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  1. Worth a watch

    That was highly enjoyable. Thanks for the video!
  2. Exactly. He jinxed it from the beginning.
  3. But everything was not ok that day.
  4. Fail Roleplay Report - [TKB] Kevin Bacon - Denied

    I'll throw in my two cents real quick. Tyler and I contacted Kevin Bacon and told him that he was being drug out of the water when he hopped into his boat. He didn't respond, so we thought we'd never see him again. We then had to go to the HQ shortly after where we found Mr. Bacon waiting patiently at the front gate. Tyler went to get new clothes and I talked to him and led him to the processing area. At that point I restrained him, then Tyler and Dusty came over and I had to go respond to a different situation. From what I saw while I was there Mr. Bacon was very cooperative to work with us. I can't say anything about after I left, as I have no idea what went on. Just wanted to let you know what I saw of the story. Sorry for the novel.
  5. Steve Leaving Super-Mega-Clickbait

    We're all going to miss you. Wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.
  6. Tyler9400 - 17 - CA App

    I've known Tyler for around 5 years now. In that time he's grown and become an amazing person, and I believe he'd add nothing but great things to the staff of this server is he was to be accepted. He's a great person that I enjoy being around. He definitely deserves my +1 many times over.
  7. Toast's retirement from Staff.

    You will be very sorely missed. But completely understandable you don't have enough time or interest to stay, even though we wish you'd never leave. Thanks for being an essential part of Easy's Altis Life for a long time. Best of luck in all your endeavors!
  8. Rest in Peace Devil

    Exactly. They are very prone to exploding.
  9. Rest in Peace Devil

    That is perfect.
  10. That could definitely be a viable strategy! Good idea.
  11. I bought the DLC just to use the vans, and today I was finally able to obtain one. I was carrying on my normal EMS duties when Seagul started it all by jumping on my car and it just took off from there. Hope everyone enjoys the video, it was amazing being apart of it. The Van Drivers: Myself (Ace Bravo), Commander Badger, and FEMA Agent Devil. Very talented Van Hopper: Seagul.
  12. He will be missed. Cause of death: The new vans are bombs wrapped in tin foil. See you in the next life time.
  13. I've had this on my hard drive for awhile waiting to be edited. Finally found the time to and I think it came out pretty well. This is the time that Mike Berg decided he wanted to shirk the duties of a human and become an Android under the guise of Lt. Cmdr. TK-47. Had a fantastic time with him. Props to him for some amazing roleplay! Hope everyone enjoys!