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  1. +1 played with him on RPUK and he is very talented in RP and great combat skills should be great addition to the APD and knows rules very well
  2. so when is the scheduled date to do it @ELSharko and @Jaster so the only change is the money up for grabs and that's it I would also recommend we do it in like a really big hall and three chairs and a stage and they have 2 minutes to perform so this is how the winner will be decided Round of 16 quarter finals semi finals Finals depends on how many people are there
  3. nah not a lot will play and contest if there lives on the line but if there is a money prize more people will contest for the prize
  4. so why this time we put a prize on the line to make the stakes higher
  5. why don't we do it again
  6. @ELSharko wouldn't be bad if we done it again and put up like in the forums and in game that it will happen I think now would be a great time because the server is getting more and more popular
  7. so I'm thinking of that we should do a server event that there are 4 judges and it is like a talent show that people can do and the winner will win 2.5 million there can be stuff like singing and doing creative stuff I for one would like to be a judge In this talent show any recommendations are welcome would like this to be a server event Thank you
  8. + 1 great addition
  9. +1 seen him on other servers got great RP has really good potential in this police force
  10. In-Game Name: 3-67 Steph Curry EMS Name: Steph Curry Your Age: 17 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a EMS on Another Server? yes on RPUK and RebornRP Are You Able To Be Neutral? yes at all times and i will be patient to be neutral that is my no 1 rule always be patient as others might not i have to keep all patients very calm Why Do You Want To Join The EMS? During my time in the Armed Forces, I have seen the medics that treat casualties, it was gruesome, I have seen my fair share of deaths, and I was credited with 185 Confirmed Kills and 5404 Rounds I have fired, in fact I take my pride for a kill with iron sights from 500 meters, with an enemy weapon, when I ran out of ammo. That is not the point though, I have also been a medic in the armed forces, and I also take pride in a event where I ran into field while taking sniper fire and picked up a friendly who was bleeding out and unconscious and that man ended up walking away from that to be discharged later and running down a mountain getting bombed with a sniper who was the only one left in my squad. After leaving Honorably, I moved here, and after having an event where I was dehydrated, after being saved by a medic after passing out, I soon realized, I could do with doing the same thing that I did for my country, be a medic. I have always wanted to help people after needing help a long time ago, I took so much drugs, I even took Testosterone Supplements and because of it I now have a high pitched voice, but fortunately I was saved by rehab, It opened my eyes, and I have changed since then and I will always make myself better and I hope to make myself better here as well. furthermore I have not always been the best person or hung out with the best people;nevertheless, I regret every decision made in the past and I am looking to the future I feel joining the EMS department will really give me the chance to turn my life around. Also, I feel my adopted father Abdullah Zahran has never really been proud of me always looking at me as bum someone who never does anything but lie around - Being an Medic will allow me to prove to him I can do something and I will do something. I want to help, I have lived through a death of a friend his name was Luke Ventura who died to due to medical incompetence; living through that is something I want no one to live through, being a medic will help me do that. My father's respect, my dead friend, and my past make me want to join the Medic Department and strive to be the best medic I can be Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? The main qualities that I feel that would me work as an Medic are the ability to make a split-second decision which would be very important both on the field and in the hospital, also my outlook on things is very high I take the best out of a situation and try to reflect onto everyone else, I have slight training under past Medic Alex Macdonald ( known as a high ranking medic) which was delivered to me this summer he taught me the basics and a few tips to being a medic, and finally I follow rules to tee if I am told to do something I do it and respect my higher up. All of these qualities will help me during my daily procedures as medic.as Well, I am an honest hard working man, willing to work and learn. I would say I am a fairly intelligent man, graduating valedictorian, and 2nd in class at John Hopkins. I’m willing to learn, and a learn quickly. Throughout my many years of schooling, I have learned how to understand and take in knowledge as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have also learned how to deal with stress, handling multiple situations at once, and dealing with them in a professional matter. I have a professional attitude, and keep my calm during every situation, but still know when to make a joke, giving me a fun attitude and atmosphere to bring to the department. " Additional Comments and Information:
  11. Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: Pablo Emilo Escobar and Amado Carrillo Fuentes Your In-Game Name: 3-67 Steph Curry Situation: both cars were VDM we arrested both of them and while we were putting them in the car they disconnected Why Should the Player be Banned? Combat log and VDM Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1083666900 and Additional Comments and Information:
  12. i think we should do a purge night where for 12 hours all crime is legal however initation is still needed and at 7 pm at night all the sirens and this voice should go on at all cities and greenzones are for people who don't want to participate in there should be a server message where everyone can see 1 hour before the purge that it is happening and on the forums
  13. Report Type: Other Player In-Game Name: Teddy Your In-Game Name: 3-67 Steph Curry Situation: i was processing teddy and he logs off when he has a high bounty on him and doesn't want to go to jail for 20 minutes Why Should the Player be Banned? he combat logged it is obvious he did that Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1082360226 Additional Comments and Information: I don't want him perm banned I want to get him banned for a few days and for him to learn his lesson
  14. +1 played with him and he had great rp didn't want to gun fight and he would suite the cop role perfectly
  15. +1 great guy and his attitude has improved massively in the times I have rp with him