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  1. @Hancock
  2. APD Flight LT Hancock and his Ghosthawk piloting Commentary provided by the one and only - Assistant Chief DuckHunter.
  3. I didnt touch the truck, i swear... the video proves it qq.
  4. Idk, some weeb... i forget his name
  5. nah, this one's better... only I can be the master VDMer. This single event from December of 2016 stands in our community's history and will never be forgotten. The meme: (credit to res) My POV:
  6. That is not what I said at all. Please don't put words in my mouth. I told you that the reason why you were denied. You don't even need to do anything from here: most people are denied and told that they need to do something before they can reapply. You were denied because it was 6 days since your last ban. Just wait 2 weeks and come back if you are interested. I never implied anything regarding your decision for leaving. We simply told you to do whatever it is you want. If you want to get into the PD: great, go for it. If you want to make a gang: great, go for it. If you want to join EMS: great, go for it. If you want to leave the server, it wouldn't be my first choice personally, but you control what it is you want to do.
  7. @=AU= Chickon Is this resolved?
  8. Your application has been DENIED for the following reasons: Troll behavior on rebel against police Thank you for your interest in the APD. You may reapply in 2 weeks once you have improved your in game conduct to meet our high roleplay standards. For questions regarding your denial, please seek assistance from any member of APD Command Staff in the TeamSpeak or on the forums.
  9. I'm not gonna lie tho, I have definitely been flying in fog before and asked my Gunner "I wonder which direction we are facing?" And by the time I check the instruments we just dive straight down. I think Marcus was flying it then we both got disconnected lol
  10. Exactly, not only that but I was tabbed out talking with someone and the only way you knew I was there was from the information you received in help room. Metagame much? Indeed lol
  11. Sometimes this can occur for a restart. Are you able to see your gang members under the "My gang" tab? What about hexes? Let me know if it's still bugged after a restart.
  12. Appeals typically take 24 to 48 hours to review. Please be patient as our staff team is busy with their personal lives as well as other server responsibilities.
  13. You can also run this script created by one of our admins to delete mission files.
  14. Lying about your age? Your birthday on the forums says you're 16, your last app said 15 and now you're 20? Hmm. Better luck next time. Application Denied.