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  1. Awesome video!
  2. One of the chillest people to play with on the apd. You will be missed!
  3. Ill miss you on cop man. You were my original FTO and I have a lot of great memories with you on the force.
  4. its the most op unarmed helicopter in the game and it sucks to see people flying around all the time instead of driving on ground. if more people were driving around then there will be more roleplay and interaction.
  5. Kill Montage #6 I hope you guys enjoy! I haven't put out a Easy's kill montage in a bit so I had a lot of fun editing this. "Adventures of an APD Officer" is coming soon for those of you who like videos that are more centered around role play.
  6. Missed you Val. Glad you are back!
  7. im lvl 27 with 26 hours, im just trynna get the good jets
  8. so many levels..........
  9. @Beatsy @Tomatoes Thanks for joining me guys! I had a lot of fun. I tried to get music that went well with the video and I hope you guys like it!
  10. it felt so satisfying lol
  11. In one of @Thelonious screenshots im [UAR] Jaster Mareel, damn that was a while ago.
  12. @BrokeBoyRetros Welcome back!
  13. Song is "Can't Hide" by Whethan. https://youtu.be/0KH2a4vZDtk