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  1. Paste: chrome://extensions into chrome You should get the manager (like this...) Just check and see if you picked up some junk on accident...
  2. Check your extentions? chrome://extensions
  3. Disregard, I trimmed about .5 second off the beginning and for whatever reason, it's playing fine now.
  4. Working on a single player mission and one of my audio tracks cuts off after exactly 15 seconds (it's 58 seconds long). I have another track that's only 22 seconds that plays through just fine. I'm not sure if one of you could help... (Both tracks are under 400KB) Trigger: On Activation playMusic "Controls" Description.ext class CfgMusic { tracks[]={}; class Welcome { name = "Welcome"; sound[] = {"\music\Welcome.ogg", 6, 1.0}; }; class Controls { name = "Controls"; sound[] = {"\music\Controls.ogg", 6, 1.0}; }; };
  5. Perhaps if there were a way to tie the price of whatever would be down there to the number of players on the server? The more players on the higher the risk so there should be a bigger payout. Only 10 players on? A coordinated group could easily move lots of the item with a lot less risk. Just like you can't capture ganf hideouts unless there are at least a couple cops on.
  6. Like Alexander said Press is mainly just RP in game and requires no training as of now. There is a group of players who write for the fictional newspaper 'The Kavala Times'. The Kavala Times Vol. 1... No. 1 The Kavala Times Vol. 1... No. 2 The Kavala Times Vol. 1... No. 3 The Kavala Times Vol. 1... No. 4
  7. The Blackfoot still has its 20mm Minigun and the Kajman still has its 30mm Cannon.
  8. I can't suggest much other than checking the basics (which I'm sure you've already done)...
  9. Zoinks! Welcome to the community, Jackass.
  10. I prefer my pizza bonerless.