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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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    My second compilation of my APD experiences, I hope y'all enjoy.
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    In-Game Name: polar Usual Name: polar Player ID: 76561198286233199 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? just 1 time, asked when the patch was coming Ban Message / Reason: you can not chat because your in block list Your Story: literally just posted a topic in the general discussion about how the server population was going down and how you guys should do a mass unban. i did it in the most respectable way possible but i guess thats too toxic so i just get banned from the shoutbox again. i try to get into contact with s1k on the forums in a private message, but its been weeks and he still hasnt read it, i cant message him on steam because hes usually offline, so i really just dont know hot to get my point across to the staff anymore without getting banned. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/17697de35b88a4fa5741763096f7fdba Additional Comments and Information: s1k please read the private message i sent you
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    An excellent piece of work. You can really see the inspiration of Michael Bay in the camera work. I personally also must applaud your choice of music, it really brings out the essence of the montage. I can tell by the blend of music, gameplay, and the shaking camera that you are clearly trying to convey a message that you are lost through your work. Truly an excellent message. Honestly, your work is awe inspiring. You can really see the madness that has overcome you through this video. You're much like Hamlet, but without a "method to your madness". I personally would think that my favorite part of the montage is around 1:40 when the background music stated "I got my handicap on this bitch". Now to a regular consumer of this fantastic content, one would probably shrug it off as part of just background music. I however, can see clearly what you meant to show here. Your montage making skills and ability to shoot straight in PUBG are handicapped, and you chose this song to convey that in the background as an underlying message to the viewer. Other than that, I have to applaud your use of lens flares and filters. It shows the viewer your inner struggle, always trying to hide your inability to acquire kills in PUBG by masking the truth in sunshine and layers upon layers of lies. I must agree with Kodiak, I wish that this montage would serve as a good ground for your to get kicked from the gang. Not because it's bad, but because you clearly are able to show a window into your life and mind through such subtlety that it should be considered an art form. You my friend, should leave the gang and make more of these, because one day you might become something great. Great in comparison to what you can do now, not in comparison to the rest of the word. You have achieved a fan of your work. Congratulations, Hailfire. "It looks like he has fucking Parkinson's" - Randy Bobandy, CA.
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    Returning to the community, I've noticed how much I've missed a bunch of you guys. A common saying is that you don't know what you have until it's gone, and I seem to run into that phrase a lot. I consider many of you my friends, some of you may even be my best friends. Looking at it all, it does mean a lot that I was able to join a community and meet amazing people along the way. Many of us have experiences hardships and witnessed each other experience hardships throughout our time here beneath the hectic gunfights and simulated gang activity that we partake in. I personally know that I've had to go through a lot since first joining up with you all. Going through something alone takes a lot, and it hurts. No matter what it is that troubles your mind. Problems are an inevitable part of life. At many times, it's scarily easy to feel alone even when you have options. I recently went through that feeling, and I've had that feeling plenty of times before. Just today I had to go through such a feeling. I felt hopeless, and it turned into anger, I went around breaking some things, and throwing other things. As the day went away and night came, I finally felt some comfort. I didn't need a solution to my problem, I just needed to feel valued in some way. I'm sure people can relate to that. Spending tonight with some people from the server talking over Discord made me feel part of something, and I forgot what I was so mad about until I took a look back at my phone. The point is, again, it's very easy to feel alone. Even when you aren't. Even if you have no one you can physically go to, I bet there are plenty of people here that you can go to instead. And you don't need to tell them about your problems, or cry on their shoulders and ask for pity. Just being together with people makes such a difference. So, as I know that there are some people here that must be going through issues of their own, especially since some of you have shared those troubles with me, I suggest that if you feel alone, just try to find an open teamspeak channel and hop in for a quick hello! You'll learn very quickly whether the feel of the channel is open enough for you to converse, but you'll find one if you keep looking, or even just ask around, I'm sure of it. As of late, I hang out in Randy's CA channel a lot. Others do too. If you're in need of someone to spend time with, I'll probably always be there, I promise not to turn you away. <3 I'd also like to take this time to thank all you members of this community, but I