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  1. Report Resolved.
  2. Report Resolved.
  3. Resolved after talking in teamspeak. Appeal Resolved.
  4. Wheres there RDM option?
  5. Hes saying it would only be good if it was free.
  6. Wheres the "Get the fuck away from me" option
  7. Wheres the "Hola amigo" option
  8. Nice to meet you man, always nice to see new players enjoying the server. Have fun and good luck out there!
  9. You will be missed
  10. Thank god.... I mean uh, so sad to see you go
  11. Appeal Accepted.
  12. Coby is a nerd.

    1. Coby


      Wow rude.

  13. Because its a jet, not a hatchback. Jets aren't cheap.
  14. At this time I'm going to un-ban you. This is because i talked to you in teamspeak after the ban and i don't believe that you meant what you did. This will be your second chance, don't blow it. Any further acts of racism, joking or not, will result in a reinstatement of the permanent ban and it will not be lifted. Appeal Accepted.