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  1. Please note this is not a server rule violation, but an APD procedure violation, and thus should not be posted in this section since server bans are not issued for such occurrences. That being said I will take care of it this time however in future, for similar reports please contact a member of APD command to submit such reports.
  2. Ban lifted. Next time, please think before acting. We don't give 3rd chances
  3. Not sure if you've watched your own video so I'll break it down for you You stole a vehicle from a greenzone. That's a rule violation and warrants a ban. You even admitted this in your appeal, so I'm not even sure why you're appealing it You drove the vehicle north and he followed you You texted him to leave the area, and he immediately complied and headed west directly away from you, complying with your demands You turned around and followed him south west, sending more messages to leave. This is the fail RP side of your ban. You gave him an order, he complied and you killed him anyway You told him to get in his car and drive away, even after finding out his vehicle is disabled, ordering him to get in and leave. The orders you gave him were not possible to complete or were completed yet you killed him regardless with a vehicle you stole from a greenzone. I strongly recommend you re-read the server rules. Staff are available on the TS to help you understand any rules you may be confused about. If you are giving someone an order, it must be one they can reasonably complete in order for you to kill them. If you wish to rob someone, make it clear you are doing so, don't tell them to leave, then proceed to follow them constantly repeating your messages. Appeal Denied
  4. Application Denied for the following reason: Recent server rule violation resulting in a ban You are free to reapply 2 weeks after you ban has expired. In the mean time I suggest reading the rules and spending more time on the server to gather a full understanding on the rules and the premise behind them. Thank you for your interest in the APD
  5. Get on my level plebians. guided rockets are for squares
  6. You did not key down in direct chat to initiate. Intentional or not; Appeal Denied
  7. Resolved
  8. Your ban was comprised of two parts; shooting the officer on the hill, and also the officer driving past the gang hideout. The rules clearly state you may not shoot people simply driving by the temporary red zone, only individuals making it clear they are entering the redzone to combat you. The officer drove by at the speed limit, without light/sirens and was clearly not responding to your gang at the hideout. This was clear neglect of the rules so I suggest you take this time to read up on the rules if you wish to continue playing here. Appeal denied
  9. Then there's me running around with an M320 with an RCO scope, because I can. Logic? None. Memes? Aplenty.
  10. Appeal denied. Again.
  11. If at any point you feel like being honest, feel free to submit an honest appeal. Until then your appeal is Denied
  12. House prices are not individually set, they are set by what kind of house it is, not by location. So a shack in kavala costs the same as a shack in the middle of nowhere.
  13. Resolved
  14. In case you didn't understand your last 2 appeals, you are permanently banned here and it will not be lifted. Further lying in your appeal will result in a forum ban. You were in a greenzone, it is impossible for anyone to have shot at you. Appeal Denied. Again.