believe some deserve a public spotlight tonight. If I don't include you, I'm sorry. It's mostly about timing, and I'm more likely to give a quick shout out to those that I've been talking to recently rather than someone who has impacted me in the past. Beatsy, you are an outstanding individual. Although you do not verbally communicate, I consider you one of the best people to hang around with here. An absolutely amazing guy. Randy BoBandy, I've known you since my humble beginnings on the server, and since then you've been a close companion and upstanding man throughout it all. Helping me not only as a fellow officer in the past, but as a friend. Mr. Paul, you're pretty cool but that hairline kinda bad. Lance, I think you're quite the chill person. You've been a constant cool presence since my time as an officer. You and Colten, who unfortunately is no longer here at the moment. Coby, you're the man. Accepting, open-minded, and overall very laid-back. I feel like I can joke about anything with you. Kodiak, I haven't known you for very long, but I enjoy your presence and playing the occasional PUBG match with you. Wumpus, I miss you. :c John, you are another person that I value immensely. Whenever I talk to you I can find a smile on my face, even for a bit. D. Twigg, you're a cutie. Kyle Nolan, I always enjoy having a quick chat with you. You're a nice and bubbly person. c: A double apology to those I did not include. I am now actually pretty sleepy, and will rest my weary eyes on a pillow while under a warm blanket under the pale moonlight. Goodnight, friends. <3
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    In-Game Name: Beatsy Usual Name: Beatsy Player ID: Irrelevant Type of Ban: Shoutbox Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No? Ban Message / Reason: I said 'Grats on mod' in shout-box to Tyrone onc he got SCA Your Story: I said 'Grats on mod' in shout-box to Tyrone once he got SCA Evidence: Irrelevant Additional Comments and Information: +1 LUL
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    C8GAMING ALTIS 4v4 EVENT Hosted by Baducca and the APD The event will take place on 3/23/18 at 10 P.M. Central Time *can be changed The cash prize will be $10,000,000 to the winning team ($2,500,000 per person) Myself and the APD will be building a course for the fight to take place in. The event will be a simple 4v4 fight - Weapons and Vests will be supplied - Uniforms will be provided - Do not break any server rules - Must have 4 people in the tournament Post below in this format to enter your team into the tournament ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Team Name 2. Your 4 players 3. Backup players (max. 3 people) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If 8 or more teams enter the tournament... the cash prize will be $15,000,000
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    A bit late to the party but still hopefully a decent montage, Enjoy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Hey guys! I haven't noticed a thread for posting computer setups. Post your setups no matter what you got, everyone's setups are accepted here. Here's mine:
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    Usual In-Game Names: [3-84] Stephano Current Age: 17 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: between rebel and police well over a year wit most of my experience in the police force. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I have played on some other roleplay.co.uk.. Grand theft arma, GITS, Takistan life, Lakeside rp How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: 1-3 hours most days Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Yes Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): I am typically a patient guy anyway in real life but being in the APD certainly helps you develop them skills even further. I now keep on task and calm even when several situations are going on at once. I remember one time where i had several member trolling but i was able to keep my calm and tackle the situation. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I have definitely met a lot of great people during my time on the server and seen my fair share of good and bad role play. I have come across many angry players both new and veteran to the server but i have been able to calm them down to a level where we can have a civil conversation and have then sorted the problem out from there. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: I dont have prior experience as staff on another server but i feel this would be a great opportunity to learn new skill and community members and also put to use some of the skills i have learnt and developed already. Can You Be Neutral?: I have played as a medic on the server which definitely improves your skills in being neutral. I have worked in situations with both gangs and cops with people im good friends with yet i have been able to remain completely un-bias and settle it in a professional manner. What Makes You the Right Choice?: I have come back and forth between different roles within the server and also left and come back. This has not only allowed me to see a great deal of different situations with different people but also shows im dedicated to the server. I have also never been banned or dismissed or warned showing i have no problem in following rules. Do You Have Any References?: No
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    Note: Ramathorn is banned from the forums for a reason. Taking it upon yourself to post an appeal on his behalf is intentionally ban evading and you risk facing the same punishment yourself. I strongly recommend that you don't have anything to do with other players bans. This is your only warning.
