my money? Dealer: Would you like me to make a direct deposit to your bank account with the Memo: "Drug money" You: Oh yes, please! Such a convenient way to do business. Dealer: And if you ever want to score anything I also accept MasterCard and Visa. The vendor listed on the statements will say "Totally not a drug dealer LLC" Actually, that's not a bad idea.... 1. Have a small fee for purchases 2. Can only be used at legal businesses
  4. PC Temps

  5. House Glitched

    No Just got on the server and was able to sell the house.
  6. House Glitched

    I went to sell my house and I got a message that said you can only sell once every second (or something like that). I could still access the house menu with the custom 10 key but couldn't unlock the doors. Comp from the same house in question:
  7. I see new fonts and icons... Where's chat box though? Nvm Edit: Wow a new default theme! No more background images... text colors are a bit wonky though
  8. PC Glitch or Virus???

    Paste: chrome://extensions into chrome You should get the manager (like this...) Just check and see if you picked up some junk on accident...
  9. PC Glitch or Virus???

    Check your extentions? chrome://extensions
  10. Help with playMusic Command

    Disregard, I trimmed about .5 second off the beginning and for whatever reason, it's playing fine now.
  11. Help with playMusic Command

    Working on a single player mission and one of my audio tracks cuts off after exactly 15 seconds (it's 58 seconds long). I have another track that's only 22 seconds that plays through just fine. I'm not sure if one of you could help... (Both tracks are under 400KB) Trigger: On Activation playMusic "Controls" Description.ext class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class Welcome { name = "Welcome"; sound[] = {"\music\Welcome.ogg", 6, 1.0}; }; class Controls { name = "Controls"; sound[] = {"\music\Controls.ogg", 6, 1.0}; }; };