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  1. Locked
  2. You shot at an armed heli...
  3. Would be just a flat out RDM and salt fest with no roleplay whatsoever and we do happen to be a roleplay server.
  4. Hi
  5. I have basically that exact build, only differences is a better mobo and a smaller micro atx case.
  6. Random Officer: Blaze, a jet just buzzed Kavala Blaze:
  7. Reminds me of this:
  8. Appeal Denied Ban expired.
  9. Topic Locked. Awaiting Review.
  10. Topic Locked. Awaiting Review.
  11. Really depends if you want to buy a pre-built computer or one that you have to build yourself, generally pre-built is more expensive. If you want to build yourself this is a good option: If you want to buy a pre-built I would recommend talking to @Cheyowen, I know he recently purchased a fairly good pre-built rig.
  12. Report DELAYED Awaiting evidence.