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    The APD and some rebels got together for a friendly photo shoots in lieu of an intense gunfight today. Unfortunately, though, a pedestrian bystander started photobombing the group, quacking up quite a storm. Said pedestrian was dealt with swiftly. Was great fun to all who participated in the photoshoot and pre-shoot karate session!
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    Back on my desktop for a week. @Joker how is this for a kill streak
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    Usual In-Game Names: AlfonzoZeGerman, [3-42] Alfonzo, [SO-15] DCI Alfonzo Current Age: 16 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: Ive here for about a year with a few breaks here and there. What Other Servers Have You Played On?: I've been on roleplay.co.uk, grand theft arma and a few other modded servers. How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: I'm always around on the TeamSpeak so about 4-10 hours daily. Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm a Current Cop. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: I Have a Mic and Headphones. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Yes Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): Yes, to get the bottom of a situation the best course of action is to listen to their demands or argument the same way that you would want someone to listen you if you had a problem, knowing this I always try my best to be patient with people and give them respect by not being narrow minded and never jumping to conclusions. Having skills such as being patient helps all situations, being a cop you are always the first interaction that new players have with another player on the server, not everyone who joins the server reads the rules so from time to time I either get killed in a green zone or just blatantly RDM'd. I believe that helping them understand rules as well as walking them through what they did wrong and offering them the alternatives of what they could have done instead is rewarding. I find it rewarding as you can help them understand whether the server is for them or not as well as the fact that its great to see them stick around and get better role play experience from them, and the only way you can get this is by being patient and not jumping to trying to get the player banned. Another reason I consider myself to be patient is because I'm a Ex member of the FTO division [Before I left because staying up till 5am (GMT) was starting to become a hassle] Being in the FTO division requires you to be patient as cadets might not be as fast or they are just struggling to understand some concepts of the APD, talking them through everything in depth and making sure that they are able to understand was everything because if they didn't understand some of the SOPS or rules it could result as a problem in the future. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: I'm pretty quiet however I always try my best to talk to people that are around me and I always make sure that I don't ignore anyone when they are in genuine need of help. Being a cop, as well as a previous medic and rebel on this server means that I've had thousands of interactions with many different players and I have seen everything more or less twice now from different perspectives, this really helps you understand the issues that someone may have in a greater depth, it can often help you solve situations with way more ease because you've been there and done that yourself, you can get a better picture of how things went down and it helps you come to a decision that could benefit everyone. Talking to angry people isn't an issue ever for me, if I can calm that person down and help them out to the best of my ability then that means that a conclusion that benefits everyone can be reached, something that helped me get used to this type of behaviour was being in the APD, I have dealt with a lot of angry people in the past because they have either lost gear or merely because of the fact that they was put in restraints. Often letting them getting it out of their system and then explaining why you did what you did but at the same time understanding their point is essential and sometimes works for ending a situation. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: I haven't been staff on any other server Can You Be Neutral?: I think being neutral in a situation is essential, everyone deserves to get their point listened too and taken into consideration regardless of the relationship that I may have with that person. Having experience in the APD and being a previous medic and rebel it helps you understand someone's point. What Makes You the Right Choice?: Personally I think I'm the right choice as I think I require all the skills that is needed to be a CA, I've been here for about a year with a few breaks and in that time I have really come to love this server and I wanna do something to help it, I love helping people out if they need it and I think that this would be a great opportunity to do all this as well as get to know more people and see what the community thinks of me. Do You Have Any References?: Nope
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    These monitors aren't anything super special when it comes to gaming specs (60 Hertz, 1080p), but they are nearly bezelless which is super nice.
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    @[3-30] Spectre I was taking my kids to school this morning when I saw this. Ironic listening to your conversation with Wanderer and then seeing this. lol
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    when you roast this hard and the topic doesn't get locked.
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    nobody really makes montages anymore, so i just made a short one with some clips from the past few days. hopefully somebody enjoys it.
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    Thanks to all that joined in and hope everyone had a good time. RIP construction building. Sorry you just got in the way.
