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      IMPORTANT! - The Rules Have Been Further Adjusted And Simplified!   01/18/2018

      We have decided to massively slim down the rules and make them easier to understand for all. We also have now added "gang initiation" to the server so players can be more easily included without confusion. If you have any questions you can ask a staff member in teamspeak. For more information and to see the updated rules you can find them in their usual location https://c8gaming.com/forums/topic/9-altis-life-server-rules/


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    Just wanted to know what you guys think about having a community meeting. It would be nice to have all the apd, rebels, and staff talking in a channel about the server. Obviously the staff would be controlling it and hosting it. Also I know a lot of the staff are really busy with work and such but if there was even one admin/head admin there it would be helpful for controlling the crowd. If anyone who is new to the community does not know how community meetings go here is a really old community meeting that was recorded by itgh: Just wanted to clarify that I am not meaning this post to be negative in any way.
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    I didn't actually get banned, it just looked like I was trying to VDM the police Ghosthawk.
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    Dude you run around in a video game robbing people and you think you're a real gangster calm the fuck down.
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    Gtfo of here with your constant shitty memes, you're 40 and u still cant aim. ^ ^ ^ 45 You Can't I never claimed I was a good aim, but at least I can spell and do simple math. What seems to be troubling you? Do you need to talk to someone? My office is always open.
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    Been sitting on some of these clips for a while, I wanted to make a rebel rp vid but shadowplay was recording either in game audio or my mic but not both.
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    can somebody just deny this, i feel like its not getting looked at
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    As the beginning of summer is edging closer, I feel in my own opinion the server needs to take a stand together, as a community, to discuss the future of the server and where it is heading. Over the lack of communication between rebels, cops, and people that just plain out truly care for the server, we need this meeting to further examine what this community is to become. This meeting is very important as it can also lay out server rules that can be quite enigmatic and questions about the server. I would like to see this happen and I completely support the idea of a meeting as it is truly necessary for the outcome of the server.
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    Trying to block and prevent people from posting and sharing police misconduct makes it look like you are trying to hide/cover up the issue instead of trying to solve it. Just my opinion.
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    Glad to see the community involvement here
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    Hello everyone its good to be back again, I missed the community a lot, so back to my RP I am going to be selling guns if anyone is interested, the prices and stock will be updated daily depending on the sales, every gun you buy comes with 2 mags( if launcher 1 missile) The prices are negotiable so go ahead and give it a look... Inventory: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dEcDRDfd1rE-AUkHxW7s_CtNDTMT19mU1D4g-TXi2B8/edit?usp=sharing DM for more info...
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    Topic moved. Life is all about Fuel Units not... Arma.
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    As a long time member of this community and a former staff member yourself I would expect you to be aware of this rule. I will remove the ban this time, but please make sure you do not repeat this in the future. Appeal Accepted.
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    A good amount of people have asked where I've been. Well I decided to take a break from the server because there is just too much drama. Drama with gangs and PD. Listen guys its a fucking game and everyone treats it like this is real life. I get it its a role play but to the level of seriousness this is taken is ridiculous! I'm just here to play video games role play and have fun, not sit here and argue with some dude that lives across the country over some shit that doesn't matter. Everyone chill out, quit being toxic, go outside get some sunshine, and come back with a positive attitude and just have fun!
