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  1. Resolved
  2. Resolved
  3. Denied: You were not within 100 meters or visible sight of the situation when it initially started, The apd restraining your friend did not initiate you into the scenario as your friend was initiated on before he was restrained. You then shot at the apd without initiation killing one of them and they were in a green zone.
  4. Denied: This is not intentional VDM, however you will be comped for your tempest Device.
  5. Denied: You were in a dogfight with another helicopter this is one of the dangers you should expect to encounter when flying at close proximity shooting at each other.
  6. Resolved
  7. Denied: You were inside a lawless zone and your video provides no proof as to where the hellcat was located when they fired on you.
  8. Resolved
  9. Denied: Putting yourself into a poor situation is down right foolhardy, you could tell it was active and you stuck around and caught a few rounds because of it. That's on you and not worthy of action against the reported party, we'll offer you comp but no more then that.
  10. Denied: Due to the fact that the video is missing 38 seconds and its right before you get shot.
  11. Resolved
  12. Our in-game system automatically takes care of this kind of combat logs, and do not require additional reports on the forums. Report moved to Denied.
  13. Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of footage leading up to the incident. Please provide the requested evidence within 48 hours, or this report will be denied.
  14. Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence leading up to the incident for RDM reports, The video is missing 38 seconds between 1:12:56 and 1:13:34
  15. Denied