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  1. Skrrtskrrt Montage #3

    #wholelotofgangshit gang gang
  2. Skrrtskrrt Montage #3

    I fuck with the song bruh..Dope video ..Fuck tha haters
  3. [6Million GIVE AWAY] We Back Again with Another Rap Contest

    Has to be you... I know you said you wrote it, but the whole point was to see how good you can rap it... I apologize for not making it clear...
  4. [6Million GIVE AWAY] We Back Again with Another Rap Contest

    I'm extending it to Tuesday 10/17/2017
  5. Wassup!!! Its ya boy Mr. Paul/Hi_I'm_Paul back at you again with another contest, this time you see in the title I will be giving away $$6 Million Dollars $$ to the person who can rap for 1 min (60secs). So @RichardBanger came up and said hes' the true when it comes to rapping plus he missed the last one.... I thought I'd throw 2 more million dollars in there.. WHO can prove they the best???? I might join too =)!!! First Place: 6 Million Dollars Second Place: 250k housand Dollars Rules: Cant go steal someone else lyrics (Only yours) Your allowed to Pick any instrumental you like Has to be 1 min (60secs) No Groups Just You If you entered last time you can't use your song... Make a new one The winner will be announced Sunday (10/15/2017)... I will accept videos, or soundcloud, or if you see me in Teamspeak, or ingame. If your the shy type you are welcome to send it to my email @[email protected] Judges needed hit me up if you would like to be one.....
  6. Hahhah!!! This was dope.. I like it!
  7. Bastille - Pompeii