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    Hey guys! like i said before i will be stepping down from LT soon and leaving for the USMC shortly after so i wanted to throw together a small party!! on the 29th(this Wednesday!!) @ 7:30pm EST! The party will be at the Beach next to Kavala PD all are welcome.. plz no RDM. At the party there will be Pin the lead on the cadet, go cart racing, boat racing, competition shooting, old APD Stories, Free money and maybe even an AIR SHOW!! I look forward to seeing you all there! Like the post to RSVP so i can get a head count!! Ps.. if you would like to help with party set up let me know!
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    Hello everyone! Just wanted to provide a little insight into the EMS - why we do, or don't do things... First: There are lots of times where there are no EMS online - and we have all seen this. Currently, the EMS is low on numbers, but those we do have are committed to the role. A lack of EMS online is one of our more challenging issues, but when you do see that there is a medic (or more) online, they are usually confined to the Kavala area. This is more so if the online medics are First Responders (which is our entry level EMS). They have a responsibility to respond to all revive requests within a 3 km radius of the area they are assigned. If there are more than two medics online, and one of them is a medic certified for flight duties, they can then travel to various areas of the map to render assistance. But, depending on the revive location, it does take time to get there... So if you're 10 km away, be patient! If you notice 3 or more medics online, and before you enter a hostile area, call the office (EMS cell phone) to see if there is an Air Ambulance on duty - in the event you need one! Second: There is a misconception about who actually gets revived. Our greatest torment is when a revive request is received and just as the medic arrives, the player selects DNR, or re-spawns. While this isn't a big issue, it does take the medic time to get to the location - taking them away from others areas where they may be needed. Third: A medic arrives at a revive location and the "player" sees them there, either hovering over their body, or in close proximity, but aren't "doing anything"... Well, this is most likely because someone else in the area has told them to DNR! The one who requests does not hear them, and medics CANNOT render assistance in fear of harm, or arrest! What the medic can do is wait for those who said DNR to leave the area. If the player who requested a revive does so again, they will render assistance. Forth: If an area is active (shots being fired), regardless of who is shooting at who, or how many have requested, the EMS are NOT permitted to enter the area and are required to stay back for a period of time to allow the area to come under someones control (Rebel or APD). At that time they will cautiously approach and inquire if assistance is needed. They will take direction from those who survived. While the above points are not "everything" that the EMS must abide by, it may give some insight into certain circumstances we face daily. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP OUT? To apply as a member of the EMS, there are only a few criteria that first need to be met: 16 years old (15 if recommended by EMS Command Staff), Active on the server for at least 2 weeks, Shown ability to be a productive member of the community using fair roleplay. We also offer various RP friendly sections within the EMS, such as: Field Training, Flight Training and Search and Rescue. The EMS Department is always looking for good role players to join the ranks. If your interested in joining this white-listed position, here are a few links: EMS Application EMS Interview Times EMS Structure If you have any questions about the EMS that are not mentioned in the links above, ask anyone in-game. See you in the ditch!
