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  1. Racism Appeal - thech / lil peep

    I'll make this clear, this will be your final chance. We have a zero tolerance policy on racism. Appeal Accepted.
  2. Vehicle Comp Request - [NG] Pouya

    Sorry, we do not comp for you causing a client side issue.
  3. It's back in your garage.
  4. Vehicle Comp Request - [FOX] baducca

    From what I see they're all in your garage and you should be able to access them.
  5. Appeal Denied, we do not unban people caught duping items.
  6. CPU

    Internal, nothing beats the speed of SATA 6 compared to external options like USB 3.0
  7. Gear Comp Request - Bishop

    Added to your bank Success! 365000 has been added to 1 player's bank with the PlayerID: 76561198271738295
  8. CPU

    Try an SSD for Windows and Arma
  9. CPU

    You can go with anything you'd like as long as it fits the socket type. You will need one if you go with that CPU as it doesn't come with a stock one.
  10. In Game Gang Issue

    The only gang you're apart of is "Los Zetas Cartel". It would appear you left NSA for that said gang.
  11. It has been returned to your garage.
  12. Gear Comp Request - Bishop

    Feel free to PM me the video.
  13. Vehicle Comp Request - [FOX] Syndicate

    Without any evidence to back this up your request will have to be denied.
  14. CPU

    Oh I know the feeling, I use to play on an AMD rig when I first joined the server 3ish years ago. I can say that the wait will be well worth it when the time comes.