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  1. Update from APD Command Staff

  2. selling stuff for money for a new gang

    I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda.
  3. Response Team

    Then they'd be cops. and cops have to go through just that to become swat. Anyone can apply to become a cop, but they get interviewed and screened before we accept them
  4. RDM Report - Sheev Palpatine - Denied

  5. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Sheev Palpatine Your In-Game Name: Spike Situation: Chased down a ghosthawk that flew to main rebel, we saw a kajman that flew passed us and shot at us with no initiation. we shot down the ghosthawk and the kajman started shooting us down. He promptly crashed as hancock chased him down Why Should the Player be Banned? Rules were broken Evidence: upload will be complete shortly, contact me when i have it uploaded Additional Comments and Information:
  6. Vehicle Comp Request - BOREI

    In-Game Name: BOREI Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198031652048 Items Lost: Not lost, trying to return a Wipeout that has no weapons Approximate Value of Lost Items: 30 Mil Evidence: Look in my garage, apparently the Wipeout has no weapons other than the laser. Its guns are gone. Additional Comments and Information: Unless somehow the guns on wipeouts can be readded, I would kinda like that money back please. Ill buy another jet or something
  7. Gang hideouts

    Nope! I took a hideout and RPd it so that I was allowed to keep half of the hideout time. You have to use your head to be allowed to get free money and get away scott free
  8. Outrage!

    k-9 units!!!!!
  9. I'd hate for you to lose something so valuable so quickly
  10. I highly suggest not using that aircraft in harmful ways. it may end up in your destruction very quickly
  11. Usual In-Game Names: [2-06] Spike Current Age: 20 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: About 8-9 months or more. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: None How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: A large portion of time, about 80/20 Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Fluently and Proficiently Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): I believe myself to be a patient guy. During my time in high school marching band, I was the center snare drummer/ drumline captain. most of the time, some of our drummers got on our nerves. They were the freshmen, they thought they were all that in a bag of chips. Even though they annoyed me to no end sometimes, I would keep a calm tone with them and try to get them acclimated to the HS band and how we operated. Handling new cadets on the APD and staying calm when they make mistakes is something that I have learned how to do. Flying a plane requires patience as well, knowing when and how to do a maneuver or a radio call is paramount to the safety of the flight, as well as knowing what to do in an emergency situation (I had a door pop open in flight with my friends aboard, and I stayed calm and made a precautionary landing at a nearby airfield) Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I believe myself as a sociable person. I am always open to talk to people, and i can do my best to mediate. Sometimes I talk to my other officers if they're frustrated or upset at a situation if they die or if there are RDMmers in the cities. Out of game, I usually take the role of the guy that helps friends who are frustrated calm down, or at least try to. I'm usually a shoulder to lean on when someone's feeling bad, angry, or just needs a friend. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: No Can You Be Neutral?: "I have no strong feelings one way or the other." I tend to not take sides. I look over all available information to form a viable conclusion or to work out a solution to a problem. As for IRL experience, I kinda live the neutral life. I dont like to take sides in fights, I am usually the one to Keep back and wait for dust to clear. I live for myself and I will help people when they need it, and I try not to get absorbed into someones problems. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I believe you should pick me over other CA candidates, because I feel that even though people may be angry, I can 95% of the time calm them down. I am adept at watching or listening over a situation and adapting to how someone feels and provide either advice, or empathy. In my prospective profession; aviation, you need to have a clear head, be analytical and thoughtful, and never let feelings get ahead of information and logic. Because of all this, I believe I would be a good pick for CA. I applied about a month ago and was denied, with ITGH saying I lose my cool way too quickly and that was why I was denied. I firmly believe that I have changed, with both my looking inward and learning when and how to keep myself level headed, and my promotion to Sgt in the APD. I know that the APD has no standing on whether I become a CA, but If the command staff people believe that I have matured and shown leadership and level headedness, then I believe I should be given a chance as a CA. Do You Have Any References?: No
  12. Dusty - 18 - CA App

    +100 good man he is
  13. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Hispanicmenace Your In-Game Name: Spike Situation: Went to pull him over, he was unarmed. He started to say if we searched his vehicle we wouldnt wake up. Now this is in RP, not in an initiation context. As we got to search the vehicle within RP, he tosses a grenade. Why Should the Player be Banned? suicide initiation, fail RP. No value for his life, as he throws a grenade on himself Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: Was with tyrone when this happened, he said I should put up a report
  14. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Botswana, South Africa Your In-Game Name: Spike Situation: Chasing down a stolen police hatchback, got to paint and spray, and they shot at us with no initiation. Why Should the Player be Banned? Rules were broken, Sirens are not initiation. Attempted RDM Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: