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  1. Other Appeal - [NG]Dylit / [NG]Dylit

    Your appeal has been accepted. The ban has been removed, and it should clear on the next restart.
  2. Other Appeal - Ketch / Ketch

    Your appeal has been accepted and your ban removed. It will be cleared after the next restart.
  3. Other Appeal - [ARC]Ed / Ed

    Your appeal has been accepted and you have been unbanned. Your should be able to join the server again after the next restart when the ban clears.
  4. Exploiting / Glitching Appeal - [ARC]Ed / Ed

    Your appeal has been ACCEPTED despite your horrible attitude. If you ever attempt to talk to staff in this way again, you will be permanently banned with no appeal. Your client glitched and caused you to get flagged and banned; this had nothing to do with any manual staff action or previous events.
  5. Other Appeal - Jayden / JayTay

    Your appeal has been accepted.
  6. Vehicle Comp Request - Justin Bieber / Doug Dimmadome

    Your request has been accepted and the money is in your bank: Success! 2000000 has been added to 1 player's bank with the PlayerID: 76561198130318780
  7. Books a3

    Topic moved. Life is all about Fuel Units not... Arma.
  8. That would be great

  9. Racism Appeal - Sloth / Sloth twink

    Appeal Denied due to a lack of information. Feel free to post a new appeal with more information about what happened and why you were banned.
  10. Other Appeal - GunnarrTheMadd / Gunnarr The Madd - Accepted

    You have been unbanned. If you act similarly again, your next ban will automatically become a permanent one.
  11. Trolling Appeal - Gordon Smith / Jordan W

    Your appeal has been accepted and your ban removed. If you break another rule in the next bit, your permanent ban will be re-applied.
  12. URGENT!!

  13. Anyone have any GTX GPU's they'd sell?

    I've got the GTX 680 hookup. I'll dust it off and stop using it as a coaster for like $4000 CAD. In all seriousness, you are unlikely to find anyone with extra 1080s and you are far better off getting your kidneys stolen on Craigslist than in the server if you are looking for PC parts.
  14. Gear Comp Request - =AU= Baducca

    The money has been comped to your bank: Success! 900000 has been added to 1 player's bank with the PlayerID: 76561198165658151
  15. Gear Comp Request - =AU= Baducca

    Unfortunately, there's not enough in that video to show what happened or if a situation was already going on. It also seems to end before you are killed. Unless there's some further evidence posted within the next 48 hours, this will be denied.