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    Report Denied. Your claim of him shooting at you "less than two seconds after" you received the message maybe true, but cannot be substantiated with the video evidence provided. My reasoning is that your video, ironically, is missing 9 seconds - just prior to the time of message being received (Using your NLR timer on the video). You also traveled from grid 168165 to 173165, which is a distance of up to 600 meters, depending on your actual position within the grid (the video shows closer to 600m). The question I asked is, what happened within that time/distance that is not being shown? As the updated rules state, two seconds may NOT constitute "sufficient time" to comply with this order, but 10 seconds may have.
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    APD Members can participate, even if they are helping build the event.
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    In-Game Name: Ascention Usual Name: Ascention Player ID: 76561198014780559 Type of Ban: Trolling Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Somewhat Ban Message / Reason: (BattlEye: Admin Ban ([Coby] Nick_Troll_Perm_Coby)) Your Story: I was in ts messing around with my friend Thumper and I said "im going to beat yo ass nih" when there was a staff member in the channel, i didnt want to finish what i said because i assumed if i didnt say the whole thing i would not get banned but i was wrong. I got banned for Racism in TS after by Coby, I was pretty upset about the incident so i messaged Coby about it asking him about why i was banned and it was clear that i was in the wrong. I want to play on this server with my friends and have some fun i didnt mean to offend anyone in the channel that heard me saying what i said, I gave it some time to put this appeal in because it took me some time to realize what i have done and that i want to come back to this server one day, i am sorry and i just want to play on here. Evidence: none Additional Comments and Information: IM SORRY
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    It had some Easy's clips in it so why not post it
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    @BackwoodJack One of our best pilots
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    First of all, this wasn't any type of troll, there weren't many people on the server. Peep this xD
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    Not disputing the Rp log or my actions. But you guys are seeing the last 2 minutes of a much much larger video. With fail role play and corruption all over it. Post the whole things guys...i will. What are you hiding? I was actually logging to go to bed. I'm 100 confident that had actually been heard before. It was past 730 pm on a work night with daylight savings time so really 830pm. I get up at 3am to beat a 40 minute commute and clock in before 430am. Why would i park a heli, store it, and walk all the way to the terminal if i had to walk all the way back...(UNLESS I WAS LOGGING OFF) Everyone parks near the terminal to drive or fly away after supplies. In addition anyone watching the video can see you guys fumbled around so badly it was embarrassing, shameful public relations really. I did that job IRL for the best part of 14 years, so unless you were role playing socially awkward rookies the only fail role play is in the mirror. I asked you at the ATM "whats up?" Not one response. LOL you guys stood around and followed me without talking for the first part of it. How long was i at the market? Yea 54 seconds without a word from you guys, time it. Figured you guys wandered off. By the time you guys actually decided to speak up i knew i was in for at least another 5-10 minutes of arrest and and another 30 for the jail time. I'll gladly take the ban, i was logging off and you guys didn't even have a 2 way conversation about it once i was in custody. Just reading your que cards like robocops. Bottom line is i did it, i RP logged and the only reason i was pissed is because i knew i was dealing with BS. I wasn't going to stay in a locked one way scenario VS logging off taking a ban and risk a welding mistake or worse a 5 ton steel incident. You were not going to waste my time. I weighed it too: In one hand answer to bogus charges and go through the entire time consuming procedure for the next 30-40 minutes or take the ban on the chin and get sleep so i don't endanger myself or others. Choice was fast and easy. I do however highly suspect this was a result of the hour wasted of your time earlier that day looking for me at oil rig 1...yea got that video too. Took 4/4 cops on the server with 12 other civs 4km from the nearest land mass to try and capture public enemy #1, and failed...again. Then you guys only managed to harass another player in the area with close fly bys, threats and chaff spray. You guys do know you have a bad history with me and oil rigs right, Cops die every time. Guess you tried to play the odds and one of you died, again. Figured you were still sour about that, maybe not, but I just don't believe in those kinds of coincidences. Bogus charges in a green zone? Guess that's one way to get the big bad Jack Burton and his notorious $200k bounty. $180k of it surely in speeding tickets in Kavala. So much bad guy to go around. I'll be off to do my dailies on another game. Have a good time I'll be honest, the only bad part about that whole thing is it was in a green-zone or there would be two dead crooked ADP officers. For everyone else combat logging and RP logging is bad, it takes away from the game for those that want to be part of it, even for those guys.
