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  1. +1 cool guy, dedicated to the server
  2. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: =AU= Wolfe Your In-Game Name: [3-44] Chris Situation: I was responding to a situation where support had not been initiated. I parked outside the redzone and was killed by a sniper. Why Should the Player be Banned? I've seen him and his gang do things like this over 10 times in the short time i have been with the APD. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  3. Report Type: Fail Roleplay Player In-Game Name: Oskar Your In-Game Name: [3-44] Chris Situation: I was in pursuit of a blue hatchback sport, with only lights and sirens initiated. The suspect 10-50'd when he collided with an offroad. I jumped out of the vehicle and was about to say "APD put your hands up!' when he knocked me out and executed me without any form of initiation. Why Should the Player be Banned? He failed role-play and RDM'd a police officer. He then proceeded to kill another cop without proper initiation only a few minutes later. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  4. The message sent by Fu Chin to Crazed was illegitimate, and I told him that as soon as he sent it, and he then proceeded to not act on his his incorrect engagement. What happened in between screenshots was Crazed and his companion in the helicopter proceeded to try and kill him via shooting from their chopper. He then proceeded to return fire, killing both of them, making the kill in self-defense. None of this can be proved as no parties involved in the situation have video proof. All I ask is that you consider a multitude of things could've occurred between the screenshots provided by Crazed. Thank you and have a nice day.
  5. Report Type: Fail Roleplay Player In-Game Name: Sindad The Exterminator Your In-Game Name: [3-44] Chris Situation: I had just restrained a suspect and then he proceeded, while handcuffed, to hop in a vehicle. Why Should the Player be Banned? He failed role-play in a very obvious fashion. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I've seen him do things like this in the past, being overall just a douche to the PD.
  6. "Big dick or small dick band-aid?"
  7. Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: Goldfinger Your In-Game Name: [4-07] Chris Situation: We were sitting in the road waiting for the restart and this person intentionally rammed us with a stolen cop car. Why Should the Player be Banned? He VDM'd 3 police officers. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  8. Yesterday I was messing around in the Arma editor and remembered the AR-2 Darter was a thing. Then I had this realization - various news organizations use drones in real life to record events from an aerial perspective, so why cant Press in game use them as well? The darter would be a great tool to be utilized by press for role-play reasons. The drone licence would cost 200k at least and the drone somewhere near 50k. The drone would be for Press-use only and non-press use would result in punishment. If you have any improvements for this idea, voice them in the replies. Thank you for reading through and share this with others if you want to see it implemented.
  9. Report Type: Greenzone Violation Player In-Game Name: [TRMC] Brayden Your In-Game Name: ≤JTF≥ Chris Situation: We were rolling with a friendly gang and wanted to rob this guy. On of the other gang's members sent a message to the person saying "pull over or get shot, we have support." When he didnt comply, my gunner opened fire. He then proceeded to retreat to a greenzone to avoid death. Why Should the Player be Banned? He showed no remorse and even taunted us saying "we're in a safezone, genius." Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  10. In-Game Name: ≤JTF≥ Chris Cop Name: Chris Your Age: 17 Do You Have a Microphone? Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and Push To Talk Setup? Yes to both. Have You Played a Cop on Another Server? I have played public cop on a couple of RPG servers that are no longer active, but have never been associated with the APD on any server prior to the submission of this application. Are You Able To Deal With Stressful Situations? Yes. A prime example of this was when one of my friends was pinned down in a lawless zone with 600K+ of loot. I was able to extract him with a hummingbird by landing in the backyard of the house he was held up in and extracted him from the zone, escaping with extensive damage to the main rotar and the rear, but in the end we both lived. Another example was when I was held hostage during a bank robbery (different server). I was able to make it out of the situation alive by keeping my cool under stress and following the commands of the captor, until I was rescued by a SWAT team. Why Do You Want To Join The APD? I want to join the APD to help other officers enforce the laws of Altis in a friendly role play environment. I also want to be able to help protect ordinary civilians from the numerous gangs that patrol the streets of Kavala, and all of Altis for that matter. In short, I really just want to help the EAL community and have fun interactions with others. Why Should We Choose You Over Other Applicants? I am a person that tries my hardest in what I do. I will always try my hardest to help others and enforce the laws of Altis. I also always try my best to look at things in a fair light, not being too hard on a person for no good reason, but if a person does something wrong, especially with no remorse for their actions, I will sure as hell not let them off easily. Finally, I have a good idea of how the APD functions through numerous roleplay interactions with cops in-game. Additional Comments and Information: I am re-submitting my form exactly the same because none of my reasons or experiences have changed and the only reason the previous was denied was due to the server ban.
  11. In-Game Name: ≤JTF≥ Chris Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198149064024 Items Lost: AK-12 + Sight = 99,000 Vest = 15,000 Backpack = 3,000 Helmet = 8,000 Zubr + Sight = 2,000 AK-12 Ammo = 11,000 Y Menu Items = 26,000 (Had a depth charge) Boat that was spawned in was stolen = 25,000 NVGs = 8,000 Approximate Value of Lost Items: 197,000 Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: The small splash in the water would've never realistically killed someone. I guess that's just Arma being Arma lol.
  12. The current gang system is working great, but has a major non-coding issue, leadership. I'm sure we've all run into this issue before - you're on at a certain time of day, and you want to bring a new member into your gang, but the leader isn't on. You text your leader and/or message him, and he says he won't be able to get on, or he'll be getting on in a few hours. This puts a huge delay on bringing in the new member and is an overall annoyance. The solution to this is simple, add a feature that lets leaders appoint co-leaders/co-owners. These people would be able to do everything the leader can, except disband the gang. This feature would be a major quality of life improvement. If you have any concerns and/or improvements to this idea, voice them in the replies to this post. Thank you for reading this post and share it with others if you want to see this idea implemented.