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  1. That gold bar convoy on those cops was delicious.
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - [FOX] baducca

    I just bought 2 humming birds and I have 2 ifrits, one of them is in my garage the other got impounded, and did not go into my garage. And also I just realized my hemmt BOX is not in my garage anymore and I left it out in international with nothing in it in international and it is not in my garage either anymore. Now with this new patch I think I will not be asking for comp because I think it is fixed now. But I do want comp for my items I have lost... 2 humming birds which would have me at 4 total in my garage. 1 ifrit which would have me at 2 ifrits total in my garage. And lastly 1 Hemmt BOX, i recently bought a hemmt transport and taru to compensate for my losses, but would love to have my items back. I really appreciate it!
  3. In-Game Name: [FOX] baducca Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198165658151 Items Lost: 2 MH-7 Hummingbirds 1 customized Ifrit (was impounded, but was not in garage) Approximate Value of Lost Items: 1.2 mil Evidence: Removed from garage two days ago Additional Comments and Information:
  4. I was not a part of this, but found it on s1k's youtube channel! I do not own this footage, just wanted to get everyone in the spooky vibes.
  5. Worth a watch

    I was about to 'x' out of this, but it continued to intrigue me, thanks!
  6. Yes, but also more rewarding. I mean waiting another 4 hours for another convoy really hurts. kills me vibes
  7. In my personal opinion, I have noticed, with all my friend groups, I hear a *sigh* whenever a military convoy pops up. I think this is the reason because it feels underpowered compared to gold bar convoy and that convoys happen once every restart. I would like to hear, as a community, what you guys can come up with? I feel this is a major problem in the server and wanted to know if you guys agree with me. Answer below!
  8. What can Kevin Bacon do for you?

    Chronos this is by far the best playlist. My sis and I love these songs <3
  9. Gear Comp Request - baducca

    btw it says $1,900,000. I do not know why it is blank, probably because i did a dollar sign, $1,900,000
  10. Gear Comp Request - baducca

    In-Game Name: baducca Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198165658151 Items Lost: IFRIT (TURQUOISE) - Fully customized -550k AA Launcher - 550k 3 Missles (AA) - 150k AT Launcher - 550k 2 MISSLES (AT) - 100k Approximate Value of Lost Items: ​​​​​​​,900,000 Evidence: PM me for evidence. Additional Comments and Information: Shank you! Gear and Vehicle comp request.
  11. BEAUTIFUL COLLATERAL SNIPE ON MOVING OFFROAD http://plays.tv/video/59d9c7ab979330d220/procollat *Not your average one tap, #NoBipod*