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  1. Thank you! I definitely try to be!
  2. That'd be getting a little ahead of myself! Thanks!
  3. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Minusmann Your In-Game Name: Axel Bravo Situation: I had just logged into the server and I heard shots, but due to my music I didn't know how far away they were. In the chat you see someone say Minusmann RDM'ed them. I turned off my music and proceeded to go to the garage to get my Press Offroad out. I spawn it in and a car stops right in front of me. I see the player is named Minusmann, so anticipating what could happen next I preemptively put my hands up just in case. Well, that didn't seem to matter and he killed me without initiation. As of about an hour after this incident he has RDM'ed 5-6 people by now. Why Should the Player be Banned? Blatant disregard of one of the most important rules of the server. I believe he knows what he's doing because it has happened repeatedly by now. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I'm sorry about the music in the beginning of the video. I didn't have a full 5 minutes, but I wanted to show I had just logged into the server.
  4. In-Game Name: [EMS N-02] Ace Bravo/ Axel Bravo Cop Name: Ace Bravo Your Age: 17 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a Cop on Another Server? No. Are You Able To Deal With Stressful Situations? As a Medic on this server I've had to deal with many stressful situations, such as many times there have been vehicle explosions in the square that have caused upwards of 5+ deaths and you have to coordinate and get everyone up and get there gear back, while trying to tell other civilians to remain calm and to stay away from the wreckage. On civilian when I played Press I would occasionally be put in stressful situations, like in the middle of a gunfight. You have to stay calm and collected and try to make it through. Why Do You Want To Join The APD? Number one reason is to help people, same reason I joined the EMS. The secondary reason would be for a new roleplay experience as well. As Press and Medic I've sat by and watched the APD do their work and it's been fun. Now though, I'd like to experience for myself and try to be the best cop I can be. I don't have prior experience but I believe I can learn fast. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I suppose there isn't really a significant reason I would be chosen over other applicants, they may be more suited to the role. All I know is due to my experience with dealing with people as EMS I may have an advantage in roleplay situations. Additional Comments and Information: My only disadvantage is occasionally my PC goes bad with the game and I drop to 10 or so fps. I can try my hardest in firefights but otherwise, like that I'm semi-useless. I can duck and cover with the best of them, though!
  5. Thank you very much!
  6. Spent 3 and a half hours talking and getting to know Mr. Gustavo. From what I gathered he's a nice, respectful, and heavily RP oriented person that genuinely cares about the people around him and the server. I'd be more than happy for him to join the EMS. +1
  7. Thank you both!
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. Thank you very much! Means a lot to me.
  10. And it was the best commercial ever! Thank you!
  11. Small Update for something I completely forgot about: Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: Around 2 years ago I was a Trial Operator on a Garry's Mod Trouble in Terrorist Town server. My main responsibility on there was to find the steam profile and then the Steam ID of people that rdm'd and left. Other than that, same as the Minecraft server, being I just tried to keep the peace between players.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Thank you! I try my best.