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  1. lol thanks bro
  2. must be nice to get a solid 15 frames in kavala not. y ou fuckin pleb. tf is that shit.
  3. as some of you may know I am a professional memer. Today, sadly, I came across my latest meme.
  4. Cop shot out thrashers tires, he swerved into heartbreak and that caused the whole aids thing right there sorry man, just got caught in crossfire wasn't intentional at all.
  5. "you're clear to take off from north rebel"
  6. Honestly pick your parts yourself, I made the same mistake you would make by buying a PC and compromising certain things. I got a strong CPU for Arma but got shafted with a 1gb GTX 750 - You can pay the extra 20$ for graphics card and risk the HDD space but really why would you need to upgrade your PC when you just bought it.... Don't make the same mistake I did lol, Pick Your Parts! what I bought for ~$900- i7-4970k, GTX 750 (1gb), 8gb ram, 2tb HDD
  7. Great idea but too many trolls lol
  8. LOLOLOL, if I could only show how many offroads I used to have and how many hatchback sports I currently have (This is just a FRACTION of them, I got so bored pulling them out lol)
  9. Your apology has been DENIED for the following reasons: you got rekt Thank you for your interest in C8 Gaming. You may re-apologize once you have been unbanned. For questions regarding your denial, please seek assistance from Betsy or any member of the Easy's Professional Troll Committee in the TeamSpeak or on the forums.
  10. Nobody plays Tanoa anymore, it was hype for maybe a month but literally nobody plays it / not worth it.
  11. Just wanna see some of the overpowered loudouts y'all have had Peep this one I just won with
  12. hollyyy fuck I can't be the only one thinking of robbing a bank with that thing...
  13. +1