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  1. You will hear 1 shot by a NAVID that i shot to keep the situation active if im thinking about the same one at the Kalthea Fishing area.
  2. Report Denied (i dont have anymore evidence)
  3. Report Type: Fail Roleplay Player In-Game Name: [ARA] Nik Your In-Game Name: Oskar Situation: I was leaving heli landing and i got this message. Why Should the Player be Banned? FAILRP Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: Gave a chance for this player to admit to saying sending the message but they didn't so here we are.
  4. lmao did you seem to realize that you were being shot at by and jet and me during that situation? It was an active situation. Your gang told us to leave or be engaged by support, so i landed within 1km and ran up and killed you guys. When you are initiated upon the situation is active for the next 5 mins which gives me 5 MINS to come back and shoot to keep it active. You guys told Oscar (Monkey Wang) to also leave or be engaged, he left and came back within 5 MINS with a jet and since he was shooting and the rounds were landing within 100m of me it was still active giving me the right to shoot you.
  5. Only difference is your monkey is smaller
  6. AMEN
  7. Yeah if you say savage ganger thats cop baiting and a perm.
  8. "Get rekt nerd savage ganger" lmao kinda cringy im not gonna lie.
  9. +1 Has a big monkey
  10. @3-67 Steph Curry Good idea, sounds fun!!
  11. Well i mainly only put clips that i get around 2 or more kills in one situation, the reason for the cuts in between the kills is just so the montage doesn't get boring at any point. But other than that thanks for your input!
  12. Not sure why the quality is so shit but its whatever enjoy! (Suggested not to watching in full screen because of quality)
  13. That was a misunderstanding on my part I thought that you initiated support on my friend and shot at him so I ran up to kill you my bad bro.
  14. Server staff you can take this any way you would like to handle this situation but we were all in the ts and we were all messing around ramming eachother and stuff like that until he actually took it seriously when something blew up.