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  1. Jets

    Buy the Neophron. If you really want a jet and you want combat results buy a Neophron. Cheapest most effective 500 rounds of 30mm high explosive it can now manuver decently well and it is decent for speed but do expect every command staff or flight 3 and sometimes 2 online at the moment to be on you the moment they know you are in a jet. Trust me I know from experience. If you want someone to screw around in and have nobody touch you because it is the fastest thing in the sky buy a shikra for 20 million. The cannon rounds are not explosive and are only 180 of them and they shoot fast so unless you are a god at aiming don't expect to kill anything on the ground and unless your atleast decent in you won't be able to kill anything in the air either. Also the Neo has no radar just sensor and the shikra has long ranged radar. Neo has more armor than the shikra aswell. The laser is there for bombs but since there are no bombs what you can do is ctrl click to go into camera view aim the camera on a target and ctrl t to lock the position you can then turn the laser on and it will show you that laser mark in the cockpit view. Only problem with that is for whatever reason ctrl t lock on is over rided by the dev adding the leveling system and of course ctrl t is the keybind that over rides it so the laser is pointless. Overall jets are pointless for the money unleaa you are a very good pilot and btw you better know how to flare 3 missiles coming at you every 3 seconds if you get near the APD aswell while having 2 fighter jets on your tail as a CAS jet. Cause yeah fair and equal force. Goodluck and if you need any flying help feel free to PM me I have well over 1,000 hours in the cockpit and have taught many. That goes for anyone wanting to learn.
  2. Much respect and well deserved on my part lol thank you
  3. Bakenツ - 17 - CA App

    As a member of this community I +1
  4. In-Game Name: =AU= Blacklisted Usual Name: Tharos Player ID: 76561198113420957 Type of Ban: RDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No Ban Message / Reason: Blacklisted_MassRDM_Perm_Badger Your Story: I shot a few people at garage in the head with a lynx just screwing around having fun truly not thinking about what I was doing Evidence: . Additional Comments and Information: I'm sorry for my actions and I comped the rebels 500k that I killed as for the Officer I am very sorry I deserve punishment 100% I would just like to ask for a reduced punishment, if possible could I speak to you in teamspeak about this Badger if you had the time I would much appreciate at least 2 minutes of your time to talk not argue
  5. In-Game Name: =AU= Tharos Usual Name: Tharos Player ID: 76561198113420957 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? . Ban Message / Reason: 3 day Duck Your Story: Flying a jet around with barely any people on the server then logging off when my jet was randomly deleted. Evidence: . Additional Comments and Information: .
  6. Ship wreck

    If you could load gold bars into a boat I think the current would be fine but considering the effort it takes to get the gold bars out of the water and to the buyer your lucky to even get all 100 out in time, I think more bars should be added but hey that's just my opinion. I'm just some guy right?
  7. In-Game Name: =AU= Tharos Usual Name: Wolfe Player ID: 76561198113420957 Type of Ban: VDM Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Probably been banned for VDM before Ban Message / Reason: VDM 3 Day Howie Your Story: I was being an idiot screwing around in kavala in a fuel truck ramming my friend who was in an offroad and ended up exploding, He had nothing to do with the VDM all of it was straight up me being 100% honest I was just being an idiot not thinking screwing around having fun I did not think about who all could have been affected by what I was doing until now. Evidence: . Additional Comments and Information: I apologize for my retardization it won't happen again
  8. TBH I would +1 for flight instructor
  9. In-Game Name: An African Fellow Usual Name: Tharos Player ID: 76561198113420957 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? No. Ban Message / Reason: Combat Logging, Badger. Your Story: After waiting around for a shipwreck I was hovering in a Huron went afk for like 30 seconds came back and was kicked off so I had to run back to airport grab another helicopter and go get the charge again. After getting the charge I decided to go ahead and get a boat to sling so I landed to pull out a boat in my Taru Lift of course no where near a pole or tree my rotors break for some reason so I attempted to unflip it to move it away from the near objects. Not even being in touching distance from the Taru I unflip it and it magically unflips on top of me and kills me, Gotta love arma sometimes. So after waiting for that long and losing my diving gear due to arma being a potato I just alt f4ed togo play something else. I do not see why a ban 2 day ban was necessary for this due to me not even being in any sort of player or combat situation I was in the middle of no where alone it already gives me a 3 minute combat timer and takes 100k from my bank. I did not see it as a big deal but obviously it apparently is so I will not do it again. Evidence: . Additional Comments and Information:
  10. SPMGs and Navids

    Coming from basically the only one on the server that pulls and uses jets on rebel, the only jet actually worth it is the Neophron because it can actually do damage with its cannon and the price is reasonable (15 mill). The Buzzard is useless for CAS unless your a pro but good for shooting down air vehicles, the wipeout is retardedly over priced considering how easily you could lose it and I'm not even going to bring up how useless fighter jets are over all if you know anything about jets you will know that 25 mil for 250 20mm rounds that aren't even high explosive is a pathetic joke you literally can't do anything with that, fighter jets are just for fun flying if your rich.
  11. How To Properly Initiate (Feat. Klokus)

    As a special Agent under LT John I command you to cure this Aids and make it no more
  12. Holy crap, I didn't know medics could get Wipeout's
  13. Why Jail times should be changed

    If jail time was lower than it already is than people wouldn't care about getting sent to jail.