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  1. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Not trying to get anyone banned Your In-Game Name: [3-51] Father Doug Situation: So as you can see I am not trying to get anyone banned because not only the person that killed me was responsible, its just to let you guys know what type of RP you are giving, its suppose to be a RP server, not a King of the Hill. Like I give a good RP as cop and comply to anything you ask just looking to have a fun conversation, another cop would of try and killed you guys. There was 8 civs on and only me as cop, just got on to RP in Kavala, and we end up like this, didn't even pull you guys up just patrolling in a normal duty day, I don't know what type of RP you guys giving but always ends in dead or gun fight... Why Should the Player be Banned? Fail RP, RDM Evidence: You might wanna skip to 1:30 Additional Comments and Information: Have a great day everyone ...
  2. 21 Savage

    Deep message in this music video and song:
  3. Los Zetas Cartel (Recruiting)

    Los Zetas Cartel [LZC] As many of you know, a Cartel just joined the streets of Altis, just a heads up that you might have problems unless you want to discuss lands. We have been planning this Gang (Cartel) for sometime now, we have great ideas that you as Civs and Cops will enjoy a lot, we are going to be serious role players and take our name seriously, our business is divided in: Drugs and Guns We have a well structure Hierarchy and Market, because we want you guys to enjoy a fun and entertaining RP scenario and apart of that another way to make money as our costumers. How this will work will be discussed with anyone interested, the reason we do this is so Cops or Enemy gangs can't get to know how the Organization works and our operations.... If interested in joining, and knowing more about LZC you can always find me on TS, in-game or Forums Applications Form: https://goo.gl/forms/f4rwHAEu9RwOLIyJ2 When you have submitted your application let a Higher Up know. You must know the server rules before applying Hierarchy Drug Lord (Leader): Father Doug Lieutenants: Tim & Sapper Hitmans: (Open) Falcons: (Open) Just to let everyone know we are not looking to be AIDS or a Kavala gang. How things will work is: You don't Fck with us, we don't Fck with you. BUT if You Fck with us, a whole new story...
  4. Got a new cut today *gone sexual in the hood*

    Made some adjustments to my beard....
  5. Other Report - Ali - Resolved

    Report Type: Other Player In-Game Name: Ali Your In-Game Name: [EMS FR-07] Doug Anatomy Situation: I went to revive a player that requested my assistance at the time I get there an other player goes there too, he gave me the all clear to revive and after reviving the player it glitches and he was no longer there when I was about to leave the other player with no initiation on and breaking the rule about killing, robbing and kidnaping a medic he knocks me, takes my kidney blindfolds me and takes me hostage... Why Should the Player be Banned? Breaking the Rules, RDM... Evidence: PM for evidence Additional Comments and Information: Appreciate the time and good service, have a great day...
  6. Breaks my heart http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/breakingnews/at-least-59-killed-in-las-vegas-shooting-rampage-more-than-500-others-injured/ar-AAsM6kd?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartanntp
  7. Skrrtskrrt Montage #2

    That Bank thooooo
  8. Response Team

    And the other thing is that you don't leave the city's unprotected while this situations happen because as soon cops leave it becomes a disaster in Kavala
  9. Response Team

    Well maybe just for FED and CDC, or they can just be a back up unit, in my head its different then SWAT but yeah I understand exactly what you are saying...
  10. Response Team

    Good point, that's why you open up applications for this positions and anyone can apply not only cops, if they pass the application they go to an interview if they pass the interview they go to field training where you try to get the best out of them see what they are good for(snipping, close combat, flying, etc..) and you make a maybe 10 man team 6 active players and 4 reserve for does types of situations when there are not on obviously it has to be 10 pretty active players, if anything pops up they just change if playing as civ, cop or medic and go to the comms to get ready for there mission, if there's anyone missing from the 6 active players you take from reserved players to the mission...
  11. Response Team

    Hello everyone, just wanted to bring my idea to you guys and see what you think. Well I don't know about you guys but I think that it would be very dope to have a Military or any other way of response team for CDC, FED, big gang situations, Cop Hostage situations etc... Well why? Because imagine a maybe 6 man Team designed only to do what they do best neutralized the enemy, no RP needed just go in go out like smoke, obviously RP in Hostage situations, but a team that dedicates most of the time to train for FED, CDC know where to enter, what gear they have to bring and just go in and out, cops can give them back up maybe by closing down streets, going to the point of the robbery and engage support while they get prepared and take care of the enemy if they get to take one alive, I don't know what you guys think, I have more ideas for this team just PM if you wanna know more details (ADMINS)
  12. Cops Drunk on duty, and get pulled up, they cant have a little of fun
  13. Report Type: Fail Roleplay Player In-Game Name: Jake Jennings Your In-Game Name: Father Doug Situation: Well we where robbing his house and after we go inside he was sitting inside maybe AFK so we ask him to put his hands up and he does, after that we ask him to strip naked to take his gear and after that, he runs out of the house and locks the door, leaving me inside, after I could not leave the house and been the only one with a gun from my gang, he access his inventory from the back of his house and walks inside from behind killing me after been trapped... Why Should the Player be Banned? Fail Roleplay Evidence: PM for evidence Additional Comments and Information: Thank you for your time and good service....
  14. I don't know how you can play with that zoom-out Tho, but👌
  15. RDM Report - Eight Bit - Resolved

    Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Eight Bit Your In-Game Name: Father Doug Situation: Well I was landing in Heli Landing at Kavala and just got RDM with no initiation... Why Should the Player be Banned? RDM Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZauV0oSeBM Additional Comments and Information: Thanks for your time and good service..