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    Usual In-Game Names: John, Juanito Current Age: 19 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: I have been playing on the server for about a year off and on. I originally came to the server not even knowing how to play Arma at all and met a very kind man named Hancock. I played civ for awhile and then decided to apply for the EMS department at the same time Hancock did. After Hancock and I both made it into the EMS department we soon became close friends and Hancock being an amazing person helped me learn how to not only properly play Altis Life but he taught me how to play Arma 3 in general. I played medic for 2 months actively and ended up being removed for inactivity because of school and a new job offer that I accepted. I came back to the server In March I believe and fell back in love with it. Ever since then I have been playing almost everyday. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I have been on other Altis Life server just to check them out. I have never fully committed to any other Altis Life server other than this server. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: I can dedicate as much time as needed. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Yes English is my main language. I also took 3 years of Spanish in high school and can understand and speak Spanish very little. Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): I consider myself very patient. Referring to in game I am currently the FTO Lieutenant and I have been an FTO since 4/25/2017. As an FTO it is a requirement that you MUST be able to deal with stressful situations and be level headed. I have been assigned to many cadets that have had many difficulties taking in information and listening to FTOs in general. I was once assigned to a cadet who was from Australia. This cadet (because of the timezone difference) was always unable to begin his training because whenever he was online I was not online. This went on for about 3 days before I finally decided that I would stay up until 6 AM to train this cadet so he can eventually become a fully trained officer. In real life I am a Harbormaster Assistant. A Harbormaster Assistant is what I like to call a "security guard for the beach and harbor". Being a Harbormaster Assistant I am considered a form of law enforcement. This job consists of constantly having to deal with many disorderly people as well as many rude and impatient people. Each assistant has a different assigned task every day on the job. One of the tasks is sitting at the end of the bridge for about 7 hours checking beach stickers and always being social with the residents and tourists. My favorite part about this job is being able to experience law enforcement in real time and being able to interact and help many different people. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: As I briefly stated above, with my current occupation in real life I constantly have to deal with many rude, impatient and disorderly individuals. Working in this field you quickly find out how to smoothly deescalate situations without making anyone upset. As the current FTO Lieutenant I am responsible for all new members of the APD. I constantly speak to the FTOs and discuss their questions, comments and concerns with them. I am always available to any and all cadets for any questions, comments or concerns that they may have. My office in the APD section of teamspeak is always open for any APD member of any rank to come speak with me. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: I have never been staff on any Arma 3 servers before. However I have loads of staff experience in other games. Growing up the first game I played was Minecraft. I played on OpTicGaming's minecraft server and somehow became friends with the OpTic members themselves and soon found myself to be very involved in the moderation and administration of the server. The server averaged 400+ people daily and was constantly advertised by many famous youtubers and streamers. On this server I started out as a Chat Mod. A Chat Mod's job is to make sure that players on the server did not abuse their chat use privilege. After being a Chat Mod for about a month I was soon promoted to Moderator. My job as a Moderator is very similar to being a Moderator on here. As a moderator I constantly spectated individuals, checked logs for any anticheat violations and dealt with players reports and ban appeals. The server soon shut down due to ownership issues. I was also a Administrator on another minecraft server called Icewynd (Which is also shut down). Being an Admin on Icewynd my job was to run events, deal with backend issues and make sure all of the other server staff members below me where doing their job properly without any issues. Another game I have and currently am staff on is Rust. I am currently a staff member on a Rust server that averages 100 (max) people on wipe days. Being staff on this server consists of flying around and spectating players who have been reported for cheating. For Rust we use an Rcon to constantly check the logs and keep a close eye on the server. Another game I have been staff on is Conan Exiles. I was staff on a Conan Exiles server that was owned by the owners of the Rust server I am staff on. Being an Admin on here consisted of constantly dealing with game bugs (the game was and still is very buggy), hackers and players who abused exploits. This server soon shut down due to hackers overrunning it and ruining the server when server staff where offline. Can You Be Neutral?: I consider myself to be a very neutral person. As a Lieutenant in the APD I deal with many rebel complaints about the APD. When dealing with rebel complaints I remain neutral and listen to both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion. As a Lieutenant I also deal with officer to officer complaints. Sometimes the officer that is being reported is my friend and I have to remain neutral throughout the entire issue. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I believe that I would be a good fit for a Community Ambassador position due to my in game and real life experience with dealing with people and situations and my ability to remain neutral no matter the circumstance. I am willing to dedicate my time and effort into the Community Ambassador position. I have always loved being a staff member and being able to help people in need and also being able to meet new people. Do You Have Any References?: Chronos, Hancock, Coby
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    @Nick N You did see i said that these ideas are already underway right?, or did you just want to be a cuck and make it seem like "i don't listen to the community" and "wont add your idea"? try reading the whole post and not TLDR'ing and making yourself look like an ass.
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    plz give thoughts and opinions of my montage below. i think im getting better at editing, and getting better clips. (i said in my 13th montage im quitting, well i played on another server, realized it was complete shit and came back.)
