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  1. Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: [DEVGRU] Scott taurus Your In-Game Name: [GPA] Capt. C.Promethiuus Situation: Sitting in green zone at north rebel and a guy comes up and hits me and the guys around me and then proceeds to hit my other teammate killing him with a jeep. Why Should the Player be Banned? VDM in a green zone and kept driving away. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  2. Report Type: Other Player In-Game Name: YamatoMx, Ernesto, Benjamin Martinez Your In-Game Name: [GPA] Capt. C.Promethiuus Situation: We were in the red zone selling drugs and Yamato and Ernesto came out of nowhere and we ended up killing him but then Yamato revealed our location of the fight in help channel and then the two other people, and Benjamin Martinez, and Alex Twinkletoes showed up and proceeded to engage us which clearly shows them following the meta gaming incident in help chat. Also, you can clearly see he comes back way before my NLR is up, even though he died shortly after me. Why Should the Player be Banned? NLR violation, MetaGaming, and general disregard of the server rules when we said that it was meta gaming. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: 0:00 meta gaming 3:49 Yamato shows back up before his NLR 6:50 About to land when engaged by meta game responders 6:57 Team mate killed by meta game responder 7:24 Team mate killed by other meta game responder
  3. I don't have any further proof other than what has been provided, but if you look from the salt mining place to where you refine it there is a point where we went through the checkpoint, though it was unmanned at the time. Also in the video when it is zooming out after I died you can see the gate opened from where I had just opened it to drive through. I understand that this is a long shot for you as an admin and I respect that, it's just a large amount of money with those trucks that I lost, and they are hard to replace.
  4. I can understand why the video can give that impression, however both of us involved usually don't desync and for most of the run we were fine. We believe the desync was caused by the buildings around the police checkpoint. Would you reconsider?
  5. In-Game Name: [GPA] Capt. C.Promethiuus Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198209283828 Items Lost: One tempest Device and one tempest transport Approximate Value of Lost Items: 4 Million Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I know its not the 5 minute video that is usually needed, however, this is the recording right after both tempests exploded, though you can only see one of them. The proof that I have 2 is that in the video you can hear the other one exploding in the backround behind the tempest.