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    Yeah, the lights help a lot at night. Its nice middle ground between having too much light and not enough, its like the perfect amount lol. I forgot what kinda mic it is tbh, ive had it for too long lmao. I'll have to take a pic of it at night and post it lol.
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    Nothing crazy like yours lol. I switch the RGB colors around to match my keyboard/mouse most of the time. I kinda got a little spooky theme going with the lights and the wallpaper (looks better at night), well besides the rainbow keyboard lmaoo, and i guess all the stuffed animals kinda makes it less spooky too, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    "Smells like spaghetti and jesus in here" Best thing i've ever heard anyone say lmao.
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    I say that went pretty successful.
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    Nate Gomez (Stagename: Lil Gomez) lays down the perfect beat with a carefully placed ban. #UpcomingArtist
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    Topic Locked @Gramps Apples
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    In-Game Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Usual Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Player ID: 76561198340649403 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Not that I recall. Ban Message / Reason: DuckHunter,Toxic2day Your Story: I've had a lengthy conversation with Cheyowen and Duckhunter about why I was banned, I now understand. Not that I agree with this, but I will adjust hopefully to the liking of the rules. Since I am not a person here just to come and leave, I am fully dedicated to this server only, so getting banned isn't my intentions. NG has a lot of power on the server, and im sorry that some people were mad about the mass murders. In my opinion, I consider it roleplay and it can get pretty good roleplay wise, when people comply. With my experience with the cop force, they send 1 person to cooperate to give time to the other people to set up, which is pretty much what happened today, but the gunfight didn't go in the cops favor. I understand now that the cop force is tired of the mass killing of them, these retaliations only happenned because cops have been being slick with me. Pretty much saying that each robbery had a reason, I know this isn't a wasteland server, but I felt like I was roleplaying with them, since robberies are roleplay. When I was having the conversation with Chey and Duck they told me I had been ruining experiences for people on the server, and tobehonest, I do feel some sort sorrow for those people that have been frustrated with me and my gang. Ofcourse, those with little to no experience with Arma 3. (COP FORCE) - I honestly thought what I was doing was okay, since 97% of the time the cop force either had more numbers than us by 3x and/or brought out armed vehicles and stronger weapons. But this is not the case, i've been told Im going down the DBB route. And though I still remain firm on respect me or slaughter gang shiz, if I notice you're not really about that gang shiz, I will refrain from ''overdoing'' it. Like Duckhunter said, that is what got me banned. The overdoing of things, the 4-10 hours of nothing but mass murder, it will be cut down. Like duck said, I will try to roleplay more with the copforce, if roleplay is given back. My intentions everytime I get banned is to have a conversation with the person who banned me, and Duckhunter provided that, with the addition of Cheyowen. Everytime I've gotten banned, I've gotten better with things and thats a fact. Now, im not perfect. I still run the best gang on the server and things get hectic. Situations happen, from one perspective it might be fine, but from the other its not. And thats one thing I hope every Staff Member understands, and Im pretty sure you all do. But just wanted to throw that last sentence in because there are some rules that are very ''General'' as Cheyowen noted in our conversation. For some people the ''generality'' if that even is a word, of things is hard to break down when you get into specific situations. But as situations occur, lessons are learned. The way i've built my gang, is to take over everything. And I guess the cop force has had enough of it. I heard that some higher ups were even rage quiting(cop force), and my bad for that. It was all roleplay in my perspective, but the overdoing of things like Duck noted is whats out of control. I will try my best on cutting down of the '' toxicity '', meaning the takeover of Kavala for 4-10 hours. Anything and everything I say ingame is all fun in roleplay, if you feel offended. That is not my intentions, nor to run people out of the server. I wish the best for easys, like I've said before and will always say, without Easys I wouldn't play Arma 3. If you don't understand somthing, my bad. Im just a stoner from the 305, having fun on a video game. If I get unbanned, great. But if I don't I hope this message reaches those who were affected. Evidence: None, maybe Duckhunter or Cheyowen have evidence. Additional Comments and Information: Thanks for Reviewing my Appeal. Yall take care
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    I wish this was a reason I could kick you out of the gang.