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    In-Game Name: polar Usual Name: polar Player ID: 76561198286233199 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? yeah i got banned from the shoutbox for asking when the patch was coming Ban Message / Reason: pretty much got banned for making a post about how the server should do a mass unban Your Story: i got shoutbox banned for making a post about a mass unban, and how it could boost server population. and for some reason i get banned from shoutbox, and the post gets removed. i didnt even get banned from posting just from shoutbox, im so confused. Evidence: https://gyazo.com/adff6cf02e8731f9ae178001bc68a29a?token=0381899f702971e0ed2cda13073cc7e0 Additional Comments and Information: v2 unban me from shoutbox plz
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    Usual In-Game Names: [3-20] [EMS P-04] Baken Current Age: 17 How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server?: 2 Years and 2 months What Other Servers Have You Played On?: Eazys, ALRP, EZRP, ALM, ALLV How Much Time Can You Dedicate to Being a CA?: 7 or 8 hours a day Are You a Cop or Medic On The Server?: I'm Currently Both. Do You Have a Microphone or a Headset?: Yes Do You Have Teamspeak 3 Installed With Push To Talk Setup?: Yes to Both. Are You Able to Properly Communicate in English?: Yes Are You Patient? (Provide an Example): Yes, I am patient. Here is an example I created a server in 1/20/18 and there was 20 people on it each day I know it it not a lot but it was my first time being incharge of a server and i was really bad at Being incharge. But after I learned a lot of good things about running a server. After that I did better at running the server. In that example that took a lot to be patient. Are You Sociable / Can you Mediate?: Yes most of the time on medic and cop I am sociable with other civ/medics. I help people with promblem on the server if they ask me. I helped a lot of new people a week ago and I help them get to know the server better and thought them rules. Do You Have Experience as Staff On Another Server?: Yes like i said, I ran a server called ALLV and ALM both I was SMT on. I know how to run a server I have done it twice. I helped people with some dev work on ALLV with some vests I made. If needed ask and I will give it to you. Can You Be Neutral?: Yes I can my time on EMS has help me understand the meaning of neutral. It will help you in the long run if you start to become neutral now. I will be neutral all the time I have been EMS 3 times I should be able to be neutral. What Makes You the Right Choice?: Yes, I can I will try my best to make the right choice we all try are best and I believe if you try for best, you will make the right choice. I was permed once and I made the right choice to come back to this server I love it. Do You Have Any References?: Maybe
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    As a member of this community I +1
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    +1 might as well accept him, he won't give up till you do.
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    Yup! Collected yesterday, thanks for a great event, Baducca. Looking forward to more.
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    On the quick topic of complaints, why does the complaints submission form not work on the forums? (Atleast for me) -------- And honestly Ibarra I feel the same way, use to be fun messing around on the server, talking, killing people and overall just doing the missions but as of now, all of that in my opinion has "faded" away. Missions are kinda dull to do as most of the time is no one else to fight other than the A.I, which most people know for an veteran is a piece of cake to fight against. Talking to people is still relatively fun when you can actually find a person who wants to talk rather than just robbing you for the funs (I do this so I'm really not the best person to judge) Also it's quite hard finding a topic to talk about cause the server is currently on the slow lane and there is not much happening what you could talk about. Killing people is hard cause, 1. Not a lot of people to kill (most times) 2. You start to feel bad for killing him cause he could've been new and u just ruined his life on the server. Messing around is also starting to become hard as there are no people to mess with. (You can do other stuff but I don't find that as fun as actually messing around with a person) Drama is also a big dumb thing on this community which once again I might not be the best guy to judge it as I've been in "dramatic" situations before. Still in my opinion Drama needs to be stopped tbh. It's so stupid seeing people whine about a video where someone gets killed and then the person who got killed comes whining how many shots he missed. Honestly just look at the post, laugh and move on. You don't know the person so don't start beef with them on the internet for little things like that, it ain't going to get you nowhere. (I can't deny that I don't love reading the drama posts and laughing my ass off at them.) Quote from a "wise" man "Stop all this "Keyboard Thuggin" it ain't going to get you nowhere..." Paul 2k18. -------- With that all said I get why you mclovin haven't been on the server and the same applies for me. Atleast I've found time to do a lot of things better in real life rather than just wasting those hours where I could've read for a test or practice for my "drivers tests" and shit playing on the server.
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    In-Game Name: Baducca suks staff dick Usual Name: Gustavo Player ID: 76561198158986904 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: (Gustavo_Perm_Trolling-Disrespect_Devil) Your Story: So I made my ingame name "Baducca suks staff dick" which was a joke. I was banned for 2 weeks for it so i posted in the shoutbox about it. I wrote "I get banned for 2 weeks for trolling but when people RDM they get banned for 30 min." Which is true and yall know it. So then Devil moves me in the ts and asks me if i want it to be a perm. I was already heated about my 2 week ban so i told him i dont care the servers dead. He replyed very unprofessionally and insulted me, he said "its because of cucks like you." So as most people respond to an insult they get pissed like i did. So i told him to shut the fuck up. Then he permed me. I think this is bullshit because my name was a joke and me not being able to post about it in the shoutbox is stupid. Evidence: None. I wasnt recording at the time. Additional Comments and Information: I still think Devil handled it very unprofessionally especially for being an admin. He had no right to insult me so i had every right to come back at him. Devil if you would like to have a civil conversation about it im down.
