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Dat Kid

Other Appeal - Dat Kid / Bryce - Denied

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In-Game Name:
Dat Kid

Usual Name:

Player ID:

Type of Ban:

Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before?
No i have never been banned by infastar

Ban Message / Reason:
The message i received was "You where baned"

Your Story:
My story Is me and my friends where about to rob someones house, and i was low on my heli gas so i went to sofia to refill my heli with the gas pump i did so it didnt work the first time so i was like imma spamm click it and see if it works , Then i heard a hurron that was FOX wolfie ask him yourself... i Got banned after i looked at him.


I dont have a recording of the time but i can send u a screenshot of the ban message

Additional Comments and Information:

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Appeal Denied.

You need to wait at least 30 days after a appeal get denied to post another one.


You can post another appeal on 11/9/2017

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