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  1. Giving Away 4 Million Dollars

    @Coby u wanted those high quality memes, I HAVE SUPPLIED ONE!
  2. Giving Away 4 Million Dollars

    lol, im making a song about rdmers
  3. Paragon Anti-Terrorism Division The Paragon Anti-Terrorism is currently recruiting and searching for new Operatives! Requirements are as follows. Must show sympathy to innocent individuals and pledge to never strike someone who cannot defend themselves. 2. PA-TD forces are not to occupy populated cities or villages for any reason unless said other wise by command. 3. Follow the Division’s specified code of conduct. 4. Be prepared to blend and interact with the civilian populace in order to identify targets. 5. Never lash out at local law enforcement unless said law enforcement acts in defense of enemy forces or act hostile to personnel. Application Format (Non Combative - And Combative Roles Available) for the initiate stages of selection and induction into this covert division. Please provide the requested information below and send it in. The Operational Field Commander will reply shortly after: Initial Application: Name: (Realistic but doesn't have to be real: I.E. John Doe) Weapon Expertise: (Which weaponry are you specialized in) Skillset: (I.E. Excellent Pilot/Driver, sniper, etc) Milsim/Realism experience if any: (Yes/No) (If yes, what unit) Milsim/Realism Accommodations: (ignore if answered no on question 4) Background: (A short past history of your character so we can learn about how you think) Questionnaire: Do you have issues with following leadership? [Yes][No] Are you able to flexibly adjust to ever changing situations? [Yes][No] PA-TD does not participate in rebel activities such as kidnapping, or terrorizing large populaces of civilians. If you participated in these activities in the past, are you willing to give up these actions? [Yes]{No] Do you play as cop or ems on the server? [yes][no] Who invited you if anyone: (Place recruiter’s name here)PA-TD is a NATO Division of highly trained counter-terrorism Operators. Each Operator has shown skills in ground, aquatic, and aeronautic-based combat as well as advanced infiltration skills. All personnel are initially trained in advanced SERE courses to ensure survival in areas in which they are alone and with no support. Private TS address will be provided via PM.
  4. Toast's retirement from Staff.

    bai bai papa toast, server will miss u
  5. dont start talkin shit, because i might have to respond with more shit!
  6. What is everybody's problem with rock? thanks tho.
  7. Help me

    2:00 for the 2nd vid
  8. edgy topic names get me more views and likes
  9. 1. I put my montages out when i get the right amount of clips, and find a song I like and finish editing. This was probably my montage with the biggest Face to face PvP clips to shooting people without them seeing me. I also don't put every single kill i get into my montages. 2. Thanks 3. I like all sorts of music, just found this song yesterday a few hours before I put out my montage, so I had to basically re-edit the whole montage just for that song.
  10. Help me

    coby please forgive me for what i said, it turns out im a high quality meme trying to feel good about myself :((((