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  1. Not the highest quality clips, but they are all from the past 3 days except the arms dealer one.
  2. Altis Task Force (Recruiting)

    There was a gang called that a while ago
  3. lets be honest here, the only people that this matters to is fox because you guys recruited half the server and can overpower anybody
  4. Tbh tho montage 799 was better
  5. I can tell by this montage that your monkey is pretty large
  6. Blackfoot or kajman

    You mean your monkey is small?
  7. Blackfoot or kajman

    Do not buy either. Think about this, kajmans or blackfoots dont have missles and the APD is eager to outpull you and shoot you down or seize it. With the money to buy a kajman, that is 75 navids from arms dealer! Spend the money stocking up your house or on loadouts which is wayyy more worth the money.
  8. The problem with our community.

    If you cant handle robbing/being robbed then Altis Life is probably not a good choice for you.
  9. daily dose of monkey aids
  10. Got a new cut today *gone sexual in the hood*

  11. RDM Report - Baducca and Lonestar - Denied

    Heres the thing its not only if they start shooting, if they clearly arent complying then you can shoot as well and when you started running like you were it seemed as if you were not complying. And also not giving enough initiation time is considered RDM.
  12. RDM Report - Baducca and Lonestar - Denied

    Especially from my point of view, it looked like you were running trying to get a shot on me
  13. In-Game Name: Gary Winthorpe Usual Name: James Player ID: 7656119806788326 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? no Ban Message / Reason: you were banned. Your Story: there was a bug fix patch and i tried insuring my himmingbird and it still banned me. Evidence: . Additional Comments and Information: .