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  1. Resolved There is only enough evidence against offended by everything, as for the other players without proper proof we can not take action.
  2. RDM Report - Chris P. Berry - Resolved

  3. Resolved: Ban has been reduced
  4. RDM Report - Lt Kodiak - Denied

    Denied: There is no proof in this report of the officer on top of why wifi being rdmed.
  5. RDM Report - [USPMC] Pvt. Kevin S - Denied

    Denied: If you're going to play as press you need to actually rp the role for the press rules to apply to you. Going fishing with your friend is not a press activity and by using the press uniform to prevent people from robbing you while doing these other activities is fail rp. Also while playing press you must be driving a press vehicle or a non-military vehicle which you were not doing at the time which allowed the players to rob you.
  6. Other Report - [USPMC] Pvt.Matthew - Resolved

    Resolved in Teamspeak
  7. Fail Roleplay Report - Serbia - Denied

    Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence leading up to the incident for RDM reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.
  8. Fail Roleplay Report - [TFA] Squid - Denied

    Denied: At 5:40 you can clearly hear Squid say leave or be engaged by support twice, he then shoots at you at 6:15.
  9. Greenzone Violation Report - Ed - Resolved

  10. RDM Report - [AU]Beaizza - Denied

    Denied: You were still right on the edge of the red zone Beaizza first started shooting at you.