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  1. In-Game Name: Ramathorn Usual Name: Ramathorn Player ID: 76561198108063843 Type of Ban: RDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No. Ban Message / Reason: You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Ban (Ramathorn_perm_Howie/coby)) Your Story: Hello, and thank you for taking the time to sit down and read through the appeal. I would first like to start off with an apology, for participating in a server which stole things from EAL; furthermore, I would like to clarify that I never was at the origin of these actions, nor condoned it. The beginning of this all started one day when someone, I will leave out his name for server sake, asked me if I would like to be APD Chief on his new Arma server. I took a day to mull it over and contemplate what I would like to do. So I asked advice and took the most feasable route to ensure that I would not burn any bridges, and continue to maintain a healthy relationship with the EAL community: I resigned from the police department. I did this so I would not be accused of being a supervisor on one server and a chief on another; thus to ensure that I could still play rebel/civilian on the EAL community and still have all my friends here. Shortly after this things took a turn for the worse, I pulled my friend Paladin along with my along with 2 other people who are no longer with the new community. In doing this I robbed EAL of valuable members and a structured community, I should have never done this. Along with this the server owner stole the server rules, and I was staff at the community, so ultimately I was also held responsible for the actions of the higher up. Instead of dropping everything and leaving, I stayed with the server further putting my self into a deeper hole with EAL. Not through any direct action of mine but the choice to stay after the rules had been stolen showed that I was directly violating EAL policies and becoming a troublesome member of the community. After all of this, on Saturday August 19th I have officially renounced all ties to this community. My hope now is to rejoin Easy's and just play with my friends. I miss the community and the fun that I always had. I am on my final year at home and have alot of responsiblities in real life, whenever I come home I just want to be able to come back to the computer and play with some of my friend on EAL. It was always so much fun and I took it for granted, the idea of power overcame me and turned me into someone I didn't like. Now I desire nothing more than just to be with everyone who has been so great to me and have fun again. Finally, I am truly sorry for all the grief, community ripping, and troubles that I have given you, and I would just like another chance to come back. Thank you so much for taking you time to read through this appeal, have a great night/day. Evidence: They will be posted in a hidden comment below. Thank you. Additional Comments and Information:
  2. I think to what you are referring, by the language of the post, is to old Federal Reserve battles with the DBB gang. Yes, there were problems, and yes they were addressed effectively by APD Command, who expertly adapted to their play style. They loved to play dirty and command instated policies to fight against it. But for your main point of "major restrictions to [your] firepower," is a ludicrous one. There are restrictions, sure, but overall they aren't bad or even close to being dictator style like you are implying. Default, an officer, can carry 6.5mm weapons; furthermore, the average officer shouldn't need anything above that. As a former officer on the APD, the average patrol consists of 95% close range, 5 second battles: which are 5.56 and 6.5's main advantage, trading caliber for close-range spray control and fire rate. The other 5% of the time was either during federal reserve robberies, backup units, or the occasional sniper fire, in this case, with Basic Weapons Certification, the 7.62 became useful at successfully neutralizing targets at a range. Also, not to forgot, the access of AT & AA, Jets, Pawnees (APD exclusive vehicle), and armored ground vehicles comes no where close to restrictive. These weapons and artillery are not the overpowered beltfeds that the rebels have access to, at a hefty price, as the APD are held to a higher standard of precision from roleplaying to firefights. In conclusion, if you feel these weapons are unpowered; one, you probably are not the correct match for the APD, as the purpose is to give rebels a better roleplay experience and balanced opponent (what the APD lacks in firepower, rebels lack in training, communications and manpower), two, you can easily train to be better with your given weaponry through gamemodes like KOTH and Mil-Sims.
  3. +1, respectful and helpful!
  4. Press and hold the Lock Button and Home Button at the same time until the screen goes completely black (no illumination). Power device back up. Hope this fixes it!
  5. Report Type: Other Player In-Game Name: [BW] Vicious Your In-Game Name: [3-03] Ramathorn Situation: I killed Vicious well with my initiated means, and after his death sits at his computer messaging me nonstop about me being wrong and demanding compensation. Why Should the Player be Banned? Harassing a player and this was ridiculous to have come at me constantly. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: Thank you for reviewing my report.
  6. Dear friends, I am writing this to the community so you, your friend or anyone who reads this thinks. Think about your life, about those who surround you, who you matter too, who cares about you, and who loves you. Whether the cruelty of depression plagues your innocent garden of your mind, or the tough and rough in life is beating and battering you to the ground; take a minute to think. Think about the future, with all those you care for and those who reciprocate, a beautiful and flourishing future awaits you, for you important. Important to me, this community, your friends and family; we all depend on you and without we cannot continue to be the graceful and happy people who live through each other. Without you the world will witness one more fallen angel, as you were a blessing bestowed upon it. Although the bad times may be painful and the future may look bleak, I promise it is not. I promise that the very selfish act you dare to even think about is not worth it. You touch so many people in your life that you don't even know about, and with you gone, you are tearing away pieces of their heart. Remember those who you care about, as they care for you and will help you through the worst. They will pick you up by the bootstraps, dust you off and through you right back into the world. Through their care and love, you can heal and become a person for the better, living through out this world and continue to touch many lives. So as I beg and plead one last final time with you; you are loved, cared for, you mean everything to someone and me. Do not take your life, find someone to help you, as the most selfish thing to do is rip away yourself from the hands of the community. If you don't think anyone cares, call this number: 1-800-273-8255 (National Suicide Prevention Hotline) As I end this, just realize what you have done for the world and the future the earth holds for you. We love you and we don't want you to go, so please stay. See you soon Lizzie, we love and miss you. 5-31-2017
  7. You can clearly hear me in the video saying put your hands up and you continue to bring a gun around the corner. When Initiating through direct chat voice you must give 5 seconds unless:
  8. Report Type: Baiting/Trolling Player In-Game Name: [KK] Dawk Snow Your In-Game Name: [3-03] Ramathorn Situation: Near End of restart, I role into Kavala Square and see a strider. I began to chase and he continually does circles. We can't catch up to him Why Should the Player be Banned? He came near end of restart in a strider because he knew it would be difficult for us to seize it and decided to bait and troll us. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
  9. Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence for Greenzone Violation reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.
  10. Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence for RDM reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.
  11. Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence for RDM reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.
  12. Report Denied. By request of Moderator Howizter.
  13. Report Delayed. The video you gave sound is unavailable, you have 48 hours to fix the issue or the report will be Denied.
  14. Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence for Greenzone Violation reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.
  15. Report Denied. Failure to procure requested evidence within the given time period.