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  1. CPU

    i play 50-60 frames
  2. Altis Task Force (Recruiting)

    Theres not set ranks tbh
  3. Altis Task Force (Recruiting)

    Altis Task Force We are a group of well trained and seasoned veterans of the server, we love to have fun and meme. At times in missions we like to have clear communications and fluent well made callouts Rules: 1. Do not play like an asshole 2. Play freely do what you like but do not talk trash I dont want to restrict my gang very much, but if members are causing problems come talk to me and I will handle it Requirements: -You MUST have a stable bank account -You need to wear tags when your in the gang -You must be a team player Joining: Hit me up or Lonestar on the Easys Ts and we will give you an interview!
  4. [6Million GIVE AWAY] We Back Again with Another Rap Contest

    its not a group dumbass, he means like the cuts and all that.
  5. [6Million GIVE AWAY] We Back Again with Another Rap Contest

    produced by me wrote by me rapped by my friend. me and my friend were rapping yesterday irl and made this
  6. Gear Comp Request - Bishop

    In-Game Name: Bishop Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198271738295 Items Lost: Ghillie Suit- 50k zafir- 180k level 4 vest- 50k???? (not really sure on the price) gas mask- 85k Approximate Value of Lost Items: 365k Evidence: Pm me for video Additional Comments and Information: there was a vdmer in square yesterday and he was passenger seating people, sadly i was one of them
  7. [6Million GIVE AWAY] We Back Again with Another Rap Contest

    Produced that heat????
  8. yeah but look at the video i fucked it up cuz i have a ctrl for it i didnt use it cuz I mess up sometimes like that
  9. but i did tho? @Skrrtskrrt
  10. Well, this was short lived.

    Agreed my friend
  11. Yeah lol we had and eal gang guy hostage and I was like sing a song! and he did this
  12. Naahhh I don’t know about all that
  13. You put in our vanilla ice hostage ☄️☄️☄️