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  1. XXXTentacion - A Ghetto Christmas Carol

    Yea for domestic violence or something like that
  2. Report Type: Combat log Player In-Game Name: Pablo Gonzales Your In-Game Name: =AU= Odyssey Situation: killed this nerd then alt-f4 after he died Why Should the Player be Banned? combat log tbh Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1232660263 Additional Comments and Information: book gang get educated
  3. -1 not boonkenhiema enough. where’s the ImMeRsIvE rOlE pLaY
  4. Net Neutrality

    sorry you did not pay for the package “c8gaming forums” pay 15$ to get access to this website!
  5. People only really complain when they pull 3 armed helis for 5 guys with 7.62 at hideout 2, and once you wipe em they get the all Apd members on to pull hunters and fed gear
  6. TBH tho just look at these montages these are prolly the best montages on Arma tbh(mostly bc of the songs)
  7. Soory forgot this wasn’t Olympus forums (legit just a flame war there)
  8. Does every one in tfa have god pc’s??
  9. [Event] Monkey Hunt

    So your saying this irl pic of lonestar is not valid?
  10. Montage #6

    It’s nice to get 60 FPS in a gun fight and not 20 u rich nerd
  11. future of AUPD

    We don’t need 4 armed helis for an hmg tbh