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    We were just out on Air Patrol when Nurse Johnny decided to try and line up our Mohawks. We then decided we liked how it looked so why not take a picture? We then thought, why not put in more vehicles and make it a real good picture? As we were about to pack everything up, who shows up? The APD! (and a few random civilians)
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    First person who sends me a picture of the rare and endangered species of monkey who has been named "Lonestar" will receive $1,500,000 and a Toast Hat (In-Game) Rules: Lonestar can't know you are taking the picture and you CANNOT approach the wild monkey. Lonestar CANNOT be getting robbed of his bananas in the picture or before the picture. You CANNOT be wearing pink because it is offensive in the monkey community. You CANNOT send older pictures of Lonestar to win the event. I have already had my "Fun Time" with those. Lastly you CANNOT submit real life pictures of Lonestar (It won't win and will probably be removed)
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    clips weren't the best because I got my new PC on Friday so I kinda just grinded clips on the weekend and got the last one today
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    Tell me the goods and the bads! Leave a like!!
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    I plan on possibly building a proper press style write up involving many of the pictures but for know I'm just gunna link my steam screenshots for anyone who wants to browse them. Steam Screenshots Few samples: Kavala community coming together to urge this man not to jump, or too. A couple gang group shots: APD shots:
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    These are fantastic ideas and have already been in motion behind the scenes. <3 One thing should be clear though, giving the rebels more to do against each other will not help the kavala "aids". People will always be inclined to RP with and of course terrorize the police. (it's literally the main core game mechanic - cops vs robbers) Any of the "problematic" people who dont know how to rp good, or initiate shadily time and time again will still be the same, they will just have other things to do as well, after 2-3 days they'll be back in kavala like always, i promise. Now, the goal here actually IS to give the rebels more to do against each other, and yes it's outside of the city, but it's not to "reduce kavala aids", it's just to be cool and to make stuff even more fun, lol. I'm under no impression that adding TONS more for rebels to do will somehow fix the individuals who are "wasteland" or "koth" superstars and teach them how not to be shady, initiate properly, and value RP. IMO, the true fix lies within the individuals themselves, not within some new capture location that's somehow going to draw EVERY gangs attention there instead? lol! Server has been live for 4 years, i've tried moving the police to different towns, adding "gang wars", new capture systems, map changes, you name it - trust me, the new things added are always awesome and slightly change the feel of the server, but if you're looking for less action in kavala, try playing tetris, it's part of the game - and a part that should be fun and embraced. Great ideas tho as always everyone. Some of which should be seen live within the next few days.
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    Mak sure 2 subscrive, liike, and coment 4 a chanse 2 entr free roblex giftcrd givaway.
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    Please recommend songs. I don't know any good montage songs.
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    I mean, everyone just breaks out of jail anyways lul
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    LOLOLOL. The house owner was not very happy.
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    As you may know if you want to fight another gang most of the time you end up meeting in kavala and causing trouble that this server does not need. I think if we have a set place for combat the kavala role-play experience would be a whole lot better for who enjoys it. The bigger gangs need something to enjoy as well and i think this is the way to do so. In my opinion we need to have something in the lawless zone that is capable and highly competitive possibly with a bigger payout once you get it. (There needs to be a reason to want to go here to cap for your gang, maybe 4 payouts like usual but you have a chance to get up to 500k). This capping system should be if your gang dies on the cap the other gang will be controlling it therefor if you want your payouts somebody will have to stay there. (This can be changed just an idea). I do not think we should implement the same Cartels as Olympus maybe have our own thing like that in a diff location down there. If you like this idea like + comment on this post your opinion. If any Admins+ are interested in this idea i will be more than happy to make the set place with all of it features on editor and show you. This will also add a lot more of a strategic feeling to the server because it will be hard for the other gang to take it over and you may need a plan to take it from the rival gang.
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    A montage A day keeps the mongoloids away.
