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  1. In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Usual Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Player ID: 76561198133338007 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: Coby Perm Staff Your Story: No reason was given for my ban, I only heard word of mouth that we we're banned for playing on another server. I enjoy playing on EAL and never planed on leaving the server just played with some friends on a server while I was drunk. I've been a cop on EAL for well over a year and enjoy the community. The only ban on file other then this was a 1 day rdm ban. Evidence: None Additional Comments and Information:
  2. In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Request Type: Other Player ID: 76561198133338007 Items Lost: Hummingbird = 150k ak74m = 75k Toolkit = 2.5k GPS = 400 Lab suit = 5k Backpack = 2k 7x7.62mm mags = 7k 10 Redbull = 100 Approximate Value of Lost Items: 242,000 Evidence: Res has the video already from my VDM report that was resolved against [KFC] RaZoR. If you can't get the video from Res message me for the video since it contains my house location on the video. Additional Comments and Information:
  3. Res do I still need to fill out a comp request or would you be able to give me the 150k for the Hummingbird I'm not worried about the clothing, just the Hummingbird because I didn't have insurance on it.
  4. Report Type: VDM Player In-Game Name: [KFC] RaZoR Your In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Situation: I landed my hellcat in Atheria greenzone and went to look at this house, when I came back to spool my hellcat up [KFC] RaZoR slammed into my Hellcat twice with a Ifirit. I stored my Hellcat and pulled out my Hummingbird and [KFC] RaZoR slammed into my Hummingbird twice with his suv, blowing up my Hummingbird and killing me. Why Should the Player be Banned? Clearly doesn't know that vdm is against the rules, they didn't even know what vdm was. Evidence: The admin working on this post message me so that I can give you the video, since it contains my house locations. Additional Comments and Information:
  5. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: KFC Chicken Wings Your In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Situation: I was flighting to vig in Atheria to buy some goodies and [KFC] Chicken Wings started shooting at me. He said in side chat that they were warning shots, so I went back to get my armed Hellcat to fire non warning shots at him. Why Should the Player be Banned? He needs to read the rules, watch the chat and he clearly doesnt know that warning shots are RDM. Evidence: The admin taking care of this post please message me for video as it contains the location of my houses. Additional Comments and Information:
  6. It was crossfire sir.
  7. Report Type: Fail Roleplay Player In-Game Name: Joshua Your In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Situation: Kyle Nolan initiated on Joshua via text chat, Joshua went into the woods with his offroad and parked his truck after driving after the 15 second time limit. I fire rounds into the trees to kill Joshua and then he combat logs. Why Should the Player be Banned? I usually don't say that people should get banned, but I said to him that I wouldn't post this video if he said sorry in chat and he didn't. He should be banned for Combat Logging and also making a false report on me for RDM. Evidence: Kyle Nolan's Video Initiating Support on Joshua http://plays.tv/video/595c6d82a2ca006ac6/somethoing =AU= Harry Callahan's video of combat logging http://plays.tv/video/595c701c5efb5e7803/combat-log Additional Comments and Information:
  8. In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198133338007 Items Lost: AK-12 = 90,000 7.62mm Mags = 7,000 DMS = 9,000 Fatigues (Urban) = 3,000 Carryall = 2,000 Carrier Lite = 15,000 Enhanced Helmet = 7,000 ToolKit = 2,500 First Aid = 1,500 GPS = 400 Approximate Value of Lost Items: 137,400 Evidence: http://plays.tv/video/595c4a8cdae021b70e/easys-hacker Additional Comments and Information: There was a hacker on the server, and deleted everyones clothes. The hacker was banned and the server was reset. The cop never took my comms he only said wise choice when I put my hands up when he shot me in the leg, thats why I was making callouts.
