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  1. Miss you Steve. You should hop into ts once in a while.
  2. I think it's pretty good. You have some great clips where you shoot down res and Toast. Your music choice is great and it goes well with the clips.
  3. @Wumpus I had the Coby and John wedding, and I added the others. @Keith Fritz Thank you! I've been adding since I first joined. Which videos are your favorites? 🤔
  4. @Coby Arma also used to have way better sounds for vehicles and guns. like in this part of FTA Joe's video: The gunshots, explosions, and building sounds were so much better
  5. Yeah Keagan is in it and I saw that Tango capped a hideout. Back when Arma looked amazing.
  6. @Coby The Last 2 were already on the playlist but the first 2 are awesome! One looks to be a really old video. I added them
  7. @Tyrone the Legend Wow! I havent seen a lot of those. I added them
  8. I'll look later and see if I can find more and I'll add them
  9. Additional Videos that are favorites of mine: @Alaskan's fed video: https://youtu.be/SseLWk25e0o?list=PLLZ09Ut3n-hRBcIq189HInJT0i7n2AIIR @Betsy 's Easy's Altis Life May Day Mayhem: @Frazer Pines 's Community Montage from 2 summers ago FTA Joe "the fed": @Vegeta™'s Arma 3 Alits Life Kill Comp: @South Africa's FUCK YES: @Frazer Pines's Day in the Life of a Cop. This is the video that made me join Easys Altis Life @Thelonious's Unreleased Footage. The Best Easys Altis Life Montage IMO @Wumpus's Funeral video. Thats it! If you want me to add a video, post it in the comments. I hope you guys enjoy this playlist and watch some of my recommended videos.
  10. Since Ive joined the server I have been compiling asys altis life videos into a massive YouTube playlist. The reason why I do this is I am a nostalgic person who loves videos. I just like to be able to go back and look at a large range of videos from the server that I have spent so much time on. I haven't shared the playlist before because I was afraid of people seeing some of their older videos on here and deleting them. People constantly go through and unlist/delete youtube videos so some of them might be missing in the playlist. Im going to also be sharing some of my favorites and If you guys have any you think I should add post them in the comments! Again if you see your video on this playlist, please do not private or delte it. Id like to keep this playlist going for a long time so that if easy's were to eventually die then I or others could look back to this playlist for all the good memories. Here is the playlist: The first video I picked just so the playlist could have that glorious picture as its thumbnail. I hope you guys enjoy it! Now I would like to share some of my favorite videos from easys altis life! 1: The best Easy's Altis Life video (imo) "A Rebel dies and thus a Dredd is born" By @Dredd or Forecasd. This video has it all. It perfectly depicts both the cop and rebel lifestyles of the server. On the rebel side it shows robbing, roadblocks, fights with rebels and cops, drug running, rp with cops and civs. On the cop side it shows fights with rebels, car chases, zovers, and probably the best rp experience caught on camera where he busts @Steve Steele 's illegal car dealership. This video is 40 minutes long and does not have a moment of down time. It also includes a successful Federal Reserve robbery with @Wolfey and Julie, and features a lot of old members of the community such as Zovers, Betsy, Toast, Vegeta, etc. It always makes me nostalgic when I watch it, and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Its almost like you are watching an EASYs altis life movie. 2: Funniest EAL moment. "Wonton delivery 1 cop 40 civs" by Swift. I don't want to spoil this video because it was funny as fuck but It features TapSumBongs old Asian gang and a cop interacting with them. 3: Best video series on Easys Altis Life "Today on the APD" was an amazing video series by Mike Berg that featured roleplay, funny moments, action, and bullshittery from the apd perspective. It was complete with amazing music choices and every episode is worth watching. It is a shame he does not make them anymore. Maybe a Story Time Bandits series? 4:Best Easys Meme video Its made my Betsy, not much to say other than that.
  11. @baducca Spit fire when we shot down his Blackfoot one time.
  12. Selling GZ House

    Can my kids get a good education in thespian culture?