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    The current rule - Greenzone in Paros Why it does not work properly - Well first thing is first most other old donator shops/Greenzones have been removed like Agios. This one remains, I am not sure why a garage in the middle of Paros needs to be a Greenzone. It runs along the line of the Gold convoy one of the most valuable events on the server attracting lots of attention from old and new players. Sadly a trend I see is the convoy being stopped in Paros. This allows the Redzone to overlap the small Greenzone there. Allowing players to sit in that greenzone in the middle of the event with the gold truck 25 meters away with total impunity. I can rob the houses in that greenzone, why can't we kill the players during a server event inside of that greenzone or just flat out remove it. It has no purpose being there and I feel it would be easier to remove that tiny greenzone than move the gold convoy route around Paros. How to fix it - Delete the Greenzone How it will improve roleplay - It will improve the way that the gold convoy works, cutting down on confusion and reports from other players about being in the greenzone while the Redzone overlaps that area. How it will make things easier - Like stated above will cut down on the Grey area rules we have about such area's. You could ask 3 different people about Paros Greenzone and get 3 different answers. In your opinion, will it create more to learn - Nope, quite the opposite it will make things simpler. What are the potential negative consequences - Someone crying about the greenzone being taken away because they live in Paros
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    Hey guys, I was thinking of uploading some free wallpapers for you guys, but instead of just uploading random ones, you guys can pick which ones you want. I rarely make images at desktop crops, so this is mostly just for phone wallpapers. Personal use only, of course Head to my instagram, right click on the post you want, copy link address, and paste it in here as a comment. I'll upload it for you in HD, and you can have a nice dope new wallpaper for your brand new iPhone X - g'damn I want that phone so badly. You can get to my insta below. Also, please look through other comments to see if the one you'd like has already been uploaded.
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    At the time of that post i WAS working on 2 different servers besides this one. One was a fully functioning completely set up exile that was ready to launch, and one was a "surprise" with several popular mods - but do to many factors i halted development on both. At THIS time, i'll be focusing my time into bringing life on altis back to where we were at about 2 years ago, when the server was much more "fun" in my opinion. (no that doesn't mean this is turning into a wasteland server, it never was and never will be that). Should be a good content patch this week.
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    The song was demanded by Reese due to him failing a class because of me. I do not condone the music in the video and highly suggest you watch it without sound.
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    some of u nerds might have seen it already, but if u havent plz watch and tell me what u think. shorter than usual but i didnt think it was too bad for its length.
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    +1, He went easy on the tickets so maybe he will go easy on the bans.
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    +1 for always trying to initiate but ends up getting shift g instead
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    I was less than 20 meters from you
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    Closing Statement Ok it have been last Sunday that I posted my application and it is time to close this thread. I have learned a tremendous amount in this past week and I will explain a bit later on. Folks are probably wondering what was the purpose for this tread, I wanted folks who apply for positions not just EMS but be it APD, Press ect there is more involved than just submitting an application. You will go through a emotional roller-coaster along with happiness and grief. You commit yourself and try your hardest be be the best you can and be accepted by not just your new bosses but also by the community as a whole. Remember your first week in any new role be it EMS, APD anything is your probation period its not just for the division to see if you fit in the organization it is also your time to see if the organization fits you, so now is the time to decide if you wish to continue or move on to things better for your style of play. What I got out of this last week has been so much, before I would of avoided people just not to get robbed or killed, it was just the opposite with the EMS, I have met so many new people I never would of, and yes even Wong Bong!! The EMS guys know their stuff and are always there to help you and even role-play along with you. Before my role-play was ok, but in the role of EMS it has got a lot better cause your not trying to avoid it you seek it out so it will naturally get better as time goes on. I feel the biggest thing I got out of this last week other than meeting some great folks on this server was I learned to relax and have fun. I hope you enjoyed my little corner of the world, not everyone will experience things as I did everyone is different.
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    Thanks guys!! You both put a smile on my face.. Day 3 Well been thinking all day at work, what can I do to help myself, and it hit me, everyone always says it, but we really don't listen. The key is have fun, be yourself and everything will fall in place. So I start getting excited to get home to jump back on the server. I log on after dinner and go through my checks to make sure I have everything I need Medkit, Food, water, and of course lollipops lol. I spawn in my vehicle and notice I am the only medic on again, but something was different this time, I really couldn't place it, so I head on down to Kavala Square and park my vehicle and start interacting with the folks running around, I heard this new guy asking another player how do I make money, I need a car, I just sat there eavesdropping and was really shocked at how this guy was treated by the other guy, so after the shithead left I went over to talk to the new guy for a bit and started teaching him what he needs to do. I was not going to give him money he has to do it, so I had him open his Y menu and click on market then apples, then I asked him what is the price which he told me and it was top dollar at that time, he said I don't have a back pack and my comment to him was you will but first open you map and find the apple field and run and get as many as you can carry and go sell at fruit market, long story short later on the same guy came back to me and said thank you so much for taking time to help me, he had a full loadout new vehicle and yes a big backpack. This same thing happened twice, the second guy though was not shitted on by another player though. You might ask why did I share that with you guys, simple I was having fun. The whole shift went without any problems, I was able to respond to many calls for help, and yes I even revived Wong Bong this time. I really felt good tonight about being a part of the community and was able to perform my duties pretty damn good if I say so myself, after I called it a night I logged off with a smile and said out loud to myself that was fun. Lesson Learned: Be yourself don't try to be someone your not, and have fun it reflects in your duties and more important I was interacting with way more people and kidding around, Having Fun!!!!
