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  1. I'm sorry I get bullied in school and no one loves me. Be my friend
  2. Bullying and My "Open Door Policy"

    May I suggest high heels?
  3. Selling cop vest

  4. How could I kill him multiple times? Immersion ruined! Reported!
  5. The song was demanded by Reese due to him failing a class because of me. I do not condone the music in the video and highly suggest you watch it without sound.
  6. Selling cop vest

  7. In-Game Name: =AU= Kodiak Request Type: Vehicle Player ID: 76561198127052445 Items Lost: Orca Armed Approximate Value of Lost Items: $3,000,000 Evidence: Video will be sent to Staff member handling this case. Additional Comments and Information: Some may argue that when SkkrtSkkrt initiated support that I was initiated but I was not acting in a hostile way that may suggest I was support. Also, they said I did not leave Sofia so I got shot down, they are right but I was not told to leave Sofia I was told to leave the area. I left the position I was messaged by over 1 km and headed towards Cartel. While flying to Cartel I found a hummingbird landed and started looking around. The compound where they were landed was 2km+ from the position they messaged me from and I still got AAed.
  8. Next montage try shortening the clips and prioritizing the good clips (May be hard to find) (jk I just wanted to join in)
  9. [Event] Monkey Hunt

    Oh crap dude you win. Tell me when you want the money and I will send it.
  10. RDM Report - Tyler Bravo - Resolved

    Worked out in Steam, no need for this report anymore. Thank you.
  11. Report Type: RDM Player In-Game Name: Tyler Bravo Your In-Game Name: =AU= Kodiak Situation: I was at the police checkpoint which was then controlled by =AU= and I hear one of the members get shot. I run around to look for the guy and find him, after killing him I loot and run away to my car. I am stopped on the MSR and Tyler Bravo runs up to me and shoots me in the head point blank. He claimed =AU= initiated on him with support less than 5 minutes ago but I had no part in this (If its true). Why Should the Player be Banned? He straight up just RDMed me and he metagamed my gang affiliation to do so. Evidence: Video will be sent to staff member reviewing this. Additional Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: Thank you.