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  1. It's Been a Ride

    We're you removed for inactivity? Why weren't you playing on the server??!?!!!!?;;?!;!
  2. Issues and Fixes for current Server Status.

    "You can't make it drink" But that is where your wrong papi
  3. Mass Unban and Wipe

  4. I think we knew this was coming a month ago

    Why would you need one if it would never change?
  5. I think we knew this was coming a month ago

    Arma has been, specifically to me, getting boring and a lot of my friends are feeling the same thing. This has caused even the least retarded of my friends to become full blown retards after installing Fortnite. I think if Bohemia added skins to the guns many of the Fortnite Ali-A wanna-bes will accidentally stumble back onto Arma in search of that $0.50 skin. #InitiateOnFortnite Sincerely, Kodiak, Everyone's Favorite Intellectual
  6. Where have you been? we need your shitposting now more than ever

    1. Kodiak ツ

      Kodiak ツ

      Who the fuck uses the C8 gaming chat. I never look at it and I am now 3 days late to the reply. KYS

  7. Keyboard Help (again)

    Logitech G910 Orion
  8. Keyboard Help (again)

    I've spilt water on my keyboard 10+ times and it always starts working again after 2 or so hours. I would recommend testing it again later.
  9. I won 10 mil from rescuing him. I personally think him and his crew were aids but I was really glad they were on that day. BTW, it was 10 mil on civ so it mattered a bit more.
  10. https://plays.tv/video/586f01bc971a17ff2c/i-save-vuxxy-from-anal-penetration?from=user Shoutout to the most annoying YouTuber/Twitch Streamer, Vuxxy
  11. Arma 3 KOTH BIGRIG Montage

    *Becomes gay*
  12. DO A FLIP

    Harry Potter motherfucker
  13. scariest fight of my life tbh

    "Moved to Other Games" - Mr. Paul, Circa 2018 (Colorized)
  14. Tv series / movie suggestions

    Watch: - The Magic School Bus - Anything from YouTube Red - The Little Mermaid (Czech Dub) - Avatar (The bad one) - Call of Duty Black Ops - Full walk through (No Commentary) - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2003 series) - Rick and Morty - Twilight Saga - Any movie with Jaden Smith in it - Jaster's Montages (Paid Advertisement)
  15. ur ghey wna fuk