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  1. hola my name is papi pooler nice to meet u
  2. its kinda shit but oh well. more to come sometime. bye.
  3. Well, i took that as sarcasm due to the fact that he even said *Absolutely None*. Good to know we aren't hated yet.
  4. Sorry for the inconveniences, i'm having my gang refrain from going to Kavala, and if they do and cause chaos ill deal with them. But thanks for commenting.
  5. Eh, i keep it for the roleplay aspect, and if people want any chance to get a promotion they will have to follow the gangs rules.
  6. Altis Republican Army (This is simply a brief summary of our gang) We are a rebel gang seeking to take control of Altis. ARA came about a few months ago somewhere around February. Ranks There are 3 different sections in our ranking system. The Normies [Cdt-Spc]. The NCO, [SGM-Cpl]. And the Officers [Lt-Gen]. Cadet Private Private First Class Specialist --------------------------- Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Master Sergeant Sergeant Major ------------------------- Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel General Relations -------------- Relations with other rebel gangs all depends on whether or not they are willing to have relations, and just our personal opinions of the gangs. We will remain neutral with the APD unless they interfere with our doings. Strikes ------------ We have a simple strike system that will punish anybody not following our gang’s rules. Recruitment ------------------ Fill out the application and contact me either in game or on the forums ARA App for normies Sincerely, Deddy Pooler
  7. emoclew D:
  8. +0.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999998
  9. and some of ur clips are too long
  10. i use to listen to this song on rap nation like a year ago, its not meant for montages.