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  1. Come on chronos any 5 year old with a ak can be good at arma3, I say for the next one you do pistols only.
  2. Let's be real here who does not talk shit as rebel?
  3. Was running through the internet on my phone while i was out and came across some interesting old pictures that have been colored. Lee Harvey Oswald the moment he was assassinated. The actual Harry Houdini just before performing an escape. A dead American Soldier 1945. The Eiffel Tower being built.
  4. How much do you have now?
  5. Well just because I spent time working on something does not mean people will like it, I mean you might have spent 20mins finding your profile pic but what if I say I don't like it?
  6. women
  7. Look sry but you initiated
  8. +1 Really nice ingame and i have had some fun with him ingame while roleplaying really chill guy
  9. Don't ask me to do any art work please after this I uninstalled photoshop and I only did this because I told Coby I would make him something. PLEASE NOTE = [COPY MSG ME ON STEAM TO GET THE REAL FILE THE FORUM HAS STRETCHED IT OUT TO MAKE IT BURY]
  10. Ya I know I joined at the start and then saw you join and I was like wtf I looked at the list there were 12 players from easy's.
  11. Like Chronos said this is a good headset/mic
  12. Didn't put me killing you in there.
  13. Not really skill i mean you did miss 2 other shots and the first while he was sitting right in front of you
  14. The past 3 days i have had a lot of fun with him ingame as civ really good guy
  15. Can you make it to where we can ensure the civ plane its only 350k but i like flying them.