  9. In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198133338007 Items Lost: MK18 ABR x 7 = 595,000 MX 3GL x 2 = 500,000 CAR-95 x 3 = 165,000 AKM x 2 = 150,000 MXM x 1 = 50,000 SPAR17 x 1 = 90,000 Pilot Gas Mask Helmet x 1 = 80,000 CTRG MK 2 Heavy x 1 = 45,000 ARCO x 1 = 9,000 7.62mm Suppressor x 1 = 7,000 Viper Vest x 1 = 3,500 Tool Kit x 3 = 7,500 First Aid x 2 = 1,500 7.62mm Mag x 2 = 2,000 6.5mm 30rd Mag x 6 = 4800 5.8mm 30rd Mag x 3 = 3,000 40MM HE x 8 = Price Unavailable Approximate Value of Lost Items: 1,713,300 Evidence: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/868482512622104228/BE32463FF063A6C6C70CDD2431DD31045EBE16A3/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/868482512622103834/0A74903C27906938C564A4F9BE4AF39C0AA0834B/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/868482512622103683/2D4219DEFA75237B10A9656FA847E1E7A338FC17/ There was a hacker on the server 7/4/17 around 4:00am. He was making the cars float in the air, and spawned everyone in Kavala square with there gear, and then stripped everyone from there gear. I can't remember what admin was on, but they reset the server and banned the person that was hacking. Additional Comments and Information:
  10. http://plays.tv/video/595a5d1753e90127df/proof This is proof of how long it takes to run from where my helicopter was on the video to where he and his helicopter was in the video. In the video I used 10 lockpicks on his helicopter and all of them failed. I ran to marcus smith he asked me for food and water, I gave him the food and water and waited on him in the helicopter. He stood in the same spot for a while he was saying that he was having lag issues, that would result in the video frame skip, if his cpu usage was at 100%. We never found this guy in the little city we were in, you can clearly see him log out and then back in once we arrive in the city, and after killing us he then logs out around 30 seconds later. Even if the video does skip 38 seconds you can see that Dylan is on the other side of the city. It takes a total of 55 seconds to run from where Marcus Smith is standing to Dylan's helicopter and back to my helicopter. That's more than the 38 seconds that is missing, and even so that 55 seconds is a full sprint with weapon on away, either one of the two would have to initiate on each other. At timestamp 2:40 I ask if Dylan had logged off and Marcus Smith looks at the logs to see if he had logged or logged back in. At timestamp 4:50 when I'm running to the helicopter is when Marcus Smith asks me for the food and water, that's the reason for me standing there with my gun on my back. If we were in a active situation I wouldn't have my gun on my back, and I definitely wouldn't have jumped in a helicopter if the guy was down the street with a gun. At timestamp 4:59 in when Marcus Smith hits ESC and Alt + Tab.
  11. In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198133338007 Items Lost: MK1 EMR (Black) = 90k RCO (Black) = 9k 7.62mm mags = 3k Enhanced Combat Helmet = 7k CTRG URBAN Uniform = 3k CTRG Plate Carrier Rig MK1(Light) = 15k CarryAll Backpack = 2k Repair Kit = 2.5k GPS = 400 15 Lockpicks = 300 5 Zipties = 500 5 Blindfolds = 5 14 Rabbit = 1050 9 Coffee = 27 1 Scalpel = 50 Total = 133,832 Approximate Value of Lost Items: Total = 133,832 Evidence: The admin taking care of this post please message me for the video, since it shows my house in a prior engagement. Additional Comments and Information:
  12. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: [GPA] Pvt. D.Ruski Your In-Game Name: =AU= Harry Callahan Situation: I was driving by a shootout and I saw cops coming so I yelled out to them the cops were coming. I then started driving away got about 40m away and people on the other side of the street started shooting at me. I killed managed to kill one of them, but the other [GPA] member killed me, they never initiated on me what so ever. Why Should the Player be Banned? I don't care if he gets banned the guy just needs to read the rules. He clearly asks me in side chat, AU did we initiate on you? Communication is key guys your in a gang, talk to each other! Evidence: The admin working on this post please message me for the video as it shows my house in a prior situation. Additional Comments and Information:
  13. Letter of Resignation [3-06] Harry Callahan 06/19/17 To Officers, Command Staff, EMS, and the EASY’s Community: I have been thinking about this for a while now, with a recent move my girlfriend and I made to California to better my Career in Software Engineering, and join a better university, I don’t have enough free time that I would like to devote to the APD. I always try and put up to 4 hours or more a day as Cop. I have been on this server for over 1 year and have served as Corporal for 8 months out of the little over a year that I have been officer on it, a lot of you know that I was an officer before I left, because of school, an Internship, and a fulltime job that I had at the time. When I left, I left as Corporal and FTO, I love the community it is a great community with a bunch of awesome people that I can relate to and call my friends. I’m not just talking about officers of the APD, I’m talking about EMS and civilians as well. I tried to be as polite as possible in every situation that I encountered and learned a lot from the RP situations that I had been in, from traffic stops to having EMS and a bunch of rebels help get a demon out of a civilian, if you were there you know what I’m talking about. I tried asking for detective that way I could play every so often without having to fill out LOA, but I was turned down due to not being part of command staff. I saw myself as a great leader and others saw me as an officer that should’ve been sergeant. If I ever upset you in any way I’m truly sorry not that I was trying to, I know that a lot of the community thinks that all cops are bad or a least most them, I always tried to be respectful as possible. Once I finish school I hope to be able to join cop again. I try my hardest not to burn bridges and I hope that the command staff if they’re still part of this great community in the future understands that life comes first and will welcome me back. Farewell APD, EMS, and a great community, Harry Callahan.
  14. I said 6 times to put your hands up even your friend that killed Murdock heard me because he said, wait wait.
  15. Farewell friend may we meet again!