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  1. thanks ill try that out.
  2. how do i do that??
  3. thank you. ill try this and get back to you, one again ive always been able to watch youtube on google chrome until 2 days ago.
  4. okay so ive been trying to watch youtube on my computer and it wont let me, ive been able to watch youtube before but now i cant, ive also done a full pc scan with McAfee antivirus. if you can tell me what i should do that would be amazing. https://prnt.sc/g9u7x7 please tell me it you have had this happen to you.
  5. OMG

    i like this
  6. its not kinda it is
  7. i really want this right now, right here, and on the server!!!
  8. this makes me slightly upset
  9. same
  10. In-Game Name: [3-35] Jackson, Frank EMS Name: Donald Your Age: 16 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a EMS on Another Server? yes, i have played on a server called LNS and i was the captain on the server and was always online. sadly the server has gone down :( Are You Able To Be Neutral? yes i am, i am a able to listen to commands and also when needed respond to any request i get. Why Do You Want To Join The EMS? i want to join the EMS force because i would like to relive memories from the past and also want to take a break from guns every once and a while Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? you should chose me over other applications because i will be as active as i can on the server and i also have past experience Additional Comments and Information:
  11. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Steven Your In-Game Name: [3-35] Jackson Situation: was at a active situation and steven used the alt+1-4 to initiate and then shoot me Why Should the Player be Banned? used the alt+1-4 to initiate even though that isnt initiation Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1097361774 Additional Comments and Information:
  12. how long did this take to make? cause i saw myself in the video as a cadet
  13. +1 cool guy