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    Resolved. Actually...I should be giving the cops a few hours ban, making someone watch that video was a crime in itself!
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    You had been kicked a total of 3 times and messaged once to change your name. You refused and continued to join the server. It was after you rejoined from the third kick, I banned you for 2 weeks. At this point you decided to be a child and post in the shoutbox, crying about being banned, and saying that we don't ban players that RDM. I removed your message and banned you from the shoutbox. When I pulled you into a channel, I asked what your problem was, asked if you wanted to continue your soapbox as you were acting like a child, and if you did I could give you a perm. You replied, "I don't care about this community, and I have no respect for any of you." I then informed you that if you had evidence of someone doing something wrong, you should report it so we could deal with the problem, instead of becoming a cuck and being the problem. You were then met with a swift perm ban. Enjoying playing somewhere else. Appeal Permenately Denied.
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    Bruh you gonna get this shit locked
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    pretty good rn, semester ends in 2 weeks and then ill be home and back to playing video games
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    @skrrtskrrt I feel like there is some sort of tension between us. Maybe we need to search our feelings. Sorry, let me translate this for you. "I feels likes dere be some so't uh tension beween us. Maybe we need t'search our feelin's."
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    what a wise saying, only a lyrical genius could of came up with that one, exactly like that one Bean!
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    skrrt all I know is you're goofy af dude... how have not realized that the only ones on this server that like you is your shitty ng gang. And the only thing that helps you in your fights are armed vehicles and heavy lmgs
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    lmao, this is funny af. but let's be real here, you uploaded a clip of you missing all your shots on him and called him trash. idk. ur all kinda trash.
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    I found this video again today in my easys playlist and I just felt like sharing it. Credit goes to Toast
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    In-Game Name: StetlerPC/TFA Cornball Usual Name: StetlerPC Player ID: 76561198101617389 Type of Ban: Exploiting / Glitching Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? i was not warned or banned for a simlar reason before Ban Message / Reason: S1K_EXPLOITING_PERM Your Story: about 2/3 month ago i was playing on the server doing runs. i then remembered that day i had some weed given to me by a friend at school. so i had the bright idea of lighting up a joint and smoking it. considering the fact this was my 2nd time doing this i was still highly affected by lower amounts so i made the dumb discussion of have a bright idea of doing a money glitch. i only sold a few to see if the glitch was even thing. i soon realized it was still a thing once i realized what could happen to me i got off. i did not inform any one in a help room because i was high and didn't think any thing of it at the time the next day i didn't get on because i was trying out takistan for the first time. so after playing takistan i decided to go back to easy s to find out i was banned. Evidence: i do not have any form of video evidence but i was in a discord call with [3-22] lincoln clay or [brc] Bobandy Randy Additional Comments and Information: i truly am up set on my account of being band i typically see my friends playing on the server and i really want to play with them. i get banned i would like to start off fresh this means no money cars guns etc i could also talk in a help room to explain my store a little better thank so much for reviewing my apple thank you and have a great day. I did copy and paste this from notepad and couldn't get the background of the text to go away I am willing to talk in support room/ts at any time
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    Wait... Which one was Locke? I've never heard his voice, i usually only hear the DARS or the civs screaming...
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    If you have any problems with the APD you are welcome to go to any APD command member and talk to them about it...
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    Idk, it's NG and their from the 305 so it's also a real mystery to me because you know like all the murder gang slaughter gang shit going down there right clearly, WHOLE LOTTA GANG SHIT RIGHT AM I DOING IT RIGHT
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    [NORMAL DIFFICULTY] BADUCCA'S IMAGE HUNTING 8 First person to find this image on Easy's Altis Life will receive $1,500,000 personally by Baducca. (Send me proof via the forums of you in third-person next to the image) Hint: 5.7 km away from Federal Reserve Good luck!
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    @Jordan Jay bringing back the good ol’ tages
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    Listen i understand all you guys frustration, but we all know I'm the best player to ever load up Arma. Now that you guys understand, its time for me to leave.
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    (What does age have to do with aiming??)