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    Some screenshots and highlights from the event: Trivia Nemo preparing for pin the lead on the cadet The grand accidental firework finale:
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    Great Idea, i just don't see it reducing the chaos in Kavala, much. Things to consider: 1. It would only serve those that are already capping everything. Just another day, another place. 2. It wouldn't at all serve the RP community that is on an RP server, because it advertises as an RP server. 3. If it did reduce chaos in Kavala (i'm sure it would to some degree) it would only be used by those that don't already take great pleasure in camping Kavala for newbs eager to explore past a very small % of Altis real estate, or for that matter a small % of Kavala city limits. I like the idea, with it though (an amendment per se) Increase the size of the Kavala Greenzone. There are in game signs marking the city limits on the entrance to 4 of the main roads, why not use them. I have often wondered why such a large map has such a small area that is safe. Right there next to why the garage is outside of it. But lets face it, with all there is to do outside the city already (more that 2/3 of what you can do on the server takes place outside the city). Would justifying the change to benefit Kavala clutter/chaos/RP/newbs/non gangs really be a marketable argument?
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    Actually NVM, -1, Kavala aids is my favorite and it shall prevail! #RobBambisAllDay!
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    Sounds like a fantastic idea! It would help reduce Kavala aids, making it a some what safer town. As we know, a lot of the newer players that join the server go there first, so if there are fire fights all over town they are not really able to explore or do anything safely. It should be kind of like Gang Hideouts, Arms Dealer, etc. wherein there has to be a set number of people on for it to be unlocked. Instead of cops being on, it could be when there's, say, 30+ people online it can then be capped. That'd make it to where you can't just come on when there are 0 people online and cap it to make a huge profit. It also ensures that since so many people are online that people are actually in Kavala reaping the benefits of not having every gang in the server there.
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    Very true forgot to add that, lawless does have no purpose atm
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    Let me start with the fact that NO, I am not leaving, I'm not going to be playing the server frequently although I love it very much, reoccurring event's have pushed me farther away. Thank you staff and present and past members of EAL, you make this server (you are the image) and you show what its about. Just remember this as my only wish as I take some time off. But for now R.I.P. Bishop.
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    Report Denied. You flew into a active gunfight with a man on your bench wielding a gun.
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    Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Hertz, Jordan Jay Your In-Game Name: Dmitri K. Situation: I was flying around with a couple buds in a chopper after we capped a hideout. We flew over Kavala to see what was going on, and didn't see much. We headed over to gang hideout 1 as that can usually be active when the city isnt. We flew by and noticed cop cars and rebels in the hideout. I wanted to watch what was going on but started to recieve random gunfire on us. Moments later, both of my conrades were dropped from the chopper by Officer Hertz and I found Hertz location and he was attacked by a rebel. I was hoping to speak to him, but as I stepped out, Officer Jordan Jay just kills me when I was not even an immediate threat nor was I showing any aggressive action. Why Should the Player be Banned? Hertz - Attempted RDM on myself and 2 RDMs on my passengers. Jordan Jay - RDM on me If officers are supposed to be representatives of this server and to be held to a higher standard of RP, I'm disappointed that when I come to an area that I can just start being shot at because I might be what an officer calls "suspicious". Evidence: Additional Comments and Information:
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    Yeaaa.... i didnt finish the video when i heard the music tbh .... and now im glad
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    Some very excellent choices my friend.