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  1. RDM Report - an NPC (Maybe John McDoe) - Resolved

  2. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: an NPC Your In-Game Name: [TKB] Kevin Bacon Situation: I had just joined the server and was driving out of Kavala on the highway. An NPC and John McDoe attempted to stop me by causing a car accident. (John McDoe driving) When I avoided them, they pursued me repeatedly trying to cause an accident as a form of initiation. They crashed and I escaped, heading towards Kavala square in hopes theyd follow and I could talk to them about initiation. They didnt readily follow, so I eventually left the area. A short time later, I turned around to head back towards Kavala and again encountered them with them swerving back n forth in on the highway to stop me. They again followed, resulting in a car crash. An NPC gets out of his vehicle and shoots me in the driver seat of my car without saying a word. Why Should the Player be Banned? Second report on him in like a day and as far as I can see its attempted VDM trying to cause high speed car accident as well as actual RDM for murdering me without a word. Evidence: Two videos uploaded to youtube and will be shown to the admin that handles this matter Additional Comments and Information:
  3. CPU

    That cooler is pricey, but it works really well as long as you don't plan on expanding your water cooling later.. My i4790k can get good n OC'd without even noticing a big increase in temps.
  4. Update from APD Command Staff

    I've seen a few different answers to this question, so I'll just ask the people towards the top of the food chain: Does a house raid by police, or break in by civilian, constitute a form of initiation?
  5. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    Sorry guys, I'll try to do better and stop assuming that everyone is trying to molest me.
  6. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    So I'll just leave it on repeat then? Lol
  7. Well, this was short lived.

    There are green zones in Altis Life, but there are no safe spaces. You must wallow through the muck first to get where you want to go...or just drive around in a pink Jeep playing music all the time.
  8. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    After taking the weekend off, my play list is updated. Rocked out to the throat singing on Friday, but the people of Kavala didn't seem to get it. Im pretty sure they just thought it was me vomit speaking into the mic.
  9. Sexy like a slab of bacon

    Every song I play tonight shall be dedicated to you!
  10. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House

    I knocked down your wall last night while driving drunk with my eyes closed. I had my personal contractor repair it first thing this morning. Sorry about that.
  11. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    This always pops up as the next song after I play Never Gonna Give You Up, so it's already half way on list. May as well make it official.
  12. Sexy like a slab of bacon

    Hi there ladies and gents. Kevin Bacon here to give an official hello and how do. I've been on this server longer than I can remember, probably a couple years really, but I wasn't a regular player and used various profiles, so who really knows. I confuse this server with another I played on, so I can't remember which is which anymore...All I know is that this server won out and is the only one I play on now. (It kicks ass) Anyways, I've been playing Altis (and Takistan) Life since I got Arma 3 and have around 3,000 hours in Altis Life alone. I've admined a server, led rebel forces, worked for police, and even had a short stint as President of Altis. Now I lead a simpler life as a music loving civilian who lives in his Jeep and occasionally crashes on friends couches. It gets hot in Altis, so let me know if I can use your shower sometime. Oh, and I also enjoy doing a lot of cocaine and hanging out with hookers, so hmu snow birds and Altis ladies of the night.
  13. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    This will come in handy for the long drives from Kavala to Sofia
  14. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    Im listening to CCR at work literally right now
  15. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    So most people know my routine by now: Cruise around Altis, playing cool jams from the 70's, 80’s, 90’s, noughties, and beyond. I’m your kool rockin’ Kavala DJ bringin’ you all the hits, however, I’ve also been very selfish. I rarely let people ride with me and don’t hang out too much, which is some weird antisocial shit, amirite? In an effort to atone, I’m going to try something: First, I’m now accepting songs from community members to be added to the play list. Whatever you like, I don’t care about genre, band, or whatever…even though this might turn into a who can link the worst song contest. Try to suggest a song you’d actually like to hear. Second, as an added bonus, if your song has been in this thread for at least 12 hours and you catch me without your song ready to play within 20 seconds, I’ll give you $100k from the nearest ATM. Only requirement is you link the song here from youtube or whatever. Also, I’m not a magician, so cut me some slack and don’t yell at me as I drive by at high speed expecting me to just switch songs immediately. I’m talking about if you catch me in Kavala square, at the airport, out game fishing, masturbating at church, etc. So lets see what you got.