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  1. You forgot one of the most recent ones or even this one
  2. Skrrtskrrt montage #4

    i died in this cause my gun was on single fire ;D #mk1problems
  3. Skrrtskrrt Montage #3

    +1 for that song tho GUWOP!
  4. [6Million GIVE AWAY] We Back Again with Another Rap Contest

    Can i win cause im tyrone?
  5. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    Everytime I chase Kevin he goes faster but I just wanna listen 😭
  6. Easy's Altis Life Montage #1

    at 1:10 im so pissed you seen me i had shots on three dudes in that fed but no one was initiating support
  7. Montage 4 :)

    Thats cause im smarter then all those cops you killed rushing your tower lol
  8. Montage 4 :)

    at 1 45 you forgot the part where i killed you
  9. Offical List of Gangs

    RMC is still the best gang to ever be in this server Kappa
  10. Steve Leaving Super-Mega-Clickbait

    Tyrone will always love you
  11. RDM Report - Zimbabwe - Resolved

    Topic Locked. Awaiting Review.
  12. This is why the Altis Government is failing

    btw i went to take the tree down with a tank and a wipeout and no explosives take down the tree only running it over works... it was a dumb strong tree
  13. Fog or to not to Fog

    i Want so much fog that you cant see anything at all ;D