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  1. I have no doubts that if you held an officer hostage for 30 minutes and he asked you to just put a bullet in his head to end the situation you would be reporting him for not valuing his life and fail rp. The hypocrisy never ends it seems
  2. First off if you want APD command to deal with an officer potentially acting in an unprofessional and/or non RP-friendly manner I strongly recommend avoiding referring to the cops as "piece of shits" and other such terms. Makes it a little difficult to have any sympathy toward your case. Secondly, while you may be correct in that the officer in charge of your processing was going a little too fast, I find it somewhat hypocritical of you to actively delay the processing as much as possible to purposefully avoid getting a ticket via server restart. What other reason would you have to tell the officer your ID is in a hard to reach spot, and you don't want to see the officers badge until you arrive at HQ? You're accusing the officer of meta-gaming the server restart to speed up the processing, yet at the same time you are meta-gaming the server restart yourself and actively trying to delay the processing in an attempt to avoid a ticket by server restart. I will make sure the officer is notified that we don't bypass standard processing guidelines due to server restarts however if you wish a fail RP ban to be issued to the officer I will happily do so if you agree that the same standard is held to you as well, since you are just as guilty and you take the same fail RP/meta-gaming ban. He tried to speed up the processing due to server restart, and you tried to delay it for the same reasons. I will move the report to resolved for now. When/if you make your choice please don't hesitate to PM me on the forums and I will follow through.
  3. Resolved. Post a comp request with a link to the report as evidence for comp
  4. Resolved
  5. You flew on the border of the red zone, practically inside of it and received fire from the occupants of the red zone almost immediately. Instead of turning around and leaving (which you had plenty of time to do so) you remained hovering which tells me you either do not care for your gear/vehicle or you were providing inflammation to team mates on the ground as to their whereabouts or other such acts. There was no reasonable way for him to know whether you were inside or not and some would argue you actually passed into the redzone which you deliberately did. I suggest not flying so close next time. Report denied
  6. Are you kidding? He was literally hunted down by said army. Thats the whole reason he got into the fight with Locke; he walked out on his army and went AWOL. He was hunted by the UNSC.
  7. You also have made no attempt to make contact with me on the matter in the said 3 months so don't call me out on not discussing it with you in a 1 on 1. I'm not going to track you down just to tell you that you have no place in our APD after countless displays of immaturity and toxicity. You just proved my point. At this point I have no interest in discussing it with you in a 1 on 1.
  8. When their armour grants them superhuman abilities, yes. Yes it does.
  9. Your application has been Permanently Denied for the following reason(s): Past experience on the APD showed zero regard for teamwork with other members Past experience on the APD showed a serious toxic attitude toward all APD members Continued immature and toxic attitude toward community members (Staff, APD and players) after termination from the APD Thank you for your interest in the APD. You may not re-apply.
  10. My point stands, Locke was only able to land hits on MC because his suit was specifically designed for it. Had they been in equal gear, Locke would have been crushed immediately since he is basically being carried in the fight by his much more powerful suit, not because MC is a mediocre fighter. You just proved my point. The BFG9000 is not his standard loadout. In nearly all of his depictions he is carrying a shotgun or some kind of classic firearm, as is MC with his assault rifle. Give them access to whatever weapons and tech available in their respective universes and it's no longer a fight between who is the better combatant, and now just a fight between which universe has the most outrageously powerful weapons. The Halo universe has similarly powerful weapons such as the railgun, the incineration canon, the Spartan laser and the energy sword. Not to mention if this was the case, MC would swap out his Mark VI armor for a more updated and powerful suit, such as the one Locke was wearing in the fight, making him that much more powerful. Your question is who would win in a 1v1. Define a 1v1 then. In a match between the two characters and their iconic, depicted loadouts, MC would win as I stated before due to the fact his armor makes in almost invincible, especially to standard firearms such as the one Doomguy is usually wielding.
  11. Master Chief has Mark VI Mjolnir armor. Jameson Locke is using the hunter class Mjolnir, specifically designed for hunting and fighting Master Chief. Had they not been in exo suits or both been in Mark VI Mjolnir, Master Chief would have crushed Locke without breaking a sweat. Not sure how much Halo lore you've read but Mjolnir armor is stronger than you think. Master Chief fell 2km from orbit after jumping from a covenant ship and was unharmed. In a 1v1 with their own respective gear, Master Chief would win hands down, the Mjolnir armor is simply too powerful. Hand to hand combat without their weapons/suits, Master Chief is basically just a glorified navy seal and wouldn't stand much of a chance.
  12. As of a couple of weeks ago because I forgot to make this post, APD command staff have decided to revoke the restriction on APD applicants being part of rebel gangs. This means if you are a member of an active rebel gang, you may now apply to the APD without having to give up your gang status. What does this mean for you? This restriction was put in place because at the time we had issues with officers not meeting the ratio requirement and playing with their gang mates. If you apply to the APD you are committing most of your time on the server to playing cop. If you are part of a gang and you apply to the APD, playing cop is your priority and you will be expected to main the shit out of cop, playing with your gang mates is secondary and if we start to feel your are prioritizing rebel over cop, you will be asked to turn in your badge. Don't be that one guy that ruins it for everyone and forces us to put the restriction back in place. That is all