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  1. In-Game Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Usual Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Player ID: 76561198340649403 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? I've been banned for rdm in the past, but i've tried to improve as i've gone. and the exploiting part, im pretty sure ive never been banned for exploiting because i dont need exploits to get ahead of anyone. Ban Message / Reason: Skrrt_Exploiting_RDM_DEVIL Your Story: I was banned for (1) rdm, i never saw video. but maybe its in the right, nobody is perfect. I've noticed what i've done in the past and gotten banned for and like to better. (2) I was banned for exploiting, i talked in TS with multiple staff members and was told it was for gear. And honestly, ive never purposely exploited to get ahead of anyone and i never will. I've put so much time into this easys that it wouldnt even be worth it to exploit. Evidence: Additional Comments and Information: Thank for reading my appeal. -Skrrtskrrt While in TS a couple day after i got banned devil himself told me i could post an appeal after I was perm denied. I hope me posting one doesn't ruin my chances at getting unbanned. I hope to one day return to easys because its the only server i really like.
  2. In-Game Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Usual Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Player ID: 76561198340649403 Type of Ban: Other Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Not that I recall. Ban Message / Reason: Skrrt_Exploiting/RDM_Perm_Devil Your Story: I went into help room to talk to someone, and I talked to John. He gave me reasons why he thinks I got banned. The exploiting part of it, I don't know where this came from cause I have 3.1k Hours on Arma 3 and almost all spent on this server, im not here to exploit. But to be honest how do I prove myself innocent? While typing this i don't even know what to explain other that im permed from a server that all I did is bring a group of people together and have fun. I mean, its not my choice whether im banned or not, I would hope atleast I could be able to come back. I hope its just a miscommunication because I dont need exploits to make my gaming experience easier, i did the grind since the day I hopped on the server. The rdm part, I heard from John it was '' confidential'' and a cop. Only thing I could recall from today was me AAing Lance after cops inititated support, if its that case then I should be good. Other than that, I don't recall any rdm, I've been through alot of RDM bans, and I've always try to better myself so it doesn't happen. But nobody is perfect. Hopefully I could find out what the RDM case is about though. Evidence: John told in helproom, (pretty much) '' Put somthing that could better your case like maybe somewhere like a glitch got your gear back after logging on'' - Don't have anything like that, (Why?) Because im pretty damn sure it hasn't happen. And man I smoke hella weed but im pretty sure I would remember spawning with another 1mil kit. Additional Comments and Information: Thanks for reviewing my appeal. And sorry if I can't explain myself, its because I don't know why im banned. I would have to guess only Devil and whoever was with him at the time would truly know. And if it is the last time seeing Easys, it was dope. The only thing I truly cared about was the experience.
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  4. Books a3

    You know whats more important than being able to play on easys? Knowledge.
  5. new eal montage

    2:26 Thumper on the left, Polar in the middle and Dealer on the right.
  6. In-Game Name: Skrrtskrrt Usual Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Player ID: 76561198340649403 Type of Ban: Exploiting / Glitching Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Nah Ban Message / Reason: 2week DEVIL EXPLOIT JAIL Your Story: I was being picked up out of jail by my cousin before the restart he was trying to pick me up quick with the hummingbird and i got stuck in the side skates and it moved his helicopter and killed me instantly. Im not trying to exploit out of jail, i could careless. But its really not my fault, i just got back today, havent played since i died in jail. Evidence: I could come back and serve the jail time. Its up to yall, im used to getting banned on the regular. Everytime I play I get banned pretty much, over some (in my opinion) stupid shit. Im not trying to intentionally break the rules. Additional Comments and Information: FCK12
  7. In-Game Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Usual Name: [NG] Skrrtskrrt Player ID: 76561198340649403 Type of Ban: Greenzone Violation Were You Warned or Banned For Similar Before? Don't recall. so i doubt it Ban Message / Reason: 3DAY GZ VIO DEVIL Your Story: Shot AT in the direction of devil so he banned me when it hit a house in GZ, didnt kill anybody but since it hit in GZ he banned me, in my opinion i shouldnt be banned for this. If the AT would've hit someone, i would've comped them. I don't see the big deal in giving me a 3 day for somthing like this. Evidence: #BuildingLivesMatter Additional Comments and Information: Boonkgang.
  8. I don't Know

    Im not going to argue with a 45 yr old virgin with no aim. Lol drop the topic. Ya lil boonkgang memes are as trash as u r. and fck all of your points, you're as soft as woods.
  9. I don't Know

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  10. I don't Know

    I didnt miss lol, its somthing called arma 3 lmfao dont act all good, not all your shots will register. yo ahh been shmoked and outplayed hard af, and yo boys been clapped wit whatever gun.
  11. I don't Know

    We all know the truth, dont stunt on here lmfao, i dont want to reply to that because itll get me permed because it just will, so if you want a response pm me lmfao.
  12. I don't Know

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  13. I don't Know

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  14. I don't Know

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