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  1. you could also reinstall chrome
  2. use a different browser, maybe that will work
  3. I was playing PUBG Duos with Baducca and we got queued against Beatsy and we knocked him out
  4. is thet the heckin womp
  5. who recruited u i joke i joke
  6. Can you reskin the van to make it available for use by civilians? thats would be awesome!
  7. In-Game Name: =au= theory Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198181348122 Items Lost: Mk-1 EMR Carrier Rig ARCO Clothes Backpack Approximate Value of Lost Items: ~119,000 Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I asked Sharkbait if there was anything he could do and all he said is make a comp request but admins are providing teleportation for people who spawned in the ocean? this is after is respawned.
  8. The police kept initiating on us, saying some type of initiation, while also initiating support. Also, you shot 1 DAR at Frendan Braser I believe it was. Support was also already initiated with the police.
  9. make this a VDM report. i did not do that, sry.
  10. Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: Main Your In-Game Name: =AU= Theory Situation: I was trying to stop a vehicle and he purposely rammed me. Why Should the Player be Banned? VDM; rammed me, which also killed me. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: ty
  11. rdm