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  1. Cya

    Peace man
  2. CPU

    Outside of Kavala 70-90 fps on ultra c:
  3. Shout out to patato sack jack and leap year larry
  4. Toast's retirement from Staff.

    Toast, its really sad to see you go. I've known you for over a year now and like many others you were one of the first i talked to. I appreciate everything you've done and all the effort and dedication that you put forth, you've been as much as a role model for me as you were fun to play with. If im not mistaken the first time i joined the PD, you were the one that allowed me to join as i was underage because you trusted me, and from that have inspired/given me the chance to be where i am now. To giving most of smugglers run Lynx's Nightstalkers as a prize for a server event, and many more memories... I hope you still come around and have some fun in the future to carry on the fun memories. <3 (I have too many screenshots to look through :P)
  5. RDM Report - eblum - Denied

    Report Delayed. We require 5 minutes of video evidence leading up to the incident for RDM reports, you have 48 hours to provide said evidence or the report will be Denied.
  6. RDM Report - Gungho - Resolved

    Evidence Provided Awaiting Review
  7. RDM Report - Luis Woods - Retracted

    Report Withdrawn as requested.
  8. RDM Report - BackWoodJack - Resolved

    Evidence Provided Awaiting Review
  9. RDM Report - Col. Delta - Resolved

    Evidence Provided Awaiting Review
  10. Your application has been Accepted for an APD interview! Please read the following document prior to attending your interview for important information regarding your hiring process. If you do not show up for an interview within 2 weeks of your application being accepted for interview, you will automatically be denied and required to reapply. If you need to make other arrangements please contact myself or another APD Command Staff Member. Any questions about your interview or the APD in general can be directed to myself or other APD Command both on the Forum or in the TeamSpeak.