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  1. Cya

    why'd you leave if you don't mind me asking?
  2. I think i accidentally deleted it
  3. More coming soon lol
  4. That fucked up dude.. why would you do that to a taru
  5. q u a l i t y <3 jk ur bad
  6. Force Operation X Recruitment (Open)

    I now identify as a fox
  7. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House

    Damn tomatoes going all in!!
  8. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House

    Ni4Ni? haha
  9. [AUCTION] Kavala Green-Zone House

    really cool house!
  10. selling stuff for money for a new gang

    Ill take all of your mk14s or navids, whichever one is fine. Also do you have any launchers?
  11. Gear Comp Request - leroy

    In-Game Name: leroy Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198181348122 Items Lost: Zafir - 180k i think Chest Rig - 15k NVG - 8k Approximate Value of Lost Items: 200000 Evidence: hacker 9/30/17 @8:52 pm EST Additional Comments and Information: ty
  12. RDM Report - leroy - Denied

    I tell you to put everything you own inside the car at 7:32, I can tell you think about it but actually put nothing in the car, then I shoot you at 7:41, that is a 9 second time window. I am only supposed to give 5 seconds to do this but I gave you almost double the amount of time.
  13. a meme that will make you say "oh heck that's a good meme"

    can i play robolx with u