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  1. Smart, honest, and kind. Those are some of the many attributes he has, but don't forget his humor and dashing looks! I feel he would make a great CA, he can be neutral, hear both sides of things, and make a fair decision based on the information he was provided and has gathered. I've seen him calm down allot of situations as a medic that weren't in his favor. A good medic, a great friend, and hopefully a soon to be fantastic CA. Good luck buddy =) +1
  2. For press, there are already rules for such things. For Press: on duty is described as wearing a press vest, hat, and only driving in a press vehicle or riding in a non-military vehicle. If they aren't wearing the proper gear, they are not on duty as press. That means you can do anythin to them that you can do to any normal player. I don't think it should be a white-listed type slot, there are many ways we can prevent such things. Whitelisting the slot would discourage people from using the slots, because they have to put effort in, especially new people who join the server. Shit happens, I've learned that's just how it is. =) My truthful opinion would be whitelisting the whole server - But since that isn't going to happen, we shouldn't white-list regular civilian slots.