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  1. Cmon dude I remember you rushing my strider and killing me why not put it in!
  2. Auction - WTS Kavala GZ House

    5 mil final offer
  3. Yeah yesterday i was working on a big ass English project that took me 4 hours so i wasn't on and today prob about to go to schools football game so i wont be on most of today either.
  4. Damn seems like i haven't seen you on in months, do you play cop or rebel because usually i'm on daily?
  5. Don't see you really outside of green-zones and if you are outside of them were prob teamed up doing something .
  6. If you played more often i will put you in, just don't see you on anymore.
  7. Only reason you killed me is because i was tear gassed in the tower lol gg
  8. Like none of these kills were in kavala lol, most were killing cops though. At gold convoys, CDC's, FED's etc.
  9. As you can see my monkey is pretty big i'm not gonna lie.
  10. Toast's retirement from Staff.

    You were one of the only staff members that show fairness to both sides of the stories, you are great at what you do. We will all miss you! I enjoyed talking to you in ts about bans on me and vies-versa you are a cool guy, have a good one!
  11. Offical List of Gangs

    Do then there will be more gangs to fight
  12. In-Game Name: Ascention Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198014780559 Items Lost: 3,000,000 Armed Orca 200,000 Gear Approximate Value of Lost Items: 3,200,000 Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: I was VDM'ed while i was landing in a GZ
  13. I gave him a little fair 1v1 and everyone with me watched.