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Harry Callahan

Fail Roleplay Report - [3-26] Jordan Jay - Denied

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Report Type:
Fail Roleplay

Player In-Game Name:
[3-26] Jordan Jay

Your In-Game Name:
=AU= Harry Callahan

I messaged Officer Jordan Jay to get out with no weapon, while he was surrounded by 12 rebels. He did not comply even though he was clearly out numbered and knew that we had AT and AA in the area since we were using it for almost 1 hour.

Why Should the Player be Banned?
Doesn't care about his life


http://plays.tv/video/59920a69028182537d/au   ---> Officer Jordan Jay's POV

http://plays.tv/video/59921106a325555248/proof-that-its-not-vdm   ---> Harry Callahan's POV

Additional Comments and Information:

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Lmfao, I was gonna comply and then I heard AT go off so I tried to get out of the car and run away. If you gave me 15 seconds like your supposed to I would of gotten out of the strider without a weapon. 

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