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    Hey look theres meh and mah car
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    I'm not disagreeing with you when you say you got the message a second before you "Tabbed back", but I have to look at the report from both sides, not just one. The burden of proof, unfortunately, is on the person making the initial report. I count a 9 second gap. As for the pop up message, it doesn't just "pop up", it's already there when the time jumps forward. A text message can last up to 30 seconds and would still be there after you tabbed back (unless another message is received), but the clip concludes too quickly to determine. Lastly, if you were flying in a straight line and not making any attempt to comply with a message (which may or may not have happened, due to the 9 second break in video we can't confirm), then they may have been justified in engaging. Again, unfortunately, there needs not be a full 15 seconds. The updated rule says, there needs to be "Sufficient time to comply must be given...". The clarification goes on to say that, "if you text a heli to land and they do not make any obvious attempt to make a safe landing within 15 seconds... There was no visual attempt at all, regardless of the time limit. Don't be confused with the rule saying that you have 15 seconds BEFORE you begin to make your attempt. The issue is, were you given sufficient time to comply with a message? I believe that there MAY have, but without the 9 seconds of video YOU can't prove that you didn't. Fair is fair. I would make the same decision if it were anyone else.
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    Length: Long (The Shipwreck will de-spawn after 2 hours of spawning) Items Needed to Start: $71,000 Diving Gear (Bought at any Diving Shop) Depth Charge (Bought at Vigilante Shop) Night Vision GPS SDV (Bought at Boat Spawns) *OPTIONAL ($300,000)* Searching may take a few hours, bring drink and food. Reward: RARE CHANCE AT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING: Crown Jewels = $6,000,000 Each BlackBeard's Pride = $2,500,000 Each Buccaneer Swords = $250,000 Each Pirate Jewels = $150,000 Each Broken Gold Pieces = $100,000 Each Hook’s Time Piece = $75,000 Each Misc. Drugs, Gold Bars, Etc. Start Point: Hit the Vigilante Shop for Depth Charge Hit the Diving Shop for required Diving Gear Check map for spawn location To Start: In order to dive you must have the proper diving equipment or you will drown and die. You’ll need to head to one of the Diving Shops on the map with cash on hand and purchase a diving suit, diving goggles, and a rebreather. There are 3 Diving Shops on the map. Next, in order to blow open the ship and access the trunk inventory (T inventory) you’ll need a depth charge from any vigilante shop. The cost is $25,000. Check the map for the location of the shipwreck, make sure you have your Depth Charge, Diving Gear, a GPS, and Night Vision. If you’re doing the shipwreck by yourself, insure a cheap helicopter like a hummingbird and hover just above the water of the Shipwreck location, then hit get out and start swimming down 135-165 meters. The Shipwreck is going to be on the bottom of the ocean, so you need to swim floor level. This is the hard part, where patience is key. You’re gonna need to swim sea floor level for quite some time, searching relentlessly for the shipwreck. Once you’ve found the shipwreck, you’ll need to navigate to the middle of the wreck, near the hatch on the top, and plant the depth charge by using your Y inventory and selecting use. After exploding you need to swim very close to the shipwreck and hit T on the upper hatch that opens the trunk inventory, take anything of value that you can hold and get a pick up or start swimming to shore. (If you found any pirate treasures they must be sold at the Pirate Ports on the map before reset, they will NOT stay in your inventory on restart or in your house)
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    General Rules We do not permit abusive language, constant fighting, racism or any such even if you are role-playing it. Do not spam or harass other players! You must role-play at all times. Remember this is a role playing game. Purposefully circumventing or finding loopholes / exploits in the rules will result in punishment. Staff can and will ban for anything that may not be against rules written here, but feel it is directly toxic or harmful to the server, players, or staff. Avoiding bans by playing on a friends account or by getting a new account, VPN or any other way will result in a permanent ban. Cheating, Glitching and Combat Logging Anyone caught cheating or hacking will be BANNED PERMANENTLY and your information will be shared to multiple online ban lists and Bohemia Interactive. Exploiting, hacking, cheating and money hackers are logged and will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. If someone gives you a large sum of money for no reason or outside of