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  1. Hey yall it your boy Dixon about 2 months ago i resigned from the APD for a few reasons one was that i wanted to spend more time with friends and spend more time doing things IRL but another was just the APD itself. This is by no means me throwing shade at anybody but the Apd is an old machine that needs to be taken apart and cleaned up and greased so it works as a fine tuned unit. we would lose feds all of the time because of the major restrictions to our firepower and ROE's. dont get me wrong it was fun but getting m ass wooped every single day is not my kinda thing i like doing the ass wooping. just my 2 cents feel free to tell me if things have changed but i dont see myself coming back for a while i kinda like working on my own
  2. It could be executed but in all reality it would not work we would need a radio system for all pilots to be connected to a central radio and that atc would need to be able to see where everyone is that is flying at once. this could be heavily abused unless it was run like a faction such as the APD or medics
  3. yes feller
  4. Cause i wanted to try and end a dumb discussion regardless of the fact that i dont like the ride along function it serves as a substitute
  5. Good i personally think the ride along system is annoying as hell
  6. We have a ride along system for a reason...
  7. We need a big gang to keep the gangs in check and keep them from turning kavala into the constant shit hole that it normally is
  8. Call of duty 1 and to were 2 of my favorite games i have ever played just a year or 2 ago i reinstalled call of duty 2 on my PC and was suprised to see there were so multiplayer servers that still had people playing on them. none of the call of duty games to date have topped that game for me
  9. Hey whats up guys been playing this server since it came up off and on you can find me chillin with my boy Paul and playing cop although i like to bash heads on rebel from time to time i pretty laid back. I like working on cars playing football an chilling with my friends drag acing and all kinds of other shit plus im kind of a redneck if you ask anyone i normally one of my favorite songs
  10. Jesus i remember the first time we did this police vs dbb
  11. Player Classes

    lol since when do smugglers need kajmans and blackfoots
  12. In-Game Name: JackAssTheGreat Request Type: Gear Player ID: 76561198091618501 Items Lost: Ak 12 4 five 4x magazines for ak 12 carrier vest lite hex recon clothes hex caryall enhanced sand protector night vision 10X food 10X water 3 medkits 1 toolkit Approximate Value of Lost Items: 125,000 dollars Evidence: This was not my video it was one of my buddies who was with me at the time Additional Comments and Information:
  13. go ahead and deny it the vehicle's insurance actually did work
  14. In-Game Name: JackAssTheGreat Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198091618501 Items Lost: Taru crane Approximate Value of Lost Items: 1.5 million dollars Evidence: Mike Wang said he had video evidence of the same guy blowing his jet up aswell and witnessed the same person crash his red hatch back into my taru Additional Comments and Information: I am terribly sorry that i dont have evidence as my recording software take 1 to 2 minutes to start once i load in (not something i can change) and when I got into the taru I was rushing over to go capture gang hideouts and thought that since i had bought the insurance if i lost it then it would go to my garage if this is not the case can someone explain to me how insurance works
  15. That was...touching