roleplay, talk to the admins and get it removed or you may be banned along side the hacker. Manually respawning to avoid RP is combat logging. You are not to combat log EVER! Valid Roleplay Devices and Usages (Cellphones, direct-chat, voice, side etc) Text messages can only be used as roleplay when messaging vehicles / helicopters or when messaging a player that has personally given you their number. Initiating on a vehicle initiates all occupants, not just the driver/pilot. Sufficient time to comply must be given when initiating and giving demands. You can only text a vehicle if you are within 1km of it (point a to b, height doesn't matter) or 5km for jets. Shouts (alt + 1-4) are not considered initiation. Running into a situation, armed or unarmed, just to initiate external support such as Air Support, Snipers, Other Members in the area, etc is Fail Roleplay and not allowed. If you wish to initiate support (Air support, snipers, gang members etc) you must specify who is involved. Initiation is defined as giving a demand with hostile intent. Initiation lasts 5 minutes. This timer resets when shots are fired during the engagement. You can only initiate your gang and one other. If you want to initiate a player who is not in your gang, you must specify them by name (up to 3 additional individuals). Green Zones and Terminals No crimes of any kind are permitted in Green Zones. You can have weapons out in any spawn green-zones (such as rebel bases) without cops harassing you or seeing them so you can load up. APD may enter a green zone and initiate RP to retrieve a stolen police vehicle if it is within plain sight. Running into a Green Zone to avoid roleplay or committing a crime in a Green Zone nullifies the Green Zone protections for you. Police zones that are marked with a blue circle (Checkpoints etc) are not protected by Green Zone rules. Kavala Square & Kavala PD Green Zone houses are the only houses protected by Green Zones. Houses in any other GZ are not protected against robberies. Lawless/Red Zones In these zones no roleplay is required. You can shoot anyone on sight. You cannot shoot people outside of these zones from inside or inside of these zones from the outside. Snipers outside the RZ must be initiated. Temporary Lawless Zones (Robberies, Hacks, Federal Reserve, Etc) These rules apply when an active hack or robbery is announced. (Via the map, or server / admin messages) and have a 100m radius. Cop Interaction and Robbing the Reserve You CANNOT kidnap a cop unless there are at least 5 officers on. 7 Police Officers need to be on to rob the federal reserve/CDC Sirens are not initiation. When you are pulled over you must initiate verbally like normally. NLR (New Life Rule) If you are killed you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the scene of your death and/or the situation you died in and your past dealings are forgotten. Applies to civilians at all times, and cops when 5 or more are online. If you are RDM'd (Not Including Lawless Zones or Wars), it is not a new life. Random Deathmatch (RDM) Killing anyone without a roleplay cause is bannable Shooting a player without giving reasonable time to follow reasonable demands is considered RDM/FailRP. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM) and Vehicles Purposefully running people over or throwing yourself in front of vehicles is bannable. The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it in a role-play scenario. You are not to deliberately destroy unoccupied enemy vehicles unless RP has been initiated and you are immediately threatened by explosive warfare. Medic Interactions Killing medics is not allowed unless they are refusing to leave an area. You cannot commit any crimes against medics except in the cases above. You cannot loot medics, lock pick or steal their vehicles. Press, Taxi, and Firefighter Interactions While on duty, press, taxi drivers, and volunteer firefighters cannot commit crimes or have crimes committed on them unless they refuse to leave private property or a firefight/engagement. (No robbing, knocking out, etc). You can rob people being driven around by taxis. Final Thought Are you cool in real life?, why act any different in an online game then? Be positive - be funny - but don't be a douchebag... In real life that shit doesn't fly, and it certainly doesn't here. There are no child admins on this server - we expect you guys to act like adults - even if you're 16!... With your help we can build a server community where everyone has the same objective - have the most fun in Altis Life possible. We think it's about quality - not quantity. If your attitude is poor, you are expendable. With that being said , to those of you who have given our server a chance, and really liked it , we appreciate you! The staff are very approachable in the teamspeak, just hop on in and ask any questions. We made these rules not to be hard-asses but to make everything easy to digest, and as laid out as possible for our great community and player-base!